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'We Can't Stop' without music: Miley Cyrus' dream or total nightmare? -- VIDEO

What does the music video for a Song of Summer contender look like without its catchy tune? Horrifying, disturbing, and mesmerizing.

College Humor teamed up with Music Videos Without Music to release a new version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video sans the actual song. While already well known as an odd video depicting the pop singer twerking till the sun comes up, what makes this version so off-putting is the addition of strange sounds to go along with the eerie images.

Check it out (if you dare) here:

Fake live-action 'Daria' trailer obviously stars Aubrey Plaza -- VIDEO

Two years ago, MTV randomly decided to reveal its dream cast for a theoretical live-action Daria movie — starring Aubrey Plaza as the title character, Ellen Page as her BFF Jane, Emily Osment as her perky sister Quinn, and Will Ferrell and Annette Bening as her clueless parents.

The article was nothing more than an exercise in nostalgia. But now that Plaza actually has a big movie coming out, College Humor has decided to take the Daria idea and run with it.

The Parks and Rec star is the only member of MTV’s hypothetical roster who appears in this trailer for Daria’s High School Reunion, which is too bad. Generally speaking, though, the video — which features cameos from Trent Lane, Kevin, Brittany, Mr. DeMartino, and Ms. Barch, among others — is dryly funny, just like the old cartoon itself; it’ll hit you right in the nostalgias. I have only one tiny quibble: Why is Quinn, who’s at least two years younger than Daria, organizing the Class of 2002′s reunion?

Patton Oswalt's Penguin faces an oblivious (and deadly) Batman -- NSFW VIDEO

Batman is scary because he’s covered in bulletproof armor and small, sharp arm-knives that are perfect for killing, but he’s good because he doesn’t kill people, no matter the number of times that his sharp, bulletproof fists hit their bodies. It’s like his one rule.

This half-baked pretzel logic gets a fully-baked skewering courtesy of CollegeHumor, in which we learn that — true story — the criminals of Gotham just go to sleep after a hard night fighting superheroes, flesh wounds to the contrary. Does Batman not know what death is? “I totally know what it is,” he says, “Don’t be stupid … My parents were shot, yes, but they’re alive on a special farm.” Patton Oswalt co-stars as the malformed villain. Several buckets of blood cameo.

Watch the video, a Front Page Films production, below. Check out the rest of their Batman repertoire (I’m partial to “Batman Interrogation”) if you’ve got a free hour to not-kill.


What if the Disney princesses went on a wild spring break? -- NSFW VIDEO

In Spring Breakers Disney starlets shed their good girl images, so CollegeHumor asked the question: What if Disney princesses decided to loose their inhibitions as well? SNL alum Abby Elliott and Greek actress Amber Stevens star in the hilarious parody trailer.

The gang’s exploits include robbing from Cinderella’s “b—h stepmother,” the Genie rocking cornrows and promising everyone ”no worries for the rest of your days, ya’ll,” Ariel using some major double entendre, and Snow White eating an apple that’s well… not poisoned by an evil queen but still able to cause some damage.

Watch the full video below (Warning: it’s not safe for work!):

CollegeHumor condenses each Best Picture nominee into a Vine video

When added together, the cumulative length of 2013′s Best Picture nominees totals a staggering 1,345 minutes — or nearly one full day of movie. (Fun fact: This year’s Best Picture hopefuls are the longest on average since 2005, when 170-minute The Aviator was nominated.)

By contrast, it’ll take you just 54 seconds to watch CollegeHumor’s excellent Vine parodies of all 9 nominiated films. Starting with, say, their biting take on The Silver Linings Playbook:


All of Tarantino's pop culture references in chronological order -- VIDEO

Quentin Tarantino makes no secret of his encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. His characters are fountains of obscure movie references and his films themselves are functional homages to bygone genre flicks. Nobody would blame you for getting a little bogged down in all of those trivia bits.

But now, thanks to the diligent folks over at College Humor, you won’t have to. They’ve put together a supercut with all of Tarantino’s pop culture references, and what’s more, they’re arranged in chronological order. So, starting with a nod to silent film star Max Linder in Inglorious Basterds, it works its way through the decades until it screeches to a halt on a Lindsay Lohan comment in Death Proof. Think of it as really profane, rapid-fire history lesson from a distinguished cinephile. Yeah, that’s Tarantino in a nutshell.

Watch the video after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Foul-mouthed Instagram parody of Nickelback's 'Photograph' strikes a chord -- VIDEO

CollegeHumor’s parody video of Nickelback’s “Photograph,” called “Look at This Instagram,” pokes fun at the commonplace and predictable filter treatments “photographers” use to transform food, finger nails, feet, fireworks, and other f words into art.

“Started out as a lemon tart, then my phone went and made it art,” bellows the singer in his best Chad Kroeger voice. His female collaborator channels Creed more than Nickelback, but she makes up for it by putting hipster glasses on her cat (“he thinks he’s people!”).

Watch the video below (don’t you think it would have looked better in sepia?): READ FULL STORY

'Pitch Perfect': High and higher notes of the little a cappella comedy that could

release” put its money where its mouth was last night. As a liberal arts grad and (casts down eyes) former a cappella groupie, I had to face facts: I am that core audience. (WARNING: Mild spoilers follow.)

'False!' Rainn Wilson explains why your inspirational quotes suck -- VIDEO

Rainn Wilson is not Dwight Schrute. He was born in Seattle, not on Schrute Farms, and he almost certainly did not perform his own circumcision; his middle name is Dietrich, not Kurt; and he has a normal relationship with a human woman, something Dwight’s never really managed to accomplish.

Still, there are many similarities between the actor and his most famous character. Both of them, for example, think the inspirational quotes you list as favorites on Facebook are stupid — and neither will hesitate to explain precisely why they’re so wrong.

Thus the following video, an entry in College Humor’s “Malarious” series. (They’re funny clips for a cause!) Watch as Schrute — er, Wilson — mercilessly takes down college students who dare to live for the nights they’ll never remember with the friends they’ll never forget. But try not to laugh — laughter indicates weakness.


TV-inspired Valentine's Day cards: Share your TV addiction with your loved one!

If your idea of a romantic gesture is eating the blood-drenched heart of a dead horse (à la Daenerys on Game of Thrones), now you can share that odd character trait of yours with an equally weird Valentine’s Day card!

CollegeHumor, whose musings on pop culture rival the folks at Funny or Die and The Onion, has released a series of utterly hilarious Valentine’s Day cards inspired by television, guaranteed to make your loved one chuckle — if he/she gets the reference.

The cards — which highlight Parks and Recreation, CommunityDownton Abbey and more – will probably only make sense if you’re a fan of the show being parodied, but given the variety of choices, I’m sure you’ll giggle at least once. (They come courtesy of the site’s resident masterpiece-maker Caldwell Tanner, whose work has probably been making you laugh out loud for years.)

PopWatchers, will you be printing these out and giving them to your significant other? What are some other TV shows that would make a kick-ass Valentine?

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