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Joel McHale addresses Chevy Chase 'Community' conflict on 'Live! With Kelly'

For a master class in how to handle a sensitive issue, I submit to you Joel McHale, host of The Soup and leading lad of NBC’s Community, which as you probably know is in the midst of a major he-said-he-said dramatic debacle between creator Dan Harmon and costar Chevy Chase.

During a stint as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on Live! With Kelly, McHale was asked to address the feud, and he hedged like a pro. (Watch the video here!) “It was over voice mails, so there’s been some awesome recorded messages from Chevy,” said McHale, who has been asked whether the dispute is real. “It’s impossible because there’s no way Chevy could figure out voice mail.” Charming, yes, but he doesn’t answer the question — flawless evasive joking!


Here we go again: Another Chevy Chase 'Community' rant leaks -- LISTEN

Despite the make-nice between Chevy Chase and Community creator Dan Harmon, who apologized for leaking an expletive-laden voicemail rant from Chase earlier this month, a new tape has surfaced to ripple the waters. In another slow-boiling message, obtained by Celebuzz, Chase expresses his frustration with Harmon’s editorial decisions on Community. “Obviously you don’t get my humor at all,” says Chase getting increasingly angry until he essentially threatens to quit, saying, “You’re missing the f—ing point. … It’s just a f—ing mediocre sitcom! I want people to laugh and this isn’t funny.” Listen below. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Linds:

“Unfortunately for Britta, and millions of photographers like her, just because something is in black and white, doesn’t mean it’s good.” 

– Narrator on Community

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'Community': Creator Dan Harmon apologizes for playing Chevy Chase's angry voicemail

First there was controversy—now an apology. After news broke over the weekend that Community star Chevy Chase and creator Dan Harmon have been feuding, the latter issued a mea culpa on his Tumblr Tuesday afternoon for publicly playing a profanity-laced voicemail that Chase left him.

Explaining that he did not wish to “extend the story’s life and cause more fans discomfort” but that it was “conspicuously weird of me to say nothing at all about the giant fart with my name on it that you’ve been inhaling,” Harmon took responsibility for sharing the voicemail at a monthly comedy show that he hosts: “I made the horrible, childish, self-obsessed, unaware, naive and unprofessional decision to play someone’s voicemail to me. [Chase] didn’t intend for 150 people to listen and giggle at it, and I didn’t intend for millions of people to read angry reports about it. I was doing what I always do, and always get in trouble for doing, and always pay a steep price for doing. I was thinking about myself and I was thinking about making people laugh. I was airing my dirty laundry for a chuckle.” While noting that “I have to just acknowledge my mistake and apologize for it to the fans,” Harmon also stated: “The giant mistake I made was involving someone else in that game of russian roulette, someone that didn’t have an opportunity to say ‘yeah, hilarious, let’s do this.’ That was a dumb, unclassy, inconsiderate move on my part. I’m very sorry it’s reflecting poorly on the show.”

You can read his full apology and explanation here.

Tensions apparently bubbled to the surface during the shooting of the final episode of the NBC comedy’s third season, when Chase left the set following a dispute over dialogue. At the wrap party, Harmon reportedly tried to lead the crowd in a nasty chant against Chase, whose wife and daughter were present as well, which prompted Chase’s R-rated phone rebuttal.

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Chevy Chase’s angry ‘Community’ rant (and four other vicious voicemails)
From the EW Archive: ‘He’s Still Chevy Chase (And You’re Not),’ August 2004

Chevy Chase's angry 'Community' rant (and four other vicious voicemails)

There isn’t a whole lot of that feeling of Community going on right now. In a profanity-laden voicemail, Community star Chevy Chase unleashed on the show’s creator Dan Harmon after the latter publicly reprimanded Chase in front of his family and colleagues during a speech at the NBC comedy’s wrap party.

According to Deadline, Harmon scolded Chase for walking off the set, causing Chase to respond with a scathing phone call blasting Harmon for his behavior at the party, as well as his conduct as producer (Chase allegedly became frustrated with Harmon’s tardiness in delivering scripts and stormed off, which other sources from the show confirmed to Deadline). Listen to the voicemail here.

“You didn’t give us a script to begin with so nobody knew what the f—- was going on,” said Chase in the voicemail before launching into a list of derogatory names that he attributed to Harmon. “I don’t get talked to like that by anybody, certainly not in front of my wife and daughter.”

EW reached out to Sony Television and NBC, but neither the studio nor the network would comment on the situation. A rep for Chase could not be reached.

Whether or not Chase’s angry phone message was justified, it’s well worth its weight in swear words, enough to rank up there with some of the other vicious voicemails that have made the rounds in Hollywood. Here’s a list of just some of show business’s most memorably motormouth memos (and feel free to share your favorite in the comments): READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by SixSeasonsandaMovie:

“Oh, put it in a letter, Jane Austen!” 

– Annie (Alison Brie), after being called mean on Community

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EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...


Submitted by Cleopatricide:

“’Webster’s Dictionary defines?’ That’s the Jim Belushi of speech openings. It accomplishes nothing, but everyone keeps using it and nobody knows why.”

– Annie (Alison Brie), after Jeff (Joel McHale) began a speech with the clichéd introduction on Community

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NBC’s epic Super Bowl promo features literally everyone on NBC -- VIDEO

Whether or not you were happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl, you’ll find it hard not to smile while watching NBC’s ridiculously fun promo (which aired during the pre-show) featuring the casts of… well, just about everything on NBC.

The Peacock gathered its various stars together for a super-sized Super Bowl commercial featuring a rousing rendition of “Brotherhood of Man” from the Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying).” READ FULL STORY

Who's to blame when a rabid Internet fanbase doesn't help a show?

There’s been good news and bad news coming out of NBC’s day at the TV critics’ semi-annual press tour. NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt assured reporters that Community will return this season — he’s just not sure when. Asked about its odds of renewal for a fourth season, however, he became cagey: “I don’t know. Those are hard questions to answer at this point … we’ll make that decision closer to the upfront.” His views on Chuck, which airs its series finale Jan. 27, were more clear. “Did you see the ratings?,” he asked when questioned about the decision to burn episodes over the holidays. “That rabid fanbase going crazy on the net didn’t come to the show. Chuck’s time had come. Chuck is over, let’s alert the masses.”

If you’re a fan of Chuck, those words are tough to take. You will have invested roughly 91 hours in the show, and while you can understand why the network bean-counters looking at the big picture would see it as “over,” that doesn’t diminish your disappointment and loss. Why’s it so hard to accept? READ FULL STORY

Fall TV post-mort: What are you still watching? DVR'ing?

Let’s think back for a moment to the start of the fall TV season when we were giddy with hope and optimism about all the new (Hart of DixieNew Girl! The X Factor!) and old (Modern Family! Glee! Fringe!) shows we’d watch in the months ahead. Back then I posted a series of blog posts outlining what I planned to view live versus DVR every night of the week. At the time, I really did have every intention of sticking to my schedule, but naturally as the weeks wore on and plotlines developed my interests began to waver, for better and for worse. I’m sure you know what I mean, unless you’re one of those people who actually follows through with your goals, in which case we can’t be friends. Nevertheless, now that we’re in the midst of the dreaded hiatus period, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on where we started off this season and where we ended up. Check out my day-by-day post-mort below, beginning with all the shows I so naively intended to watch: READ FULL STORY

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