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'Secret Wars' will be the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it

Like the modern movie industry, the comics industry is really big on announcing things. Nary a month goes by without some comics publisher somewhere (usually Marvel or DC) announcing something. ‘Here’s a big title you should totally be excited about!’ they say. But ask them questions—as one is wont to do when a Big Exciting Announcement is made—and then they get really gun shy. “Wait and see,” they say. Because they actually are going to answer your question, eventually. Just in the form of another announcement.

Ever since last October’s New York Comic-Con, Marvel’s Big Announcement was Secret Wars, a particularly loaded phrase in Marvel Comics history since it is also the name of a massive 1984 series that—despite literally being a giant toy ad—was actually pretty effective at getting people into comics. But after that announcement was made, Marvel went silent on the matter, effectively telling fans to talk amongst themselves while they slowly released a bunch of mysterious teasers. Said teasers were eventually kind of explained, even if that explanation didn’t really make sense.

Today, January 20, 2015, is the day Marvel has chosen as the day things are allowed to make sense. Here is the secret behind Secret Wars:

They’re going to destroy the Marvel Universe.


'Age of Ultron' in May? Get hyped about 'Avengers' comics NOW

For the past three weeks, we have all been living in the same year that the next Avengers movie is supposed to come out—which means it is officially time to Get Hyped (and stay hyped for about four and a half more months). But what if you could get hyped about a really good Avengers story right now?

For the past two years, writer Jonathan Hickman—along with a rotating roster of artists including Jerome Opeña, Michael Deodato, and Stefano Casseli—has been constructing a superhero epic that’s perfectly suited for a 2015 audience. Like the most irresistibly bingeworthy shows, Hickman’s Avengers pulls you forward with a grim sense of foreboding, giving you just enough to know that its heroes are slowly speeding toward tragedy—while readers try and piece together the ways in which everything will fall apart.

With its current story arc, called “Time Runs Out,” that fall is creeping closer every month, which makes now the perfect time to catch up.


Loki fans, rejoice: Here's an entire movie about him


Few comic book characters have received a bigger boost from a movie adaptation than Loki, Son of Odin. Before 2011’s Thor, Loki was generally rendered as a malicious grinning creep, a “trickster” bad guy with less substance than a season-3 Adam West Batman villain.

There were occasional exceptions–but nothing that ever matched the geekosphere-spanning depth charge of Tom Hiddleston’s scene-stealing performance. Hiddleston gave Loki an air of dreamy-tragic cool–he’s Asgard’s rebel without a cause–and then Avengers gave Hiddleston a greatest-hits selection of villainous one-liners. The character was practically the co-lead in Thor: The Dark World–and in a franchise that’s shockingly low on even halfway decent villains, he’s arguably just as important for the ongoing health of the onscreen Marvelverse as any of the non-Downey superheroes. READ FULL STORY

Marvel's 'Avengers' S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to open in NYC

Have you always wanted to be recruited into the Marvel universe? Did you, like me, dream of one day becoming Maria Hill or Jane Foster or Pepper Potts? Well, you might want to grab a quinjet (or a helicarrier, if those still exist) and get yourself to New York City this summer. READ FULL STORY

Marvel is planning a Black Widow spin-off, kind of

To be clear, Marvel is probably planning about 50 different spin-offs right now, ballpark. “Planning” is a vague term in Hollywood, all the more so when you’re talking about the Marvel Studios franchise factory. But if you’re a fan of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow — or just a fan of the idea of a female superhero movie — then take heart! The new issue of Total Film takes a close look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and in the process reveals that Marvel has big plans going forward for the ginger-haired spy. READ FULL STORY

How can Paul Bettany play The Vision in 'Avengers 2'?

Because comics! And robots! That’s the short explanation behind the news — reported by the Daily Mail — that beloved British person Paul Bettany will apparently be The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The average Marvel-loving moviegoer might recall that Bettany essayed the voice-only role of J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man’s robo-butler, in the Iron Man movies and the first Avengers. “So how could he play a totally different character?” asks the average moviegoer. “Is this a Rhys-Davies-in-Two-Towers thing?” READ FULL STORY

Who are Hollywood's biggest stars... when they're stripped of their superpowers?


