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'Big Brother': And the evicted houseguest is...

Last night’s episode of Big Brother featured a grandly pointless veto competition, since the team that was actually up on the block — Keith and Porsche — were both secretly working against each other. Their plan succeeded miserably, which means that one of them will go home tonight. Easy money says Porsche is going home, since the balance of voting power has tilted towards the Newbie Coalition in the wake of Dick’s disappearance. But Keith has so far shown an amazing ability to alienate his teammates. Can the Veteran Squad convince unallied contestants like Kalia or Shelly to vote their way? Will Keith get himself De-Regulated? Will Rachel laugh at something that isn’t funny? And what’s Olivia Wilde doing on Big Brother when she should be out promoting all her exciting new movies? We’ll find out tonight. My bet: Porsche will be sent to the garage… of shame. UPDATE: And the eliminated Big Brother contestant is (SPOILER ALERT!!!): READ FULL STORY

Jeff from 'Big Brother' rants about Dumbledore's homosexuality: 'He's in a school with little kids! You don't want to make that guy gay.'

I don’t typically watch the 24-hour Big Brother feeds, partially because I believe the editors who create the thrice-weekly Big Brother episodes are idiot-savant geniuses and I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of their work, partially because if I wanted to watch a microscopic examination of the chaotically banal meaningfulness of human existence, I could just go see The Tree of Life again. But this news is too good to wait: Yesterday, returning fan favorite Jeff suddenly discovered, to his horror, that Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise was gay, which led the lovable lunkhead into a delirious rant that served as a handy reminder that the problem with lovable lunkheads is that they are, ultimately, lunkheads. READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother': Talk about the season 13 contestants -- and the new duos -- here!

Prepare to warm up your inner Zingbots: Season 13 of Big Brother is launching tonight, complete with (what else?) a new twist. This season, the CBS show has introduced us to with eight new cast members, with the promise that most of the other half of the house will be made up of famous Big Brother duos. But who will they be? (I can’t be the only one hoping that the most shocking aspect of the twist is that Evel Dick and Daniele aren’t included this season.) We won’t find out until tonight, so during the show, be sure to come back here to share your thoughts about who will be the 14 objects of our obsessions this summer. And, later, join me back at EW.com for group therapy my full Big Brother season premiere recap! UPDATE: For the list of the three duos entering in the house, click the jump! READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother': The Zingbot 3000 slams Evel Dick and Brenchel. Ziiiiiiiing!

Say what you will about Memorial Day and Fourth of July, but summer doesn’t truly start for us until Julie Chen is welcoming a new collection of idiots contestants to the Big Brother house. And those idiots contestants will be welcomed tonight! Of course, there’s always a twist, and season 13′s shake-up is that some “dynamic duos” from past seasons will also be returning to play again. To break it all down, we scored an exclusive interview with a true inside source: the Zingbot 3000! While my previous interview with the Zingbot didn’t go so well, I was promised by his “handlers” that the sassy little scamp would be on his best behavior this time, so in the interest of letting bygones be bygones, I decided to give him another chance. What’s Zingy’s take on the newbies? What does he think about some of the possible returning players? And why is the wisecracking robot locked in a feud with a big name movie director? The Zingbot shares all (some would say a little too much) in our exclusive via satellite sit down interview. Click on the video below to see for yourself. And for more non-reality star robot related news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

What 'dynamic duos' should return to 'Big Brother' this season?

By now, you’ve heard the big twist with the new season of Big Brother: Eight new houseguests will be joined by “some of the most dynamic duos from the show’s history.” Everyone is already talking about their favorite possibilities (Jeff and Jordan, Team Chilltown) and their least favorite (“Evel” Dick and Daniele, the Brendon/Rachel crazy train of love and lies). Over at Big Brother‘s website, you can even vote on some famous duos…although those votes don’t seem to really matter, since CBS has presumably already social-engineered the Big Brother 13 cast to include maximum drama/idiocy. But I’d like to propose my own favorite duo. They’re not in a relationship, and they don’t have an exciting name, but in their own way they were both dynamic competitors. I’m talking about Matt and Ragan from season 12. READ FULL STORY

Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Funnyladies Busy Philipps and Yvette Nicole Brown face off. Plus: 'American Idol' finalist battle!

