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Chef Charlie Sheen on FunnyorDie: 'I don't cook food, I will it'

At this stage of the game, there’s plenty that could be said about the concept of Charlie Sheen appearing in a video for Funny or Die. But in contrast to his unsettling TV and web appearances of the last few weeks, this version of Charlie Sheen is funny — in a Chuck Norris-is-awesome kinda way — and the best evidence yet that he’s simply playing with our heads. In the video, Sheen dons what appears to be a Cincinnati Bengals chef’s hat (Tiger blood, duh!) and shares his Winning Recipes: “I don’t cook food. I will it.” READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen gets 'Winning' autotune treatment

In entirely expected news, Charlie Sheen now boasts his own autotuned YouTube hit, “Winning — a Song by Charlie Sheen.” The song, which has attracted over one million poor eyes and ears, combines some of the former Two and a Half Men actor’s best lines with a good beat — which made me realize something: With all his talk of Vatican assassins, warlocks, rock stars from mars, and seven-gram rocks, Charlie Sheen’s mind is officially Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon’s next hottest club. It. Has. Everything. Listen to “Winning — a Song by Charlie Sheen,” brought to you by the same folks who made the “Bed Intruder” and “Double Rainbow” autotuned songs, below:  READ FULL STORY

Who should replace Charlie Sheen? Poll!

two-and-a-half-replacementImage Credit: Mitchell Haddad/CBSIn a PopWatch poll earlier this week, 46 percent of readers though Two and a Half Men should continue with a replacement for Charlie Sheen. (Eighteen percent thought CBS should continue producing new episodes of TV’s top comedy without replacing him, and 36 percent thought the show was kaput without him.) As EW’s Lynette Rice points out, Spin City and Cheers did it. Even though Chuck Lorre created the show with Sheen in mind, who’s to say he couldn’t get inspired by another actor (or actress, as EW’s Jennifer Armstrong has suggested)? Let’s take it to a vote with the 10 suggestions below culled from reader picks and my brain. (I’m leaving in Rob Lowe and John Stamos even though those actual rumors have been shot down, because, well, things could always change.)  READ FULL STORY

As Charlie Sheen rages: Can 'Wall Street' and 'Platoon' survive?

Wall-Street-Charlie-SheenImage Credit: Everett CollectionAs Charlie Sheen’s spectacular meltdown demolishes previous records for stars-gone-wild, there have already been many casualties: his CBS television show, his professional reputation, and his relationships with certain friends and family, to say nothing of the widespread concerns for his own health and well-being. But with every bizarre utterance and disoriented interview, Sheen is also wounding the long-term legacy of some very solid, borderline classic films. Try watching Wall Street now, after O.D.-ing on a 72 hour media binge of Tiger Blood Charlie. The movie hasn’t changed, technically, but our perceptions sure have. Ditto for Platoon, the Oscar-winning Vietnam movie that temporarily lifted Sheen onto the A-List in 1986. Heck, even Lucas is tainted (though that high school football comedy was already slightly skewed to me, thanks to costars Corey Haim and Winona Ryder). READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen fired: Should 'Two and a Half Men' live on without him?

Two-Half-Men-CryerImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSLet’s start with the facts: Charlie Sheen was the highest-paid actor on television… who has now been fired… from the highest-rated sitcom on TV. Now the question: Should Two and a Half Men live on without its biggest draw? (That is, if we judge by paydays. We still love you, though, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones.) Granted, it’s unlikely we would have seen Charlie Harper in the same light had Sheen not been let go from the show after we witnessed his recent “winning” (losing?) media blitz. But from a pure business standpoint, it seems a risk to go on without him — yet also a risk not to go on without him. Airing a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men means airing a show without its biggest star, who would disappear suddenly and noticeably from the plot. But not airing a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men means risking losing a show with a massive built-in audience. (After all, after Valerie Harper’s contentious exit from Valerie in 1987, the show lived on an additional four seasons, albeit retitled as The Hogan Family with star Sandy Duncan.) Oy, my head hurts. What to do, PopWatchers? Tell me how to think in the poll below. And for more on Sheen, visit our Charlie Sheen hub. READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen admits first 'Sheen's Korner' sucked, dedicates second episode to dead pug Betty

charlie-sheen-ustreamCharlie Sheen has admitted via Twitter that his inaugural live Internet broadcast “Sheen’s Korner” was “treasonous to the movement” Saturday night. He said it was “my bad” and promised that a “video solution” would be coming soon. EW’s Chris Nashawaty sat through the 50-minute event and dubbed it, “a sloppy, self-indulgent bit of cringe theater that felt more like cable-access snoozefest than a cogent broadcast.” Sheen, Nashawaty reports, took swipes at Dr. Drew Pinsky, praised Sean Penn, quoted Wall Street, and showed photos of cats beating up dogs. Ten minutes in, the number of viewers, which had climbed to well over 100,000, began to decline. Perhaps Sheen earned a little respect for the writers of Two and a Half Men…  READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen goes live on the internet Saturday night...not a 'winning' broadcast

