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Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' and 'After the Final Rose'

chris-bachelor-padThree years and two go-rounds as the Bachelor, and Brad Womack has finally found love. It’s not exactly as cut and dry as that, as you saw on the After the Final Rose special — but we’ll get to that in just a bit. Let’s back up to where this final episode landed us in the world. We left the bush of South Africa for the beautiful city of Cape Town. Our entire crew loved the One and Only resort right on the waterfront, just a ten-minute walk to the new stadium built for last summer’s World Cup. (Speaking of, a huge thanks to USA Soccer for having several of us as their guest when the U.S. national team played South Africa. They were nice enough to not only have us as their guests, but they were good about keeping it a secret that we were there.)

Brad didn’t stay at the resort with us; he was at a private house about ten minutes away. You’ve heard time and time again how much Brad’s family means to him but it was very evident just how much when you saw his reaction when they showed up at his house. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'

chris-bachelor-padTo be honest this week I don’t have a whole lot of dirt for you: The name of the show — The Women Tell All — really speaks for itself. Obviously, we don’t leave any of the good stuff out. My interview with Brad where we go over the season and talk about the unseen moments is always a fun night for all of us. We shoot it at the Bachelor house a few weeks before the Tell All special. It’s fun because it’s a relaxed, laid back, pressure-free atmosphere with just a few of us at the house, so we all share some good stories and have some laughs. I think this is where you see the “real” Brad. This is the guy I see all the time, and wish you got to see more of this season. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 9

chris-bachelor-padIt’s been a long road, and the end is in sight for Brad and three lucky ladies. After an incredible week of hometowns and a very emotional rose ceremony, Brad told the women about our next stop, the beautiful country of South Africa, home of the 2010 World Cup (as a soccer fan, this is a huge deal). Emily, Ashley, and Chantal were extremely excited. Every week they tried to guess where we were going next, and none of them ever guessed that Brad would take them halfway around the world. We’ve traveled all over the world, but there are very few places that take longer to get to than South Africa. But after over 20 hours in the air, we arrived at Kruger Mpumpalanga International Airport, and let me tell you, from the moment we landed, it was worth every second. Lush rolling hills, friendly people, and the promise of the most anticipated dates of every season of The Bachelor, the overnight dates. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 8

chris-bachelor-padI’ve said it four or five times and I’ll say it again: I love the hometown dates on this show. The trips to Costa Rica and Anguilla were fantastic, but Brad and the women were happy to stop living in the group dynamic and take this next step. We started in Seattle with Chantal. Brad had never been to Seattle so what was the first thing he wanted to do? Yes, stop at a Starbucks for a cup of coffee, because as you know Seattle is the only place in the country to get Starbucks. The irony of this trip was that it’s rained on us everywhere we’ve been but the weather in Seattle where it always rains was beautiful. Chantal was looking forward to Brad meeting her family, but she was really nervous about him meeting her dog Boca. A couple things stood out to me on this hometown date: Brad really seems comfortable and to fit in with Chantal’s family. They seemed all but ready to have a wedding on the spot. The other thing I noticed is Chantal’s dad’s wine cellar. Wow, I have cellar envy. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 7

chris-bachelor-padWe packed our bags, left the rain forest in Costa Rica for the beautiful CuisinArt resort on the island of Anguilla (pronounced like vanilla). Once the girls figured out where this island was they were extremely excited. I flew in on the same flight with the ladies and it didn’t take long for our cover to be blown. Tourists were quickly snapping pictures of the ladies in the St. Martin airport. Anguilla is a short boat ride away from St. Martin, and the women loved the speedboat cruise across the crystal blue ocean to our island getaway. Like in Costa Rica, we once again had the entire resort to ourselves. It makes it so much easier when the cast and crew don’t have to worry about who’s watching what we’re up to. Once the ladies got settled in their private villa, the first one-on-one date was set between Brad and Emily. There are not a lot of helicopters around this island so we had to bring one in from a different island which also means a different country. Apparently it got held up in customs, so the date was delayed. That bit where Brad and Emily sat on the bench and had a glass of champagne wasn’t planned. It was quickly improvised once we realized their transportation wasn’t coming any time soon. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 6

chris-bachelor-padThe viewers have spoken and the women’s ages are back. This should let you know that we do try to listen to our fans and when we can give them what they want. The ladies were extremely excited to head to Costa Rica even though most of them had no idea exactly where it was, and most thought it was an island. That changed on the long plane ride south as all the girls read up on the country and quickly became experts on all things Costa Rica. We stayed at the beautiful exclusive Spring Resort deep in the Arenal region of the country. It was a long two to three hour ride inland from the airport. As you saw it was literally at the foot of an active volcano. Not sure what our fascination is with volcanoes the last couple seasons, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. When I say this volcano is active I mean very active. It actually erupted several times while we were there. You can hear rocks falling down the mountain and if you’re lucky at night you can see lava shooting and spilling out. The resort was completely shut down for us much to the dismay of several tourists. One day a couple of us were on a tour bus returning from a zip line trip with a few other American tourists. When we pulled up to the Spring Resort the tourists wondered how we could be staying here when they were told it was closed for the week. I sat in the back of the bus with my hat and shades on, they had no idea who we were or why we were there. The girls loved the resort and the suite but were quickly sent into a tailspin when the first date card was delivered for Chantal. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 5

