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Ashley Judd is 'an Obama-following Radical Hollywood Liberal' says sarcastic attack ad

When your movie career is over, and your attempt at a TV career ends after one season, the only thing left is to try politics. F. Scott Fitzgerald said that, maybe, and Double Jeopardy/Missing star Ashley Judd is following the roadmap by strongly hinting that she’s considering a Senate run.

Well, she’s already received her first negative political ad. American Crossroads has just released a commercial positively dripping with sarcasm, which uses footage of Judd to describe her as “an Obama-following Radical Hollywood Liberal.” (American Crossroads is the Super PAC founded by Karl Rove which spent some millions in support of Mitt Romney, which — to be fair — was definitely a better waste of money than Twisted.) Watch the ad: READ FULL STORY

Ashley Judd considering a Senate run? Here are 10 other actors who turned to politics

Kentucky native and avid Wildcats fan Ashley Judd is considering a Senate bid in her home state, Politico reports.

The De-Lovely actress, who actually resides on a farm in Tennessee, has been devoting more and more time to political activism in the last few years, even completing a master’s degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2010. More recently, she’s discussed her political ambitions with Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and started conducting campaign research. READ FULL STORY

Ashley Judd on 'Rock Center': 'My puffy face essay really isn't about me'

Ashley Judd’s instantly viral “puffy face” essay slammed the media — and our culture more generally — for objectifying and hypersexualizing women. Yesterday, the actress appeared on Rock Center with Brian Williams to explain what inspired her essay, and to reiterate her central point: that the controversy around her appearance is a symptom of a much larger problem.

Last month, Judd sported swollen cheeks after taking a round of prescription steroids. The swelling sparked speculation that she’d had work done.  According to the actress, an interview at a small TV station in Louisville brought the issue to her attention. “At the end of it, the reporter — and I get pretty emotional about it — just absolutely shocked me by saying, ‘What do you have to say about the plastic surgery rumors?'” Judd explained on Rock Center. “And I have never been so genuinely surprised in all my born days.”

The Missing star says that what upset her most was the lack of goodwill the media had toward her: “The conversation went straight to, ‘Oh my gosh,'” she said. What’s more, Judd soon found herself in a “double bind” — “I look bad, I’ve had work. I look too good, I’ve had work.” READ FULL STORY

Ashley Judd strikes back at the appearance-obsessed media

Watch out, Ryan Gosling: The blogosphere has a new folk hero. Missing star Ashley Judd made waves yesterday with a powerful, articulate Daily Beast essay that slammed the media for making cutting remarks about her looks. But the piece isn’t just about Judd’s appearance — it’s a feminist call to arms that charges both men and women to stop playing into a patriarchal system, one that equates female beauty with worth. The bottom line: Judd is, emphatically, not just another pretty face.

Judd began a big promotional push for her new ABC show last month. Around the same time, she found herself the subject of various catty articles — writers were speculating that, because the actress’s face looked fuller than usual, she must have had some kind of plastic surgery. In reality, Judd’s cheeks looked puffy because she was treating a sinus infection and flu with steroids. But Judd argued that it wouldn’t matter even if she had gotten work done; the comments are indicative of a larger problem. As she wrote: READ FULL STORY

Ashley Judd selected as official DNC delegate. Good for the republic or a sign of the apocalypse?

When Democrats get together in North Carolina in September to formally nominate Barack Obama as their party’s candidate for president, one of the delegates at the 2012 Democratic National Convention is going to stand out like a sore thumb. A really glamorous sore thumb. Ashley Judd has been selected by Democratic officials in Tennessee to be one of her home state’s official delegates. That’s right, folks, the star of ABC’s Missing — and movies like Kiss the Girls, Frida, High Crimes, and Tooth Fairy — will cast a vote in the nominating process. A real vote that actually counts.

Of course, celebrities are nothing new at political conventions, especially Democratic ones. In 2008, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Kayne West, and a slew of other stars (including, come to think of it, Judd, who has long been an outspoken supporter of Democratic candidates) flocked to Denver to cheer as then-senator Barack Obama was made the party’s presidential nominee. Occasionally Hollywood stars even make headlines during political conventions, although not always for their political stances. Remember that video Rob Lowe shot in a hotel room during the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta? But as far as we can tell, this is the first time a Hollywood celebrity has been given voting power.

Maybe this is not such a terrible idea. In fact, maybe all the delegates should be celebrities. After all, these days the conventions are designed as highly choreographed spectacles, so why not pack the place with stars. It would certainly make the ceremony less boring. Then again, it could end up making it as dull as the latest Oscars ceremony.

What do you think, PopWatchers. Is Ashley Judd a good thing for the Democrats? Or should Tennessee pick a less famous delegate?

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