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Did 'American Idol' want us to think Lauren Gray is the next Carrie Underwood?

Okay, maybe not, but at least that’s the lasting impression American Idol wanted us to have after Thursday’s St. Louis auditions. The episode was framed as a Carrie Underwood tribute (the Oklahoma native had auditioned there), so naturally the final contestant of the night was a friendly down-home gal with a killer voice.

“Eight years ago Carrie Underwood launched her career in St. Louis,” boomed Seacrest. “Maybe this is the start for Lauren Gray.”

Jennifer Lopez said the 22-year-old Arkansas singer had “one of the best female voices we’ve heard.” Was it? I thought Lauren’s rendition of Adele’s “One and Only” was a bit too shouty, but after watching a few videos of her performing with her family’s band, I can appreciate that she was just making the song her own and that Lauren’s power rasp works very well for her. Take a look at Lauren’s audition and a couple other performances. READ FULL STORY

Tony Bennett still has it. Who else?

The casual music fan who watched this season’s American Idol finale and saw Tony Bennett, who turns 85 next month, dueting with Haley Reinhart knows Bennett is still going strong, but you can’t really appreciate how amazing he sounds until you see him live. I caught a show recently, and he’s the first singer to ever make me tear up twice in the same song (“Maybe This Time”). After 60 years in the business, his voice is still powerful and he’s made holding a mic into an art form — he knows precisely how the distance from his mouth will affect not only the volume but the mood. I love it when he drops the mic by his side and the sound is faint, intimate, and pure.  READ FULL STORY

Cory Monteith versus Carrie Underwood as hockey playoffs shift to Nashville

How would Finn Hudson look in a grizzly beard? Because it’s Stanley Cup playoff season in the National Hockey League, the time when superstitious players refuse to shave as long as their team’s alive, and Glee‘s Cory Monteith is a passionate Vancouver Canucks fan. His team advanced to the second round on Tuesday night with a thrilling 2-1 overtime victory in a Game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks. Wearing a green Canucks t-shirt, the Canadian native stopped by NHL.com to relive his team’s glorious cliffhanger, which he witnessed on TV in a midtown New York pub. “I literally stood up … and started screaming,” crowed Monteith. “And everybody was like, ‘What is this guy doing?'” READ FULL STORY

Carrie Underwood to make film debut as church youth leader in 'Soul Surfer'

Carrie-Underwood-surfCarrie Underwood will make her silver screen debut in April as a church youth leader in Soul Surfer. (See this official shot of the singer to the right for a sneak peek at the movie.) The film stars AnnaSophia Robb as real-life surf star Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack in 2003, but returned to competitive surfing months later.

Underwood made her TV debut last season on How I Met Your Mother (as a sales rep and object of Ted’s affection), and she was totally passable. Inspirational youth leader is, like, one notch different than effervescent country star, so I actually have pretty high hopes for her here.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is Soul Surfer a wise move for the former Idol contestant?

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Carrie Underwood on ‘How I Met Your Mother': Verdict?

Kelly Clarkson vs. Carrie Underwood: Who would YOU say is the most successful 'American Idol' alum?

clarkson-underwoodImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosIf I attempted the Herculean task of debating the reasons one former Idol is more successful than another within the space of this post, you’d be up for reading of Doc Jensen proportions. So when Billboard ranked the former Idol contestants based on the musical achievements, they only factored in cold, hard numbers (album and single sales, plus radio play). The winner? The original: Kelly Clarkson.

Everyone has their favorite Idol grads (I love me some Cookie), but no matter who your personal No. 1 is, it’s undeniable that the two most musically prominent spawns of Idol are Kelly and Carrie. But success is so much more than numbers. That in mind, which of these two vocal powerhouses do you think comes out on top, PopWatchers? Vote below!

On a related note: Glambert came in at No. 12.(!?!?)

Carrie Underwood makes a surprise visit to 'Ellen' and talks wedding planning

Fresh off her Entertainer of the Year win at Sunday’s ACM Awards, Carrie Underwood made a surprise visit yesterday to The Ellen DeGeneres show, where the American Idol alum gave away tickets to the show’s charity special, Idol Gives Back, and talked about her upcoming nuptials to Canadian hockey player, Mike Fisher.