chris-bachelor-padAs much as I would love to begin this week’s blog by talking about the cardigan I wore last week or the driveway being wet, we obviously need to discuss the most talked about controversial moment of the season. Let me first explain how Emily actually ended up on this date. We planned all these trips and dates before Emily was ever cast on this show and we learned of her story. There were only three dates in Vegas, a one-on-one date, a group date, and the two-on-one date. Emily wasn’t getting the one-on-one as she had recently had one and Brad wanted to spend some time with Shawntel. Emily definitely wasn’t going to be put on the two-on-one date for several reasons, one being Brad didn’t want that. So that left one date, and that turned out to be the group date to the NASCAR track. Now with all that said, I’m not telling you at this point that we were completely na├»ve and didn’t know her story and that we didn’t discuss the situation. What we eventually decided to do is what we always decide to do when faced with situations like this: Don’t mess with the true emotion and situation. You need to remember that Brad who helped us decide who goes on what dates still had no idea the full extent of Emily’s story, and that information couldn’t come from us. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 4

chris-bachelor-padHey ladies, have some cheese with all that whining. This week you might have noticed that the ladies got just a bit emotional. One interesting side effect of Brad’s therapy and newfound honesty is every girl he’s with feels like she’s the only girl in the world. That’s a good thing — unless you’re one of 30 women dating the same guy. With each girl feeling so special and feeling so much emotion, things are bound to boil over. Before we deal with the drama, we have to deal with the great mystery this season, Michelle’s black eye. Here’s what we know: Everybody went to bed after the rose ceremony. I returned to the house early the next morning to wake the girls up and send them on their dates. Michelle woke up, looked in the mirror and bam, black eye. The truth is nobody has any idea whatsoever how Michelle got that black eye. I don’t think its possible to get a “stress black eye” as she said, and I don’t think she beat herself up. I’ve mentioned in the past that we don’t have cameras rolling 24/7, and we don’t have secret cameras in the girls’ bedroom. Much like the Bermuda triangle, Hugh Hefner’s upcoming wedding and the Kardashians’ popularity, some things just can’t be explained. It was pretty amusing to see Michelle milk it all week using frozen peas, corn and popsicles to try to keep the swelling down. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 3

chris-bachelor-padI’d like to start this week by talking about another dramatic show that I hosted, The 90th Annual Miss America Pageant. It was an honor — as a TV host, there are a few jobs out there that you always look forward to checking off your bucket list, and that is one of them. My thanks to the folks at Miss America and ABC for making it a great weekend. While I’m thanking people I want to thank one of my favorite people in this business, Ellen DeGeneres. She has always been such a huge supporter of our show. I have no idea how many times I’ve been on her show over the last nine years, but I love each and every visit with her, and I enjoyed being back on last week. Now, I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

The episode started with me walking in to talk to the girls the morning after the rose ceremony. You have to understand that rose ceremonies go late, so often times only a few hours have passed since I just saw them and the drama of the night before ended. In this case it was a rough night. Raichel and Melissa really stirred up the house and the girls really felt Michelle only got a rose because it was her 30th birthday. Not sure if you heard, but last week was her 30th birthday. READ FULL STORY

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 2

chris-bachelor-padLet the blood begin to flow. No not between Raichel and Melissa — we’ll deal with their battle later. I’m talking about National Blood Donor month. We here at The Bachelor are very happy to be partnering up with the American Red Cross to shine an entertaining light on a very serious topic. Last Saturday, Brad, a host of former contestants, and myself were extremely proud to host a blood drive here in L.A. This is the first of several we’re going to host across the country. For more info on these blood drives and how you can help, go to our web site. Now let’s get back to the show. This week as promised I didn’t watch with my family and friends, so don’t worry — you wont be digging into the archives for your Best of Eddie Money album. I checked, and there really is a Best of Eddie Money album. Who knew? The first thing we did this week was move the girls into the mansion. There’s a lot more to this than you get to see. Once I meet them on the driveway and move the women in, they run around the house checking everything out. One highlight you didn’t get to see during the move was Sarah P. diving into the pool with her clothes on. Madison followed close behind. They got dried off before I called them inside for the date card talk. READ FULL STORY

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