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You can own Steve Martin's St. Barth villa for a cool $9 million


Got $9 million laying around? Love ridiculously expensive tropical locales? Great; Steve Martin has an offer you can’t refuse.


Michael Jackson tops 'Forbes' list of highest-earning dead celebs

Over the past year, Michael Jackson’s ghost earned more money than any other celebrity… living or dead.

Oww! Jamon! Hee-hee!

According to Forbes, Madonna earned $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013 — enough to place her at the top of its most recent list of highest-paid stars. The estate of her old pal MJ, though, raked in $35 million more, for a total of $160 million, making him easily the highest-paid star of 2013. As Forbes puts it: “It’s the third time in the past five years that the top-earning celebrity in the world has come from the graveyard.” How appropriate, just before Halloween!

Michael’s money comes from a variety of sources, including two Cirque du Soleil shows — one that tours, one housed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Vegas — and his half of the Sony/ATV song catalog, which includes his own hits as well as tunes like “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

Another artist represented in that catalog: Elvis Presley, who ranks second on Forbes‘ list of dead earners with $55 million. The top five is rounded out by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz ($37 million), Jackson pal Elizabeth Taylor ($25 million), and Bob Marley ($18 million).

See the full top 25 in a Forbes slideshow.

'Grand Theft Auto V' sales are huge: Over $800 million in one day


Turns out there’s an enormous market for violent wish-fulfillment fantasies stuffed with fast cars, flamethrowers, and tennis. Who knew?

Take-Two Interactive Software announced yesterday that the Grand Theft Auto series’ long-awaited fifth chapter has taken off like a heistmaster in a speedboat. The company estimates that GTA V generated over $800 million in sales worldwide in just one day. (The game retails for $59.99 in the U.S.)


'Below Deck': The Kat (and Sam and C.J.) in the Bag

Next Monday is the season finale, so I thought it’d be a good time to check in on the festering barnacles of Bravo’s Below Deck. This week, Captain Lee goes golfing with the enemy (a group of miserable vegans who yell at their spoiled daughter for wanting to eat a damn egg), Aleks catches C.J. and Sam drinking beer in the sea (because there were camera crews egging them on, and why not), and Chef Ben engaged in some Real Talk with hot mess Kat, informing her, “When you drink, you turn into a trailer park, demonic, white trash refugee.”

Harsh but true. Chef Ben Robinson (pictured, far left) was on a roll tonight (and for the whole season, really — I have shamelessly kept up). He’s easily my favorite “character” and I find it fascinating that — barring tonight’s four-foot-tall pot fire — his professional performance is never the instigator of drama on the show. He’s clearly so good at his job, when most of these cretins aren’t. That’s very refreshing! READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga regains title as 'Forbes' top-earning celeb under 30

Regardless of how beautiful or dirty Lady Gaga is, she is definitely rich. Forbes released the list of “The Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30″ with the pop singer reigning supreme at No. 1. Despite canceling the rest of her Born This Way Ball to undergo hip surgery, the 27-year-old performer earned an estimated $80 million from June 2012 to June 2013.

The list — which does not account for taxes, agent fees, or other related costs — includes mostly female celebrities. Nevertheless, 19-year-old pop star and rabble-rouser Justin Bieber takes second place with an estimated $58 million. Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, and Rihanna round out the top five, earning an estimated $55 million, $46 million, and $43 million, respectively. Jennifer Lawrence is the top-earning actor/actress under 30, raking in an estimated $26 million.

Last year, Swift was crowned as the top-earner on the list with a massive world tour, continued sales on her album Speak Now, two Grammy wins, and a CoverGirl endorsement deal. This year, Gaga took over with her cut-short (but still high-earning) tour, which grossed $168 million through January 2013. She also topped the list in 2011, having brought in an estimated $90 million. With her new album, ARTPOP, to be released this November, will the Queen Monster keep her throne atop next year’s Forbes list?

Would you pay $50 for a 'World War Z' 'mega ticket'? POLL

And so begins that price gouging Steven Spielberg warned us about.