EW’s Under-appreciated Entertainer … of … the … Year … is… Psych! No, not the TV show. Psych as in, do you really think I’d reveal the winner Ryan Seacrest-style now? After all, we’re only in round two of our Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year bracket game, which seeks to reward the unsung heroes of television, film, music, and reality TV. And, speaking of Seacrest, today’s round pits American Idol season 8 finalist Allison Iraheta against Idol season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin. The latter might seem to have the advantage, finishing in third place on the televised singing competition while Iraheta finished fourth, but I have a feeling EW’s Michael Slezak and other Idoloonies will cry, baby, if Iraheta doesn’t bag the win. The movies category boasts another tough battle: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s Kieran Culkin vs. the world Iron Man 2‘s Sam Rockwell. When a graphic novel character takes on a comic book character, who reigns supreme?

Kerry Hayes; Industrial Light & Magic/Marvel; LeAnn Mueller

Over in TV, it’s all about the sassy scene-stealers: Cougar Town‘s Busy Philipps and Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown will battle it out for the title — certainly Philipps’ ability to play Penny Can on a bottle of wine (or three) gives her an edge? (Not if Brown’s Twitter followers have anything to say about it.) And, finally, in the reality TV category, it’s the Chenbot vs. the bangs: Big Brother‘s Julie Chen fights The Rachel Zoe Project‘s Rodger Berman to see who will advance to round three. But first… you most vote! Click the jump to choose your favorite Under-Appreciated Entertainer of the Year, and click here to see all 64 contenders competing for the title!

Bruce Birmelin/ABC; Chris Haston/NBC; John P. Filo/CBS ; Andrew Durham/Bravo


TV Insiders podcast: EW experts explain why 'The Walking Dead' will scare the beejezus out of you, and pick the best Halloween TV episodes ever

Image Credit: AMC; ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

BEWARE! Zombies are everywhere this Halloween! At least on TV they are. On Sunday, IFC will air the entire run of Dead Set — which, in the most genius plot device of all-time, centers on a zombie outbreak outside the Big Brother house. (Finally!) That same night, AMC will debut the first episode of The Walking Dead, the Frank Darabont-directed adaptation of the popular comic book. Zombie aficionado (zombionado?) Clark Collis joins the TV Insiders (Michael Slezak, Annie Barrett, Michael Ausiello, and yours truly) to rip, tear, and sink our teeth into both shows. Exactly how scary — and gory — are they? We’ll tell you on our latest podcast. Not only that, but Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and star Andrew Lincoln pop by to give us their unique, blood-splattered perspective. (Kirkman also gives his pick for the best zombie movie ever — and the choice may surprise you.) But that’s not all we have up our spooky sleeves. We’re also offering our picks for the best Halloween TV episodes ever, discussing the future (or lack of it) for The Event, breaking down Survivor etiquette when it comes to peeing in a pool, and sharing Annie’s picks for the best and worst Dancing with the Stars hoofers ever. You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. And if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. Listen now…if you dare!

Click here to read Clark Collis’ extensive history of the ultimate zombie film: Night Of the Living Dead

'Big Brother': Britney, one last eye roll for the camera, please!

Ask Britney to comment on her impromptu eye rolls and facial expressions, and she’ll feign like her face has a mind of its own. Thank God it does – her adorable mug produced some of the best moments of Big Brother 12 this summer. After the jump, the 22-year-old hotel sales manager from Arkansas (and winner of the $25,000 audience prize!) talks about her bawl-fest after learning about the Brigade, and how she really feels about Rachel and Brendon. READ FULL STORY

Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' week 11

Julie-ChenImage Credit: CBSI can’t believe this is my final blog for season 12.  What an amazing summer it has been.  After 75 days, 28 competitions and 11 evictions, the summer of the “Brigade” officially came to an end last night as Hayden emerged victorious after narrowly besting his fellow grenade launcher, Lane, by a vote of 4-3.

I think it’s worth acknowledging the rare feat that we were treated to this summer — one that is almost unheard of in the world of reality television.  When have you ever seen an alliance formed in the early stages of a game stay intact to the very end?   The members of the “Brigade” alliance got together early, stayed loyal throughout the entire season (with the exception of evicting Matt), wisely made side alliances in the off chance they needed them, and survived week-to-week despite lackluster physical performances by several members.  That’s pretty impressive any way you slice it.  Kudos to the “Brigade” for a well played and entertaining season.

Here’s what I think Matt’s inner monologue sounded like last night during the live finale: READ FULL STORY

'Big Brother' producers wrap up winning season

The Big Brother 12 producers seemed a little flustered after Wednesday’s big finale – mostly because Lane and Hayden took their sweet time leaving the house, so they forced honchos Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan to rush through the show’s final minutes! After the jump, the two EPs reflect on the final three and look forward to the 13th season. (Yep, there’s going to be another installment of Big Brother!) READ FULL STORY

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