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John Krasinski, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Zooey Deschanel: Cute-off!

John Krasinski is more or less the gold standard of cuteness here at PWHQ, particularly when he’s talking about how in lerrrrrve he is and how he proposed to his now-fiancee Emily Blunt, and how emotional he got filming the wedding episodes of The Office. Truly, this is very cute:

Except… Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel re-teamed to present at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, and their wonder twin powers of adorableness seriously activated: READ FULL STORY

Is Jon Gosselin worth $10K? (Hate to say it, but maybe he is...)

Jon-Gosselin_lEveryone knows Jon Gosselin kind of a tool, but I’m having trouble scoffing at him for refusing an appearance on a Florida radio station’s morning show. They apparently offered him two Applebee’s gift cards, which is a lot less than his appearance fee of a whopping $10,000-$12,000. Ten grand! Pssst, you guys, goofballs in Ed Hardy shirts will show up places for a lot less money than that.

I guess I’m supposed to pooh-pooh Jon’s asking price, because he’s basically talentless and is a scourge on society, but eh. (I’m actually more surprised that the person booking guests for the show does so through a Yahoo email address.) It doesn’t make me happy necessarily or proud of American culture at the moment, but isn’t Jon Gosselin $10,000 worth of famous? He’s, you know, really, really famous. It’s probably not lasting fame — just ask any former Real Worlder, if you can remember any of their names — nor is it something the collective public ought to be proud of, this desire to elevate someone’s profile so we can more gleefully contribute to their demise. But it’s there.

Save your money, radio show, and instead of booking Jon twice, buy yourself a cupcake car. It’ll probably last longer, and it’s much more fun than a halfway divorced manchild father of eight who wears garish CZ earrings. You’re with me, right, PopWatchers? Cupcake cars for all?

Image: Splash News

'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney engaged. Yay?

bachelor-jason-molly_lRemember Jason Mesnick, that wishy-washy Bachelor who broke two women’s hearts on national television…and in the process revived an entire franchise? Yeah, him! Mesnick proposed last night to Molly Malaney, the very woman he dumped and then begged to take him back. Apparently, she said yes. And it all went down in New Zealand, the very scene of the original crime shomance.

So here’s to the happy couple, and to the “fairytale ending”  “every” “woman” “dreams of.” Or something. Pay no attention to your bullshizz meter lighting up at the fact that the engagement comes during a promotional jaunt sponsored by Tourism NZ.  Right, PopWatchers? …Right?

Photo credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom Wedding inspires a nuptial poem

Khloe-Kardashian-Lamar-Odom_lWrap yourself tight in your Martha Stewart bedding
‘Cause this here’s a poem ’bout Kardashian’s wedding
The mention of that name fills me with such nameless dreading
But I’m adding to their press now: Call it aiding and abetting

The bride it was not Kim, for the uninitiated
But a sister named Khloe who keeps the paparazzi sated
They’ve both gotten so famous they’ve been downright Jon + Kate-d
To Brody and Bruce Jenner, these girls they are related

Another sister Kourtney walked the aisle with baby bump READ FULL STORY

'More to Love' finale recap: 'Do you love me? You do? Okay, then you're dumped.'

more-to-love-finale_lI know I really shouldn’t be surprised that last night’s season finale of Fox’s More to Love left me with feelings of shame and outrage (and a side serving of “Hey, dude got it right!”). After all, the opening montage of bachelor Luke’s hometown visit kicked off with images of heifers lazily grazing in a field. Really, Fox? REALLY, you thought we wouldn’t notice you trying to sneak random bovine imagery into your plus-sized dating show? (Insert purse-lipped head-shake here.) READ FULL STORY