Charlie Sheen cut out the media middleman and took his rantings and ramblings live on the internet Saturday night. And guess what? He’s no Howard Stern. The actor’s live webcam broadcast, which he called “Sheen’s Korner” and began at 10:02 EST, was a sloppy, self-indulgent bit of cringe theater that felt more like cable-access snoozefest than a cogent broadcast. As the clock ticked down to Sheen’s arrival, a live ticker of the number of viewers who’d already tuned in hit 50,000 then 60,000 finally climbing to well over 100,000. Then, at 10:02, Sheen walked into the frame wearing a black pork pie hat and a black t-shirt with a green $ sign on it. With him was a posse of chuckleheads and enablers, including one of his goddesses — the non-porn star one, Natty Kenly.

As Sheen took a seat behind the desk of what appeared to be the office of his Sherman Oaks home, he lit a cigarette and began to riff on whatever popped into his warlock brain. It was painfully unfunny, completely boring, and not even fun in a trainwreck sort of way. I never thought I’d say this, but I would’ve rather been watching an episode of Two and a Half Men.

Sheen took swipes at Dr. Drew Pinsky, gave props to Sean Penn, quoted Wall Street, and showed photos of cats beating up dogs. I lost count of how many times he said “winning” — the tired catchphrase that he also revealed that he’d just had tattooed onto the inside of his left wrist. The worst part is that Sheen told viewers that this would be the first broadcast of many. The big question is, who will keep tuning in? After all, as “Sheen’s Korner” passed the 10 minute mark, the number of viewers started going down. Perhaps fittingly, that’s when he started reading some poetry before signing off, mercifully, at 10:52.

Charlie Sheen's Twitter account sets Guinness World Record

charlie-sheen-goddessesImage Credit: Mike Austin/NBCWe all knew that Charlie Sheen was going to set a world record for something. Now we have confirmation: According to Mashable, Sheen’s Twitter account has achieved a Guinness World Record in “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers.” (EW attempted to confirm this record with Twitter, but Twitter indicated that they do not keep track of that information.) If you are troubled by the fact that over one million of your fellow human beings have debased themselves by following the errant musings of an unhinged celebrity, just remember that we live in a nation of strangers, and also keep in mind that Sheen already held a Guinness world record: “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode — Current.” In light of recent events, they may want to think about removing that last word.

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Charlie Sheen on Twitter: Why I can't stop reading

I am senselessly fascinated by Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account. I know it’s bad — bad for me, bad for society, bad for the human race. And I pride myself on having somewhat good taste. In my spare time, I enjoy reading the first 100 pages of presidential biographies, and listening to classical music while falling asleep, and adding foreign films to my Netflix queue with every intention to watch them eventually. Also, not to make any moral judgements, but Sheen himself seems like a magnificent douche rocket. And yet I cannot turn away. I’m not the only one: On the heels of Sheen’s mega-rated 20/20 interview, the actor has already accumulated just over 1,001,000 followers as of the writing of this sentence. What are we reading, exactly, my brothers and sisters in the Sheen Twitter cult? READ FULL STORY

Why not replace Charlie Sheen... with a woman?

Charlie-HarperImage Credit: Keadrick D. Washington/PR Photos; Greg Gayne/CBS; Keadrick D. Washington/PR PhotosYes, yes, I know the show is called Two and a Half Men. But with all this speculation about the show’s future after this week’s crazytalk press tour — and many mentioning John Stamos (though sources say no such thing is imminent) — just for kicks, I’d like to throw out a different idea: How about we make it 1.5 men plus a lady? I won’t insist on the awkward title change — the thing’s a huge hit, let’s keep the name recognition! — but putting a woman in top billing on TV’s No. 1 comedy would provide at least the tiniest bit of karmic payback for Sheen and his alleged bad behavior. As The New York Times‘ David Carr pointed out, until this week, “the business interests — hundreds of millions in broadcast and syndication revenue will be lost if the show is gone for good — continued to prevail even as he terrorized the women in his life,” and he only got himself fired now by insulting his (male) boss. READ FULL STORY

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