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'Zombieland' ride-along: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg & crew experience the movie with fans

Zombieland-Ridealong_l-1On Zombieland’s opening night last Friday, EW.com accompanied the film’s stars, its director and the two screenwriters to four different movie theaters across Los Angeles to check out how the new horror comedy was playing with fans. Zombieland marks director Ruben Fleischer’s debut along with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s first go at the big screen. The ride-along was also the first time Woody Harrelson checked out his film on opening night and it marked a break-through for Jesse Eisenberg: it’s the first movie he could stand to watch himself in. Check out some of the night’s highlights–and lowlights–below.

8:30 pm Mann Grauman’s Chinese Theater
The cavernous 1,400 seat theater is about halfway full. Eisenberg leans up against the back wall of theater watching his character Columbus explain that one of their crazy plans wasn’t his but belonged to his traveling companion Tallahassee (Harrelson). “I’m just kind of a Sancho Panza character,” says Columbus. The line gets a couple of chuckles. Eisenberg shrugs his shoulders in Fleischer’s direction.

8:45 pm
“Well that’s a wash,” says Eisenberg. “There was no one there.”
“Sure there was,” says Gavin Polone, the film’s producer. “That’s probably the biggest theater in Los Angeles. It’s impossible to sell it out. If we do that kind of business all weekend, I’d be very happy.” READ FULL STORY

Tracy Morgan, Twitter needs you!

Tracy-Morgan_lThere are so many good causes out there today, and I have so little time to give to them. However, I think I can squeeze in this little commitment: Join the campaign to get Tracy Morgan on Twitter. As twacy.org bemoans: “Today in America, celebrities are tweeting the mundane details of their lives, yet millions of children will go to bed without knowing everything Tracy Morgan has done.” Whether or not that’s for the best, I would agree with this person that few stars fit better into—and would delight more in— the 140-character-or-less format than the 30 Rock crackup who’s full of absurd, off-the-cuff gems, onscreen and off. Go ahead and imagine the sweet tweets that could flow from the fingers of the man who has delivered such lines as “Live every week like it’s Shark Week” or “I am the face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!” While we wait to see if this campaign is successful, check out Morgan’s edgy greeting cards, or  “Me-Cards,” which help promote his memoir I Am the New Black, which hits bookstores on Oct. 20. So, what do you say, PopWatchers? Is this cause just—or just silly? And who else would you like to see on Twitter?

Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Who else wants a micro pig immediately?

article-0-06B810C3000005DC-595_634x337Celebrity pet trend of the week — no, it’s not Jessica Simpson’s missing dog — it’s teacup-sized micro pigs! Mr. Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint, has one. These little piggies cost about $1,100 and weigh only 9 oz. at the time of birth. I already have visions of toting one around in a purse. But it seems they grow up to be 65 lbs. and can live 18 years. Not sure I have a purse that big. Still, it’s a lot smaller than George Clooney’s dearly departed Vietnamese potbellied pig Max, who weighed 300 lbs.

Still, after seeing out this photo at the Daily Mail’s website, I think these are the cutest pets I’ve seen since that cat drinking from the kitchen tap  Who else wants one?

Photo Credit: Geoff Robinson Photography

Quelle horreur! Lindsay Lohan's disastrous Paris debut

ungaro-lindsay-lohan_lYesterday in Paris, the fashion world got to see what the famed, if fading, couture house Ungaro looks like when Lindsay Lohan comes aboard as “creative consultant.” The reviews are now in … and oh là là, mes amis, they are not jolies.

Style.com called the collection, which was designed by Spain’s Estrella Archs, “a bad joke of a fashion show,” while the New York Times busted out the claws and compared Lohan’s new gig to “something akin to a McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant.” (Oh hell yeah!) According to reports, by the time Lohan and Estrella did the meant-to-be triumphant smile-wave-and-bow at the end of the show, editors from key fashion publications had already fled. Applause was scarce. READ FULL STORY

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on 'Leno': Count the awkward pauses!

Last night’s second episode of The Jay Leno Show introduced a new segment, TEN@TEN, during which Jay “makes house calls” via satellite video to stars. New cohabitants Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz answered 10 completely unrelated questions from the set of their 2010 film Wichita, which is obviously being filmed in Worcester, Mass. The whole interview — embedded after the jump, due to auto-play — is pretty surreal (and at times Suri-eal, whoa!) and stilted except for the 20 or seconds during which the pair bicker in the style of an online-dating success story commercial about who laughs more. He laughs all the time! It’s nonstop with her! Constantly laughing! First thing in the morning, it’s like “Cameron, please!” Get ready to sign up for eHarmony, y’all.

Also, wait a minute: Does the public really want to know about Tom Cruise’s strip club agenda and whether he’s better at flying or sex?

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Celebrities vs. Gossip Columnists: Reality TV heaven?





What? Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just trying a new celebrity crush-baiting technique I learned from Annette Sharp, the gossip columnist for Australia’s Daily Telegraph: After publishing a column snarking on Russell Crowe for a bicycle workout including cigarettes and a taco break (wait, is that wrong?), she suddenly found herself contacted by the star’s publicist and challenged to pistols at dawn in the form of a 20km bike ride. Her newsroom wisely videotaped much of the proceedings — in which Crowe glides smoothly through the streets of Sydney, and Sharp huffs sweatily in his wake — although they somehow missed getting footage of their coworker taking a header off said bike and into the mud. Undocumented as it may be, methinks that moment will likely live on in Russell’s memory for a long, long time.

Anyway, in addition my desire to go one-on-one with Clooney (if you know what I mean), this little story makes me think how great it would be if every time a celebrity felt wronged by the media, said celebrity decided to take out the grievance in a sporting arena. Horrifically untalented film director Uwe Boll already does this, challenging critics (and fellow directors) to boxing matches. But what if more celebs took up the charge? This could be like Battle of the Network Stars meets American Gladiators, with a side order of TMZ TV. Lindsay Lohan challenges paparazzi to a bar crawl! Kanye West goes best two out of three with anyone who didn’t think his last record was an A++! (SQUID BRAINS!!) Ryan Seacrest could host, because he is Switzerland. I smell a hit, PopWatchers!!

What celebs would you like to bait into a physical challenge? What columnists are asking for a smackdown? And would you watch this stuff if it was televised?

Jerry Seinfeld cracks joke that's so...Seinfeld

I wouldn’t have pegged Jerry Seinfeld as a car guy. But as this clip of Jay Leno pre-interviewing the scheduled first guest on his fall NBC show reveals, I was wrong. Leno refers to him as “one of the foremost Porsche collectors in the world.” His garage includes Steve McQueen’s 917 from the movie Le Mans, and a 908 that won the Targa Florio in 1970. If the car talk scares you, just fast-forward to 1:00, when they start chatting about the insanity of people lining the streets for that open road race.

Leno: They finally did away with those kind of races because, I don’t know, too many people were killed and injured.

Seinfeld: I know, but…what’s the downside?

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Why are you writing books?

A big love hewitt

First she was an actress. Then she was a singer (remember "BareNaked"?). Now, Jennifer Love Hewitt is carving a path for herself as an author, with two whole books in the works. (For those of you who are keeping count, that's one less than Lauren Conrad. Really.) So what great literary works can we expect to see in bookstores under Hewitt, Jennifer Love? In 2010, she'll release a dating and relationship guide — called The Day I Shot Cupid — and this November, a ten-issue comic book series about a possessed music box called, creatively enough, Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box.

Okay, I'm going to try not to judge her books before there is even a cover to judge … although it is extremely hard not to (Self-control win!). Instead, I'm going to wonder why Hewitt is choosing this new creative path. Is it because her TV and film career has, let's face it, fizzled? Yes, Ghost Whisperer attracts a good chunk of viewers, but remember when $126 million worth of viewers saw Hewitt's I Know What You Did Last Summer? (And when she graced every magazine in the aisle?) Would a few bylines really help her career status? Certainly, it worked for Tori Spelling, who enjoyed a career resurgence after she released her own best-seller, sTori Telling. But unless Cupid reveals juicy details about Hewitt's own relationships with the likes of, say, Carson Daly and John Mayer – who's probably Twittered about it already — I doubt Hewitt can expect to be reeling in the literary accolades.

Do you think a writing career will help Hewitt? Would you read her books? And can you think of any other C-lister who has enjoyed a career bump, thanks to a book?

Kirstie Alley's Twitter stream is blowing my mind

Kirstie-Alley-Tweet_lIt really is. And I don't just mean because she's sent out 68 tweets in the last four hours, although she has. There was the Great Root Beer Float Tweet of Oh Nine that made the rounds, but people paid surprisingly little attention to the fact that the former Cheers star has four baby lemurs. Is she joking? I have no idea!

Today, after some people criticized her abundant use of caps lock, she fired back with the pictured tweet, though her version is un-bleeped (this is a family blog). She followed up with "LET'S GET A FUN ONE UP FAST..I BROKE MY GOLDEN RULE..DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH BUTT BABIES…LOL," which, again, mind-blowing. I'm pretty sure the Golden Rule refers specifically to the "do unto others" idea, but kudos on coining the term "butt baby," I guess?

I also learned that Kirstie is a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance, because she connects to the contestants: "I feel their pain and beauty..wish I had been a dancer..i am in my dreams…". Although this season is tougher on them: "It's weird..people are lucky in the first seasons..by this season the dancers have to be Bruschnekov.(good try at spelling) lol." Oh, LOL indeed.

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