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'Bachelor in Paradise' first look: Chris Harrison gets his Mr. Roarke on


It’s a tough job, rose lovers, but someone has to travel to Mexico to help members of the Bachelor “family” continue their weird and objectively gross inbreeding find “love.” And that someone is Mr. Chris Harrison. As you can see here from this first look at Harrison on the job at Bachelor in Paradise, the dress code for facilitating fairy-tale romance in Mexico — where BIP is shooting — is far more relaxed than it is in America. I have so many thoughts. Click the photo for a full-length version and let’s discuss. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 4


I sat down to write this blog and suddenly I felt exactly how we all felt when we watched the full episode with the rose ceremony attached. You see as we went through this tragedy and mourned the death of this bright young man, Eric Hill, we were at the same time truly trying to figure out how to deal and mourn his death professionally. Early on, as I stated in a blog, it was clear to us we should show Eric’s scenes, and I still believe that was the right decision. But we’ve honestly made these decisions as we’ve gone along this season, each time just trying to do what’s right by Eric and his family, but also still telling everybody the story of what really happened to Andi and the rest of us during this journey. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 3


I hope you enjoyed night one of our special two-night Bachelorette event. Night two airs tonight in our regular Monday primetime slot. This week we were still at the mansion but all the dates were just north of LA up in the town of Santa Barbara. Nick got the first one-on-one date. Andi was impressed by Nick and was really looking forward to their date. It’s really interesting to see these men melt into nervous little boys when they get around Andi. We saw it with Josh last week, and we now saw it with Nick. Is it just me, or does Andi seem to have deeper more meaningful conversations than many Bachelorettes have in the past? Nick and Andi shared an incredible evening. He easily got the rose but more importantly, got his first kiss.

The group date this week was easily one of Andi’s favorite dates of the entire season. To this day she’s still talking about her time with Boyz II Men. I have to say that they were awesome to work with and our entire crew enjoyed this day. We took over an open-air mall in the middle of Santa Barbara called Paseo Nuevo. The way it all worked is the Boyz put on a little show for the big crowd that showed up. By the way, a huge thanks to the thousands that took the afternoon off to show up and party with us. It was a phenomenal crowd and they were fired up. After the Boyz got done, our “boys” got up and sang so poorly that whales were congregating off the coast. One of my favorite parts of the day was standing offstage with the band while the guys made us all endure their rendition of “I’ll Make Love To You.” We were laughing so hard we could barely contain ourselves. Everybody had fun with it and it was a great experience. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 2


This week’s show aired on Memorial Day. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special mention to those service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I know this day is about remembrance but I’d also like to salute all those who are currently serving this great nation. I hear from many soldiers who are proud members of Bachelor Nation. I love that this show can entertain and give you even a moment of rest from the great service you provide our country. It’s not nearly enough but, thank you.

Watching Eric’s one-on-one date, I think you can clearly see now why we made the decision to include his moments this season. He made a big impression on Andi the first night, but she also decided to give him the first date, and what a date it was. The date took them from the beaches of Southern California to the snow at Big Bear Mountain. It was a perfect date for an adventurous man like Eric, and he was clearly in his element. It’s fun to see the excitement on Andi’s face and how impressed she is with Eric’s life and spirit. Their conversations were deep and meaningful, yet easy. Eric easily got the first rose on the first one-on-one date and quickly became a front-runner in Andi’s mind and heart.

The good news about the first group date is it was part of Bachelor Gives Back, which raises money for a variety of charities. Now for the bad news: To raise that money I had to endure a bunch of dudes stripping in a room full of very excited women. On a serious note, I want to thank all those that spent their hard-earned money to buy a ticket, and then those that donated at the event with tips or just filling the hat we passed around. There was also a small group of fans that gave extra to our charity event to attend a special reception and meet-and-greet after the show. I really enjoyed meeting and taking pictures with all of you. I love Bachelor Nation but at times like this I especially love how big your heart and soul is.  READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season premiere


Welcome to another season of The Bachelorette. Feels like we’ve been away for a while and it always feels good to be back. While I’m excited to be back, this season begins on a rather somber note. As you all know by now, a few weeks after he left the show, one of our cast members and our friend, Eric Hill, died in a tragic accident. You will see in the coming weeks how we have chosen to deal with this on the show. I believe in my heart that we have handled this with compassion and respect for Eric’s memory and his family and friends. I’m glad we started the show by dedicating the season to him. As you will see, he was a bright light that you couldn’t help but be drawn to. He will be missed. (For more information about Eric Hill, you can visit gowitheric.com.)

The last few seasons I’ve found the best way to deal with this first episode and the arrivals is to kind of bullet point the highs and lows. So let’s get to it! READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' finale and 'After the Final Rose'


I have had weeks where I’ve found it difficult to write this blog over the years, but nothing compares to how I feel this week. There is so much emotion involved with this show you have to be careful when you are open and honest, as our friend likes to say, but I also feel it’s important to speak with compassion, fairness and, when you can, perspective and understanding. I tried to apply all of these as I lived through this season and then watched it back on TV with all of you. I want to start off by saying I’m not mad about how the season ended nor am I angry with Juan Pablo.

