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Chris Gorham takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test: Life-size Princess Leia standee missing (thankfully)


Things are not going well for spy Auggie Anderson (Chris Gorham) at the moment on USA’s Covert Affairs. His boss has just swept his apartment, found hidden evidence, and had him escorted in for questioning. At least when we put Gorham in the hot seat for the EW Pop Culture Personality Test, we were friendly. Watch the tape interrogation below in which he reveals the TV moment that made him cry, the movie he saw too young, his geekiest possession, and the guiltiest song formerly on his workout mix.

'Covert Affairs' star Piper Perabo takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


This week’s episode of USA’s spy drama Covert Affairs (Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET) is the most intense yet as CIA agent Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) infiltrates the FBI’s investigation of her former colleague Seth’s death — the one she was present for and which her boss Joan covered up. After watching her scenes with master manipulator Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin), you’ll understand why sitting in EW’s hot seat for our Pop Culture Personality was a piece of cake for Perabo, who confesses her first celebrity crush, her most prized pop culture possession (it came from Robert De Niro), and more. Watch the video below. READ FULL STORY

'Covert Affairs': That Auggie/Annie moment you want to watch again -- VIDEO

The Auggie/Annie will-they-or-won’t-they continues to be smartly played by Covert Affairs. In the past, he’s the one who’s missed moments when the look on her face revealed the depth of her feelings for him because he’s blind. In last night’s episode, it was her tunnel vision when it came to bringing Lena to justice that made her incapable of seeing that Auggie’s realized he has feelings for her, too. Actually, strike that. Annie is a smart woman. I think she did understood what Auggie meant when he phoned her and begged her to leave Russia. Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Awards: The polls are open!


You’ve done the nominating, now it’s time to hit the polls for EW’s first annual reader-voted Summer TV Awards. (UPDATE: Polls have now closed.) And your nominees are: READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Awards: Your nominations wanted!


Feeling guilty over the amount of time you’ve spent indoors watching TV since May? Here’s your vindication: Our first annual Summer TV Awards. Help us celebrate the good and call out the bad. Copy and paste the list of categories below into a comment and write in your nominations. Come back tomorrow afternoon when the official nominations are announced and the polls open!

UPDATE: The polls are now open! (And thank you for your patience with the comments not always publishing. We’re looking into it.)

And the categories are… READ FULL STORY

Christopher Gorham captures White House duckling reunion -- (ADORABLE) VIDEO

Spring is in the air, and Covert Affairs star Christopher Gorham captured a heartwarmingly symbolic sign of it today in Washington, D.C., when he filmed White House security reuniting a mother duck with her offspring who were struggling to make the step up onto the lawn. “Aw factor of 10!” Gorham wrote alongside his WhoSay video post. Check out the video below.


Men don't root for will-they-or-won't-they TV couples?! POLL!

Last night, the promo USA aired for the Dec. 6 season finale of Covert Affairs definitely got fans talking. “All season long, he was always there for her,” the voiceover says of Christopher Gorham’s Auggie and Piper Perabo’s Annie. “Now, will admitting her true feelings be her toughest mission yet?” The real question is, was it just the show’s female fans doing all the tweeting? Here’s why I’m asking: Yesterday, I chatted with Gorham for two items we’ll post next week: A fun, spoiler-free EW Pop Culture Personality Test before the finale and a juicy postmortem Q&A after it airs. During the personality test portion of our chat, I asked him to name a will-they-or-won’t-they TV couple he roots for…  READ FULL STORY

'Covert Affairs': Are Auggie and Annie the new Booth and Brennan, Castle and Beckett -- only less frustrating?

hey agree with me that if that’s going to happen, it needs to happen a long, long time from now,” he said. “Most of what makes those pairings so much fun is the potential, the flirting, the missed opportunities. That’s what’s so exciting. If you go there too soon, you let the air out of the balloon.”

As someone who’s seen every episode of Bones with six seasons of sexual tension that needed to be acted on, watching a series that allows you to enjoy some chemistry but not feel the desire to force it is just so… pleasant. Because Covert Affairs doesn’t revolve around their relationship alone, what with Annie usually out in the field and Auggie at his desk, we accept that their friendship will naturally deepen at a slower pace.  READ FULL STORY

Is on-demand viewing on the rise in your household?

Christopher-GorhamImage Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA NetworkComcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable company, has released the results of its annual “TV Pulse Survey” on TV time-shifting. Not surprisingly, the practice is increasing. Among the 1,000 randomly-selected participants, 62 percent now reported having watched primetime shows through technologies that include the DVR, VOD (video-on-demand) and Internet, and 61 percent of viewers said they were time-shifting programs more than they did a year ago. More interestingly, Comcast said on-demand orders of TV shows now surpass movies.

We’ve covered DVR usage a lot on PopWatch (so we’ll just let the poll below do the talking), but let’s discuss how we, the ones so devoted to TV that we’ve named our DVRs and our Slankets, use on demand…. READ FULL STORY

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