What we learn from her visit is: Carrie isn’t a bridezilla, she wants a small wedding, and she thinks Ellen is doing a great job on Idol. And if you want to experience some jewelry envy, check out her massive yellow diamond engagement ring. Carrie simply says, “He did goood.” Good, indeed! Watch Carrie’s couch time with Ellen in the clip after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Celebrity weddings: TMI or not enough?

weddingImage Credit: Andrea Bricco/Workbook Stock/Getty ImagesE! Online is reporting that The Office’s John Krasinski and Young Victoria‘s Emily Blunt will walk down the aisle “in about a month.” The source doesn’t know a lot of the major details — like the location — but it seems that when it comes to celebrity wedding news, every single detail is worthy of a headline.

Clearly, however, people are interested in the nitty-gritties. How else can you explain how much I know about Carrie Underwood’s upcoming nuptials? Ready for this? Okay: Underwood, who became engaged to hockey player Mike Fisher last December, will have cupcakes instead of wedding cake at the reception and her dog will serve as the ring bearer, but her dress is still in the beginning stages of design. Phew! Last year, I didn’t even know this much about one of my oldest friend’s weddings, and I was a bridesmaid.

I get sucked into Platinum Weddings and My Fair Wedding marathons more often than I care to admit. I can see why people are interested in the details, especially if they’re a fan or a bride-to-be. But we’re not talking about weddings of Diana and Charles proportions; a new heir to the throne won’t be coming out of any of these unions, no matter how much we love Jim Halpert. Is there really a reason why we can’t wait until after the wedding to find out that Carrie’s on Team Cupcake?

What do you think PopWatchers? Do you care about every single detail of a celeb wedding leading up to the big day, or is it information overload? Is there any celebrity wedding you were truly excited for?

Kat McPhee gets her NBC pilot -- What other Idols would you like to see act?

Katharine-McPheeImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosAs you might have heard, American Idol‘s season five runner-up Katharine McPhee landed a lead role in an NBC comedy pilot called The Pink House. The premise of the show? McPhee plays a Midwestern girl who must cope with being one of the only women in her neighborhood without a “California beach-bunny” figure.

Though I worry the mere presence of the word “bunny” in this description might remind viewers of McPhee’s awkward turn in 2008’s The House Bunny, I say good for McPhee! I was never the biggest fan of the singer, but I’ve got to admire the serious chutzpah she’s been rocking in Hollywood since losing the American Idol title to Taylor Hicks.

And her success as an actress makes me wonder why more Idol alums haven’t tried their hands at the big or small screen. Yes, judging by Carrie Underwood’s appearance on How I Met Your Mother last night, I understand that most Idol alums likely don’t have the ability to act. (Anyone else agree that that teacup pig stole the show from Underwood last night?) But seeing as some already have already flexed their thespian muscles — Jennifer Hudson, natch, Tamyra Gray, Jim Verraros, Constantine Maroulis, Kevin Covais, and a pre-Idol Jackie Tohn, to name just a few — I’m curious to see what some of our other Idols can bring to Hollywood. (Other than a golden ticket, of course.)

So, tell me, PopWatchers: What Idol alum would you like to see grace the big or small screen? And what would you like to see them play? (I’ve always felt the cutesy Ramiele Malubay would be perfect as a star on the Disney Channel.) Your turn!

'How I Met Your Mother': Carrie Underwood and a teacup pig

This is a lot of adorableness to cram into one clip, but there you go: Carrie Underwood’s upcoming guest spot on How I Met Your Mother includes her cuddling a mini pig.

Oh, the cuteness. I prefer my pigs to wear rubber boots or dress as fairy princesses, but I guess appearing on one of my favorite shows will have to do.

Beyond the adorable, this clip also gave me hope that Underwood’s acting is actually fine. Yay! That’ll do, PopWatchers. That’ll do.

Super Bowl Live Blog: Everything but the game

The Super Bowl is the single most-watched event of the pop culture year. Every year, hundreds of millions (maybe billions?) of people sit down to watch the parade of celebrities, musicians, cheerleaders, and high-concept commercials that cost more than the financial crisis. This year, EW.com will be right there alongside you, live-blogging hours and hours of important entertainment events. The live blog kicks off at 6 PM ET tomorrow.

Summer blockbusters will be previewed. Beloved franchises will be rebooted. The Who, Carrie Underwood, and Queen Latifah will perform. There will be controversy, but there will also be advertising moments our entire civilization will remember for generations. And, as a special bonus, we hear that Oreo pitchmen Eli and Peyton Manning will be in attendance. Won’t that be exciting!?

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