For some reason I feel that there is some notion that I dislike him, and that’s just not the truth. One of the many things I love about this show is every season is different because every Bachelor or Bachelorette is different. They bring in their own culture, background, issues, and baggage. This show will do many things to you, and one of those things is it will expose you, for better or for worse, and sometimes both. Ask any man or woman who’s been the Bachelor or Bachelorette, and I guarantee they will tell you this show changed them forever and they learned a great deal about themselves in the process. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': 'Women Tell All'


This has easily been one of the most intriguing seasons we’ve ever had on this show. Because of this, I’ve really been looking forward to the “Women Tell All” and “After the Final Rose” specials. Most of the time we roll into these specials and deal with a few issues, but it doesn’t often revolve around our actual Bachelor like it did this year. The ladies really didn’t have any major issues with each other this season. It wasn’t about that this time. It was really all about Juan Pablo.

The show started off with a sit-down with Catherine and Sean in their first interview since the wedding. It’s always good to see them, but to see them so happy and madly in love was just out of this world. They absolutely crack me up with how carefree and comfortable they are with everything. It makes my job much easier as I just get to sit back and have fun talking with two friends. When I sit with them, it never feels like an interview but more like a chance to catch up with a beautiful couple. I’m really happy for them and excited for what the future holds. After that, we went to a fun little bit we did with the Muppets to promote their new movie. We have done a few of these with different actors and movies, but it was amazing the amount of people who showed up to the shoot with the Muppets. It was a fun day with all the families and kids showing up to meet Kermit and Miss Piggy. My acting skills can clearly use some work, but it was an absolute blast to shoot a scene alongside these iconic characters.


Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': Hometown visits and Andi's 'fantasy suite turned into a nightmare'


I hope you are okay after two straight nights of Bachelor-palooza. Monday night was our regularly scheduled show with hometown dates, and Tuesday the final three took off for exotic overnight dates that quickly turned into the much-discussed “nightmare” date for Andi. We’ll obviously go in depth on that in a bit — but first, it was time to meet the families.

We started off the week in Kansas City with Nikki’s family. This was easily the easiest and smoothest stop of all four hometowns. They had a great time during the day and the barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s was top notch, as always. Nikki’s family quickly embraced Juan Pablo and gave both of them their blessing to do whatever seems right at the end of the show. Really the only thing worth noting here is Nikki still hasn’t told Juan Pablo she loves him. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 7


There’s a lot of drama to discuss, but I want to answer a quick question I got several times this week. Why wasn’t there a two-on-one date last week? It’s funny how our fans come to just expect and understand when things are supposed to happen. Typically if we have a two-on-one date it would indeed have taken place last week, but much to your surprise we didn’t do it this time. You have to remember that while we do often stick to a general schedule it’s definitely not set in stone. I honestly don’t recall how far out we decided to not do a two-on-one this season, but you have to understand there are no rules here. Sometimes we’ll decide heading into the season what the schedule will be, but we always change our game plan on the fly as we go. A number of factors can change things up. It’s always a very fluid situation, and we always have to be ready and willing to roll with the punches and adapt to the relationships forming on the show.

As much fun as we had traveling around the world, we were all happy to be back in the states. But nobody was more excited to return home than Juan Pablo. Miami is his hometown now, and his family and friends were waiting. You could really see his shoulders drop and see him relax as he got home. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 6


On The Bachelor, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel all around this beautiful globe of ours. We’ve had some interesting long travel days before but this trip from Da Nang, Vietnam to Lake Taupo, New Zealand is one for the record books. We had a nice long buggy ride from the hotel in Da Nang. Then we hopped our first flight up to Ho Chi Minh City. After some pretty good noodles in the airport we jumped on a nice long overnight flight to Sydney, Australia. We all got off and enjoyed a little lunch before getting on a flight to Auckland, New Zealand. Once we finally landed in Auckland, thirty hours after we left Da Nang, we were happy to hear that none of our luggage had made the trip with us. So after everybody took their turn at filling out luggage claim forms we headed out on a nice two-hour bus ride to our final destination, Lake Taupo. The first morning was spent shopping for clothes and necessities before getting ready for another week of dates. We’ve been to New Zealand before, and I was happy to be back. Lake Taupo and the surrounding area is just stunning. The ladies stayed at the famous Huka Lodge and if you’re ever anywhere near this area you have to at least book a dinner at this lodge. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Once we all got settled the date card arrived and Andi finally got her first one-on-one date. The date started with Juan Pablo and her walking through a section of rocks called “the squeeze.” As tough as it was for them, you have to imagine how insane it was for our camera and audio crews to make it through while shooting. They did an incredible job in some difficult conditions. The walk and the climb might have been difficult but the chemistry between Juan Pablo and Andi is nothing but smooth and easy. They seem to really enjoy and understand each other. She easily got a rose and is safe to move on to the next week. READ FULL STORY

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