Paramount and Regal Entertainment have partnered for what they’re calling the “ultimate fan event” — a World War Z package offered at just five theaters nationwide, including screens in Orange County, Houston, San Diego, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Its price tag? A hefty $50.

To be fair, those who purchase these “mega tickets” will get more than just a pass to see Brad Pitt fight zombies. The bundle includes a ticket to see World War Z in RealD 3-D two days before its official release, a pair of custom RealD 3D glasses, a small popcorn, a limited-edition movie poster, and an HD digital copy of the film once it’s released for home viewing.

Knowing this, let’s break down the mega ticket’s cost.  READ FULL STORY

And this is how you win a million dollars on 'Wheel of Fortune' -- VIDEO

It’s not easy to snag Wheel of Fortune‘s top prize. In order to even be eligible for a $1 million payday, contestants must be lucky enough to spin the big wheel and land on the million dollar prize slot — a 1-in-72 chance. They must then solve the main puzzle and win entry to the show’s bonus round — in which they spin yet another wheel, which gives them another 1-in-24 chance of landing on the big money — without ever hitting the dreaded “bankrupt” wedge.

But luck and skill collided last night for Autumn Erhard, an animal pharmaceuticals sales rep who had already racked up $30,00 in cash and prizes (trips to exotic Belize and… Arizona!) before she made it to the bonus round. Though she knew only four letters of the final two-word, 12-letter puzzle, Erhard guessed its solution instantly… only to discover that she’d just become the second person in Wheel history to win $1 million. (The first was Michelle Lowenstein in 2008, the same year the million dollar prize was first introduced.)


Sean 'Diddy' Combs tops Forbes' list of wealthiest hip-hop artists

“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Sean “Diddy” Combs proclaimed in 1997 on his debut album, back when he was known as Puff Daddy. He rapped about wanting to be a “shot-caller,” and, well, now he definitely has enough Benjamins to call the shots.

Today Forbes reported who the world’s five wealthiest hip-hop artists are, and Combs topped the list with an estimated net worth of $580 million. The rapper-actor-producer-entrepreneur also was number one on the list last year, when his net worth was a reported $550 million.

Forbes reports that a good chuck of his wealth comes from non-musical ventures, like his deal with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka brand, which supplies the rapper with eight-figure annual payouts.

Read on to see who else rounds out the list: READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' movie: Meet the guy who just pledged $10k for a speaking role

There are fans, and then there are stans — the rabid zealots who spend 12 months creating detailed replicas of a fantasy world out of Legos, or those who make it their mission to cook every single food mentioned in their favorite series, or who camp outside for hours in a blizzard in hopes of maybe getting a ticket to see the object of their devotion perform.

Steven Dengler, the man who pledged $10,000 to Rob Thomas’s Veronica Mars movie on Kickstater today, is… not one of those people, at least where Veronica is concerned. “I’m not a superfan in the sense of knowing every line from every episode or anything like that,” he told EW during a phone interview this afternoon. “In fact,” he continued, “if you put me in with your average group of superfans, I’d probably get bounced pretty quickly… I would call myself a small-f ‘fan’ of the series.” READ FULL STORY

Facebook introduces reusable gift cards: Do you like?


Remember that goofy “gift shop” Facebook introduced in 2007, which allowed users to pay real money for tiny virtual icons of pizza slices and toilet paper? The social networking giant shut down that initiative in 2010, only to add a new service called Gifts late last year. This revamped store enables users to buy physical presents for their friends via Facebook — and starting today, the site’s members can also purchase renewable gift cards for use at retailers including Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target.

Once a user buys a card, the gift’s recipient will be notified immediately; shortly thereafter, a physical gift card (bearing Facebook’s logo) will arrive in the mail. The coolest part of this initiative is that each card can hold multiple gift balances for different stores or restauraunts; users can see their gift balances on Facebook itself, under their account settings. Those balances are updated in real time as amounts are added or spent.


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