Mel Gibson is 'Daddy' to girlfriend's music video

Classically trained pianist Oksana Grigorieva somehow got Hollywood bigwig Mel Gibson to direct her first music video, Evening With Daddy. It might have a littlesomething to do with her carrying Gibson’s eighth child. So this video was disturbing right from the title (As Slezak pleaded, “Please tell me it’s not a romantic ballad sung to Mel. Please.”) Actually, it seems to be about music freeing her soul; if the lyrics “let the music take me home” are too obtuse, then Hollywood director Mel rams home the message with some not-so-subtle shots of Oksana being trapped in a bird cage and then pushing a piano over a mountain. The video was shot earlier this year in Mexico City, either before Grigorieva had a baby bump (she’s currently said to be about six- or seven-months pregnant) or with a lot of CGI to get a stomach thatflat. There are a few lyrics that could be interpreted as a timely response to becoming tabloid fodder as Mel’s new squeeze after the end of his 28-year marriage: “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do now/Can’t nobody judge me ’cause it could be you now,” Grigorieva sings.

What do you think: Can Mel’s baby mama sing? Are you digging Gibson’s music video direction? Or are you too distracted by those lingering shots of her ankle tattoo to notice much else?

Did you discuss Maks and Karina's broken engagement today?

Maks-and-Karina_lDancing With the Stars‘ Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff have called off their engagement. It was Breaking News to People.com, and newsworthy enough for an Update by E! Online’s Marc Malkin, who reports that the duo will fulfill their obligation and dance together at this month’s Emmys (but have now requested separate dressing rooms). With EW’s Dancing With the Stars expert Annie Barrett out of the office, I thought I’d be able to get through the day without having an actual conversation about the break up. Jessica Shaw and I, however, just had an impromptu meeting in the ladies’ room about it (her initial response: “Duh”).

Have you found yourself chatting about Maks and Karina’s split? Tell the truth in the poll below.

P.S. Despite Annie’s “How Do I Live Without You, Maks?” video, made when her occasional collaborator announced his engagement last January, she had wished only the best for the couple.

Photo Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Milla Jovovich marries 'Resident Evil' director Paul W.S. Anderson: Congrats!

Milla-Jovovich-married_lCongratulations are in order to actress Milla Jovovich and sci-fi auteur Paul W.S. Anderson, who, People.com informs me, got hitched last night in a small sunset ceremony at their Beverly Hills home. The couple met when Anderson was directing Jovovich in 2002′s Resident Evil, which researchers believe may be the first time that a successful real-life romance has resulted from a movie based on a video game about zombies.

In addition to those warm congratulations, I should also offer a brief apology-slash-cautionary tale: When I first read this headline, I thought for a second that it said Jovovich had married There Will Be Blood‘s Paul Thomas Anderson, and I was all, “How could he do Maya Rudolph like that?!” Needless to say, Paul W.S. Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson are in fact two completely distinct people who happen to share an occupation and a near-identical name. They probably get that a lot. Sorry, dudes!

So, don’t make the same mistake I did. Know your Paul Andersons. And share your well-wishes for Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson in the comments below.

Kathy Griffin interviews Levi Johnston on 'Larry King', spit-cleans Seacrest's star on Walk of Fame

More uncomfortable than having to acknowledge that Levi Johnston is, technically, an attractive man, is watching his appearance on Larry King Live last night, which was guest-hosted by his Teen Choice Awards date, Kathy Griffin.


Kathy Griffin takes Bristol Palin's ex, Levi Johnston, to the Teen Choice Awards. Wait, what?!

johnston-griffin-teen-choice_lWhen a friend said last night on Twitter that Kathy Griffin had taken Levi Johnston — teenage father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp — as her date to this year’s Teen Choice Awards, I thought I had to be reading some sort of joke. But apparently this is a thing that actually happened.

So weird. Since when is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s former future son-in-law a red carpet celebrity? I can’t tell if Johnston meant this appearance as a self-aware gag about extending his 15 minutes of fame — in which case, pretty funny! — or if he’s genuinely trying to position himself as someone Hollywood should care about. The fact that he was in town for a Vanity Fair photo shoot suggests the latter option, which is sort of tragic, but I’m guessing the answer is a little bit of both.  READ FULL STORY

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