In the current era of The Avengers and Batman Vs. Superman, it’s impossible to be a fan of the comic-book genre and not have a well-considered argument to the question, “Who’s the Most Powerful Superhero?” Superman, of course, is the most obvious answer in any superpower battle-royale debate, but there are strong and more interesting claims to be made for the others, too. (Except Hawkeye. Sorry, guy.)

In Hollywood offices, there are similar conversations going on all the time about their own legion of superheroes, those famous actors and actresses who can open a movie in New York, Nebraska, and Nepal, whether it be a romance, an action-adventure, or a raunchy comedy. But with more and more of the industry now tilted towards Comic-Con-approved tent-pole pictures, the pecking order for actors today is heavily weighted by his or her ability to land a major role in a superhero franchise. It is the lifeblood of a long and prosperous career. For example, playing Batman not only elevated Christian Bale to the Hollywood A-list — positioning the indie actor for other major studio movie roles — but his enhanced financial security allowed him to continue to gamble on the eclectic roles he preferred in the first place, in movies like The Fighter and Rescue Dawn.

When the right actor gets the right superhero role, it becomes virtually impossible to separate the artist from the character. The cape becomes part of their public persona, one that can help or hinder their other on-screen roles. But what happens when Hollywood’s heroes are stripped of their superpowers? That is to say, what is Robert Downey Jr. without Tony Stark’s armor? What is Hugh Jackman when his Wolverine claws are clipped? Do we still pay to see their movies, or do we give them the cold-shoulder, like old-school Lois Lane used to give old-school Clark Kent? Who is the most powerful superstar when they’re nothing more or less than their Hollywood alter ego?

After looking at the actors and actresses who are major players in current comic-book franchises, we examined their recent box-office and critical reputation when they’re not in costume, and then ranked them in order to see who really flies the highest and has the biggest muscles in the movie universe. READ FULL STORY

Patton Oswalt pitches 'Star Wars'-Marvel crossover in an epic 'Parks & Recreation' filibuster -- VIDEO

Patton Oswalt guest-stars on this week’s Parks & Recreation as a filibustering Pawnee citizen. The show has just released a nearly nine-minute video showing Oswalt improvising a pitch for Star Wars: Episode VII, and it is a prose-poem of geeky delight, which further burnishes Oswalt’s rep as a burgeoning national treasure. Among other things, the comedian makes a heartfelt and hilarious pitch for linking together the Star Wars and Avengers franchises — because Thanos has the Reality Gem! Don’t forget about the Reality Gem! — while also roadmapping some incredible new developments for Chewbacca. Also, Boba Fett. Also, Moon Knight.

There are so many twists and turns and remarkably off-the-cuff deep-cut references. In nerd terms, Oswalt’s crossover filibuster is like a J. J. Abrams sundae covered in Christopher Nolan sprinkles drowning in Grant Morrison chocolate syrup. Seriously, just watch the video now, and pray Disney signs Oswalt to a 10-picture deal immediately. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: EW's EXCLUSIVE chat with the superhero cast of 'The Avengers' -- VIDEO


Picture this: Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, and The Hulk – all playing Dance Dance Revolution.

The entire point of The Avengers is seeing these comic book icons join forces, but when EW exclusively got Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo together for one big Q&A featured in this week’s issue, things got weird fast.

(Video snippets from the round table interview are embedded in the player below.)

“I was just trying to survive the after-hours part of this shoot,” says Johansson, who recalled cast and crew playing video games to pass the time while on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I will say Dance Dance Revolution is so much fun when you play with all of the Avengers and also the stunt team.”

Downey raises an eyebrow: “So, just all of the Avengers aren’t enough man for you?”

“No!” Johansson says with a laugh. “I want their doubles as well!”

Well – this kind of talk would never pass the Comics Code Authority. READ FULL STORY

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