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'Dancing With the Stars' results: Week 6

And we’re liiiiiiiiive! The remaining sparklebots danced Monday night — once in pairs and then in something called the Switch Up Dance Challenge, in which two teams of four competed in two rounds…against each other? Maybe the music changed? Perhaps a giant iPod attempted to smother Harold Wheeler once and for all? Your guess is as good as mine.

Update: Full ‘DWTS’ recap is live!

Eight couples remain. WHO! Will be eliminated tonight?

I’ll update this post with the results as soon as they happen. And the eliminated couple is…. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Elizabeth Berkley finally channels Jessie Spano in an 'I'm So Excited' jive

Have my 17 (SEVENTEEN!) seasons of watching Dancing With the Stars just been validated? Don’t you dare answer that realistically. On tonight’s “Most Memorable Year of My Life” show (read our full recap), Elizabeth Berkley Lauren paid homage to the finest and fiercest caffeine pill dance party in television history: Jessie Spano’s “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” breakdown in a 1990 episode of Saved by the Bell.

Young Jessie and A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez, visiting from the Extra! set nearby) could never have predicted…that Zack Morris would be tweeting @ them, 23 years later, as they re-proclaimed their love in a televised ballroom! (Last part did not happen.)

Revel in the nostalgia/weep for humanity below. Don’t be scared! You need it to study. Here’s the video: READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Shocking results?

And we’re back! It’s “The Most Memorable Year of My Life” night on Dancing With the Stars, and you know what that means: Tears! Overcoming obstacles, landing that first Disney Channel role, surviving illness, giving birth, discovering the healing powers of green juice during a time of trial — anything viable like that.

Update: Here’s my full DWTS recap!

My friend the Official DWTS Instagram Feed tells me that Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy are dancing to “I’m So Excited” just like Jessie Spano did in a very special episode of Saved by the Bell. I’ll be she’s also so…. scared!… to revisit the televised ballroom itself, day after day while Jessie’s former paramour A.C. Slater lurks just a few pool lengths away over at Extra! 

The #SPARKLEBARF should be off the charts! I’m so…jazzed. Nine couples remain. WHO! Will be eliminated tonight?

I’ll update this post with the results as soon as they happen! The eliminated pair is…. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Who went home on Week 4?

And we’re liiiiiiiiive! Human fireplug and seasons 4-5 winner Julianne Hough is back in the ballroom tonight as a guest judge alongside Carrie Ann and Bruno. Head judge Len Goodman had to go do something British.

Ten couples remain. WHO! Will be eliminated tonight? (Read my full recap here!)

Update: The eliminated couple is…. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Week 3 results are...

It’s “Hollywood Night” on Planet Mirrorballus! Snooki is apparently channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe/Elizabeth Taylor. In other words, I’m terrified. (Read my full recap of Week 3 here.)

I’ll update this post with the results as soon as the elimination happens. Update: The eliminated couple is… READ FULL STORY

Amber Riley takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test, talks 'Lion King,' more


Amber Riley has a built-in advantage when it comes to Dancing With the Stars: Her partner, Derek Hough, has won the most trophies of all the professional partners. “I’m with someone who knows what they’re doing,” Riley laughs. “It eases my mind a little bit.”

Already, the Glee alum (who’ll return for at least a few episodes of the musical dramedy this season) is wowing the judges, perhaps because she knows what they’re looking for. “I’m a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars,” Riley told EW prior to the start of the season. “I was really nervous, but I don’t want to ever live in a place where I’m just too scared that I don’t at least try. I’ve always enjoyed ballroom dances, and I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, so to be able to do this is a fun dream come true. I don’t need to do it professionally, it’s just for fun.”

Watch Riley take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test below, where she shares what movie she always has to watch when it’s on TV and why Lion King makes her cry (Stars! They’re just like us!)

'DWTS': Bill Nye the Paso Doble Beethoven -- VIDEO

For his next Dancing With the Stars trick, this MENSA-endorsed madman will conjure up a devastating symphony of clenched teeth, loose wig powder, and grabbiness!  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Week 2 results are...

It’s Latin Night, DANCMSTRs! The 12 couples will dance the samba, rumba, paso doble, or jive on tonight’s week 2 performance show…which is also the results show. One pair will be eliminated based on last week’s voting results. It will be weird. No filler segments? No smalltalk interviews? No one clubbing me over the head to get me to shop at Macy’s? I’m not sure I can handle this!

I’ll update this post with the results as soon as the elimination happens. UPDATE: And the eliminated couple is… READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Corbin Bleu talks 'Game of Thrones' and more


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Broadway and High School Musical vet Corbin Bleu can move — he proved as much with his debut on Dancing With The Stars Monday night. And, as he tells EW, his stint on the show was a long time in the making. “I visited the show several time [when] Monique Coleman was on, [as well as with] Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey,” he explained. “I got to fall in love with the show and the format. And then I met [partner] Karina about four years ago, and she since then has been saying, ‘Come on the show! I’d love to have you as my partner!’ I finally decided the time was right right now, and it worked out perfectly that I was with Karina.”

Below, Bleu takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test and fills us in on the TV show that makes him cry, why he was way too young when he first saw Rain Man, and why he still has a soft spot for Home Alone. Watch below:

'Dancing With the Stars': Season 17 is liiiiiiive!

Welcome back, DANCMSTRs! Who’s still with me? It’s hard to believe I’m still with me — back for a 17th go-round of Celebriquarium-gazing, ozone-infiltrating spray tans, and boob tape. There is so much boob tape in the world — most of it on Planet Mirrorballus. I’m so glad it gets its chance to properly shine. (On the inside. Like my gem-encrusted heart. #SPARKLEBARF) READ FULL STORY

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