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Tell us YOUR criminally underrated picks

Our March 21 issue of Entertainment Weekly explored our staff’s — and celebrities’ — picks for shows, movies, music, books, games that are criminally underrated. Editor Matt Bean wrote about recommending and sharing these picks in his editor’s letter, and wants you to tell us what you think is a criminally underrated piece of pop culture. Read it below:


Criminally underrated videogames from Respawn's Vince Zampella and Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann


While EW’s gamer braintrust compiled our list of criminally underrated videogames, we also went out to some experts in the field. And we’re not kidding about experts: Vince Zampella (Call of Duty, Titanfall), CEO of Respawn Entertainment and Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us), creative director of Naughty Dog. Here’s their picks for some game titles you’re missing out on:

Vince Zampella:

Viva Piñata (2006, pictured above)
“I don’t think they sold very well and maybe it was because I played it with my kids, but these games were really good, just really fun and colorful.”

Descent (1995)
Everyone always talks about Quake 3 and Doom when they talk about first-person shooters from that era, for me it was Descent in there too. That was a great game I played a lot of.


Stars reveal their criminally underrated entertainment picks

Everyone — stars included — has that one show or movie they believe hasn’t received the attention it deserves. EW asked some celebrities, ranging from director John Waters to actress Allison Janney, what shows or movies they think are criminally underrated. Here’s what they said:


This Week's Cover: The criminally underrated 'Orphan Black'

You may not have seen it, but you’ve likely heard the name: Orphan Black. What is it? It’s the show that came out of nowhere — well…Canada, actually — to become a buzzy underground sensation on the strength of a twisty-turny clone conspiracy story and a remarkable performance from a previously unknown Canadian actress by the name of Tatiana Maslany. Boasting a small but super-passionate audience after its first season on BBC America, this fan favorite was the perfect choice to grace EW’s cover and lead off our package of criminally underrated entertainment.

We track exactly how the cult of Orphan Black was born, from the unlikely genesis of the program to the even more unlikely casting of Maslany, who had never even played one truly adult role before, much less seven. “I’ve always played 10 years my junior,” Maslany explained. “This is definitely the most adult role I’ve ever gotten to play. I think that’s why I was so afraid of Alison, because she has two kids who are…you know, kids! And just that knowledge of what it is to be a mother is something I have never tackled on screen.”

Maslany’s ability to tackle that clone character as well as six others led to widespread acclaim both inside the industry (with a Golden Globe nomination) and out (with fans like the #CloneClub obsessing online over the show). But the ride is just getting started, with season 2 kicking off April 19. And the producers promise plenty more action and intrigue is in store. “We want to expand the world,” says co-creator John Fawcett. “We want to make the show a little bigger, make the show a little badder, make the show a little more off-center. There are more rabbit holes to go into.”

To find out exactly what rabbit holes he’s talking about, and what’s in store for Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Rachel, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday, March 14. Or click to the left to buy it right now! Also, for an exclusive photo of Maslany as three of the clones, be sure to like Entertainment Weekly on Facebook. And set your alarm to come back at noon on Thursday for a super-special treat: the exclusive reveal of a brand new clone!

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