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Conan O'Brien and Jesse Eisenberg have a Self-Efface-Off. Watch now...or don't, it's cool, they don't mind.

Aww, Jesse Eisenberg. Does your adorable awkwardness know no bounds?

Apparently not, as he competed with Conan O’Brien to decide, once and for all, which one of them is the most meek celebrity in all the land during the first — and last — ever Self-Efface-Off. My money was on Eisenberg going into the event (see: every interview he’s ever done), and things were looking good for the 30 Minutes or Less star right out of the gate. Before the game even started, Coco asked Eisenberg, “Are you ready to do this?” to which he sheepishly replied, “Probably not.” Watch the entire clip below, as Eisenberg and O’Brien field even tougher questions like “What do you think women like about you most?” and the dreaded “How are you?” and find out who the, er–winner?–was.

Who do you think should have won the Self-Efface-Off on Conan, PopWatchers? Now let’s all go give Jesse Eisenberg a great big hug, shall we?

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The sounds of '90's nostalgia: 'Doug' never made me feel 'Beeeyouuuuuu'

Like Charlie Brown, Beaver Cleaver, and even Tom Sawyer before him, the most extraordinary thing about Doug Funnie was the fact that he wasn’t extraordinary at all. During his three years on Nickelodeon (and another three on Disney), Doug never got bitten by a radioactive spider or found an all-powerful amulet. He never stopped a speeding missile or solved a grisly murder — or even managed to grow a full head of hair. He was just a gawky 11-year-old boy growing up in the city of Bluffington (the Bumper Sticker Capital of the World!), playing with his dog Porkchop, eating Honker Burgers with his best pal Skeeter, and pining after the dreamy Patti Mayonnaise. READ FULL STORY

Watching 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' as an adult is a freaky marvel. Did you know that?

In the wake of PBS’ announcement of a Mr. Rogers next-generation spinoff featuring a descendant of Daniel Tiger, I set out to recall exactly who Daniel Tiger was by watching a few clips of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on YouTube. (Because that’s what the internet, and my work days, are for.) The show was not much like I remembered — the rhythm, dialogue, and messages seemed absolutely foreign to me. Do you ever go back and watch a children’s show after 20-25 years and it’s just completely different? And you think, wow, maybe I should be learning anew from this kiddie crap every day?  READ FULL STORY

'Say Anything' sequel: Cameron Crowe could envision one. Can you?

Over the weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour, writer-director Cameron Crowe — who was on hand to talk about his forthcoming Pearl Jam Twenty documentary, which will air on PBS Oct. 21 after a one-day theatrical release on Sept. 20 — was asked if he’d consider a sequel to his 1989 teen romantic comedy classic, Say Anything.

The short answer: Yes.

“It’s the only thing that I’ve written that I would consider doing that with,” Crowe said, according to HitFlix, indicating he could see John Cusack reprising the iconic Lloyd Dobler role. “I’ve thought about it from time to time and talked about it with John Cusack once and just said this is the only story that I kind of think there might be another chapter to that at some point.” READ FULL STORY

Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays talk about shooting 'The Smurfs'

The Smurfs may not be getting the most Smurfing reviews, but we’re finding that that the blue comedy is difficult to ignore completely — we just like Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays too darn much!

So we sat down with the upbeat actors earlier this week to chat about The Smurfs, in which they play a married couple whose lives are thrown out of wack when an assortment of singing blue munchkins arrive in their apartment. Harris and Mays explained the complex process of shooting with the CGI creatures that weren’t really there, and they took a little time giving each other smurf names as well. Check out the video below:


'So You Think You Can Dance': Marko's performance made Lady Gaga cry. Did you weep?

TV makes me cry disproportionately more than real-life, so I was a little confused when the camera panned to tear-stained Lady Gaga after Marko’s performance last night, and I sat there with dry eyes. Don’t get me wrong. His performance was gorgeous and very touching, but tear-worthy? I’m not so sure.

I’m sure the song — Jeff Buckley’s “I Know It’s Over” — played a major part in the weeping effect the piece had on The Gaga. It’s a hauntingly lovely tune that was a perfect fit for the message of the dance. But is my heart going cold? Did the performance move you to tears, too? Or were last night’s tears something for the Overreaction Files? Also, do you think the fly on Lady Gaga’s hat was attracted to her because she perpetually smells like meat or did it just want a hug? Watch the clip. READ FULL STORY

Let the awkwardness begin! Watch Annie and Darren's Comic-Con 2011 Longest Hug Challenge

There are many contests at which I could NOT beat my esteemed colleague Darren Franich. Arcane superhero-sequels trivia, tennis (probably?), knowing anything about comic books whatsoever. But could I possibly whip this overachiever’s skinny ass if the competition was called See Who Can Awkwardly Hug Comic-Con Fans the Longest? Press play below to find out! READ FULL STORY

Giant metal rainbow to bring 'the sense of optimism' closer to Los Angeles, but still just out of reach

The U.S. has finally decided to do something about the St. Louis Arch’s fatal flaw: not being colorful enough. Congratulations, country! Sony Pictures has obtained approval to construct a 94-by-188-foot rainbow near an entrance to its studio lot. Built to fulfill Culver City’s Art in Public Places requirement, the $1.5 million structure will be a nod to the rainbow imagined in The Wizard of Oz — which filmed there – but more generally, it will serve to infuse people with “the sense of optimism and well-being associated with rainbows in general.” Shiny, happy, people, laughing. They’ll be everywhere! Until they glance away and realize that real rainbows aren’t real and that’s not a jauntily jigging leprechaun on the other side of the artificial rainbow. It’s a bum.  READ FULL STORY

Betty White gets invite to Marine Corps Ball. Celebrity attendance to become mandatory in no time.

Forget the Oscars: the Marine Corps Ball has quickly turned into this year’s A-list event. Now that Friends With Benefits co-stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have both said yes to the Marines who invited them to the dance, word has clearly gotten around: If you ask a celebrity out on YouTube, they will go with you. Which is exactly what Sgt. Ray Lewis (like the football player!) did by asking Betty White to attend the Ball with him. His reasons for asking the lovable Hot in Cleveland star were certainly justified (“She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s mature. She’s the all-around perfect woman”), but even with a two-minute vid, he didn’t give it quite the same pizazz that Sgt. Scott Moore (Kunis’ date) and Sgt. Kelsey De Santis (Timberlake’s date) did with their posts. (C’mon, Betty deserves more than a, “So… call me”!) Still, you have to wonder, who will be the first star that’s going to say no? Somebody sort of has to at some point, right? Or, will celebrities soon be making video pleas to the marines asking them out?

UPDATE: Betty White released a statement regarding Sgt. Ray Lewis’ request which read, “I am deeply flattered and truly appreciate the invitation, as everyone knows I love a man in uniform, but unfortunately I cannot accept, as I will be taping an episode of Hot In Cleveland. Love, Betty White.”

Who do you think will be the next star asked to attend the Marines Corps Ball, PopWatchers? My money’s on Jon Hamm. (In other news, I just joined the Marines in order to ask Jon Hamm to the ball!) Watch the full clip of Sgt. Ray Lewis’ date request to Betty White below: READ FULL STORY

Baby Harper Seven Beckham makes her online debut

Victoria and David Beckham have posted pictures of their week-old baby Harper Seven to Facebook (there’s one of Posh, too) and the Internet is flipping out. Here’s Becks transmitting one of his secrets about how to look hot for the camera to his new spawn via an adorable nose-to-nose download. It’s never too early to start succeeding in life. Take it from me, Baby Harper. I’m posting this. On a Sunday!

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