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Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler get slap-happy in the shower... naked -- NSFW VIDEO

Breaking news: Conan O’Brien has abs!

On last night’s episode of Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler had a very special guest: Late night’s favorite freakishly tall redhead, who wasn’t exactly sitting across from her in front of a live audience. Instead, in the sketch that echoed Handler’s stunt with Sandra Bullock, a naked Conan O’Brien walked in on Chelsea in the staff showers and started to pick a fight. According to Conan, Chelsea stole his studio (which includes the shower and its ah-mazing water pressure), his parking space, and his back massager.

After debating Chelsea’s nether regions, the argument resulted in a lot of slapping, a brief discussion about Joan Rivers, two black eyes, and one very naked Chuy. Oddly enough, what didn’t happen was anything shower-related.

Watch the NSFW video below! READ FULL STORY

Late Night Wars redux: Who will you watch at 11:30? -- VOTE

Less than one year from now, Jimmy Fallon will inherit late night TV’s most highly-coveted showcase: The Tonight Show.

Though the road to yesterday’s official announcement was a bumpy one — ousted host Jay Leno’s been joking about being knifed in the back by the snakes at NBC for weeks — the dust now seems to have cleared. Everyone from ABC rival Jimmy Kimmel to ex-Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien has issued congratulations to Fallon, a performer who seems to personify amiability. Even Leno tempered his barbs last night, calling Fallon “a hell of a guy” and saying that he’ll do “a great job.”

So now that the succession plan is settled, we can start to focus on what’s really important: which guy we’ll be watching come February 2014.  READ FULL STORY

Paul Rudd's 'Anchorman 2' clip inspired by classic '80's kids movie -- VIDEO

Rocking the familiar mustache and 1970’s shag of his Anchorman character Brian Fantana, Paul Rudd took a break from filming the sequel yesterday in Atlanta and popped by Conan O’Brien’s visiting TBS talk show.

Asked about the hotly anticipated Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Rudd surprised O’Brien with a special treat: an exclusive clip from the film. If that seems too good to be true — given that the top-secret sequel is, as O’Brien said, on “lock down” — it’s because it is. Only one of the following three words turned out to be true: “exclusive Anchorman clip.” Check it out below.


Everyone on the Internet forgot what day it is. Just fooling!

Ah, April Fools': The one day when you can’t believe everything you read online.

A Google product that leverages “photo-auditory-olfactory sensory convergence,” a Twitter initiative that asks users to pay for vowels, and bacon-flavored mouthwash are just the tip of the jocular iceberg this year. Read on for a list of some of the best gags we’ve come across so far; we’ll be updating it throughout the day.

The search giant/omnipotent Internet god’s next big project? Searchable smells. Somehow, this still doesn’t sound as ridiculous as Google Glass.


Jennifer Lawrence talks John Stamos, Puppy Bowl, and beer on 'Conan' -- VIDEO

Jennifer Lawrence is just like you: She’s open about a crush on John Stamos from his Full House days, and thinks the Puppy Bowl is “genius.”

Lawrence continued her quest for total talk show domination last night on Conan, with an appearance that started off on a gushing note. “I’ve been watching the show for 15 years and I’m 22 years old,” she said. “The producer said to me, ‘Andy Richter’s going to hug you,’ and I started tearing up.” She explained that prior to this interview, O’Brien had swung by her dressing room and she had forced him to do many of his signature bits for her, including the String Dance.

The love was clearly mutual. While O’Brien praised her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, he also had fun teasing the star, who could more than keep up with him. While talking about a Super Bowl party she threw for her friends at her house, she explained that her plans were more about a little event that happened prior to the big game. “It was just a lot of drinking, I guess,” Lawrence said of the party. “We watched the Puppy Bowl…. It’s just puppies! And then they have a little camera in the water bowl — it’s genius!” READ FULL STORY

Kristen Stewart discusses sex scenes on 'Conan' -- VIDEO

If you think Kristen Stewart seems uncomfortable during interviews, just imagine how awkwardly she must have felt while filming “aggressive” sex scenes for Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

Stewart discussed her on-screen discomfort on Conan last night, confessing that vampire lovemaking isn’t all glitter and sunshine. Her character Bella may finally be “on top,” but Stewart said the director’s technique of shooting a close-up of her “schmexy faces” during those sex scenes made her want to shoot herself. What’s that, a pun from Stewart? She really is a new woman!

Mindy Kaling kisses-and-tells about 'harassing' the hot actors she gets to smooch -- VIDEO

Mindy Kaling was on Conan last night (She used to intern there!) talking about her harem of attractive hunks on The Mindy Project, all of whom she seems to be kissing quite a bit. As creator of the show, she casts the guys her character will wind up involved with, a privilege she told Conan O’Brien is the entire reason she’s doing a television show at all.

And really, with Seth Meyers, Ed Helms and Bill Hader — not to mention regulars Ed Weeks and Chris Messina — hanging around, who can blame her for taking full advantage of her authority?

According to Kaling, the perks include slipping some tongue action to their scripted kissing, something she learned was frowned upon in the TV business. “When I do it on the show now, it’s the worst kind of sexual harassment,” she jokingly said. “Because I’m the boss. They’re afraid to complain.”

Watch below, where Kaling also explains how hard it is to not tell her charming co-stars, “I love you”: READ FULL STORY

Sarah Silverman does obscene things with an iPhone on 'Conan'

While guesting on Conan last night, Sarah Silverman inadvertently wound up demonstrating the whole reason for the existence of smartphones in the modern age. “I came up with a craft that you can do with a phone,” Silverman explained to host Conan O’Brien, who seemed to know that he was walking into something terrible and had no choice but to move forward. “Turn your head to the side. Let your mouth be loose and natural, but put your lips together and put your tongue out just a tiny bit.” She took his picture. And the rest is history, except history that will soon be playing out in junior high schools across this great land Watch the full video below, and ask yourself whether the pixelation actually makes things worse: READ FULL STORY

'Arrested Development': Conan O'Brien tweets first official photo from the new episodes

Today’s news: it’s not all doom and gloom and flying cows! This morning, Conan O’Brien tweeted what he’s calling the “first official photo from the new Arrested Development.” It’s sure to cheer up any Hurricane Sandy-struck AD fans who feel like they’re about to blue themselves. Here’s the shot:


Conan O'Brien shows off perfect 10 look with dreads -- VIDEO

Conan O’Brien has always been a perfect 10 in my book, but the late-night host looked especially alluring last night.

Coco showed off a 1970s Bo Derek-esque look, complete with real dreadlocks and a spray tan. I don’t care what his sidekick Andy Richter said, the orange glow really brought out his baby blues and ginger roots. “I wish we had time to get a slow-mo shot of you coming out of the ocean,” Richter joked.

O’Brien said he thought his hairdresser was going to supply a wig for him to wear, only to find out he had to get actual cornrows. “The cornrows up here took an hour. The ones down below took two,” he said.

He made a promise to fans last week during the Night of Too Many Stars telethon to don dreads in return for donations to autism research. So it was a win-win deal.

Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

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