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'For Your Consideration': A parody of Anne Hathaway's 'I Dreamed a Dream'

Actress Emma Fitzpatrick stars in a brilliant parody of Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed A Dream”, called “For Your Consideration,” which reminds people just how hard Hathaway worked in Les Miserables. READ FULL STORY

'Les Miserables' standout 'I Dreamed a Dream': The history of this sob-inducing song in 4 great versions


Perhaps you recently saw the film Les Miserables. Perhaps you got a little caught up in the story of Fantine, the fired factory worker whose desperation to take care of her daughter fuels much of the early plot. Perhaps you made it to the moment where Fantine — played by Anne Hathaway — sings her signature ode to lost love and dashed hopes, “I Dreamed a Dream.” Perhaps you, like much of the rest of the sentient universe, broke down into a blubbering pile of raw-throated eye-gush emotional goo. You are not alone. Hathaway’s version of the song — which recently earned her an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win — has gotten everyone talking about a tune that was already one of Les Miz‘s most popular standards. “What [director] Tom [Hooper] and Annie have done is created a really raw, pure version of the song,” says Working Title co-chairman Eric Fellner, one of the movie’s producers. “There have been many great versions of the song, but I don’t think anybody has performed it this way, because it’s never been acted on screen before. It’s just very, very emotional.”


Golden Globes: Who will win in the movie categories? Polls!

With separate categories for drama and comedy or musical, the Golden Globes won’t exactly predict how much Oscar competition Les Miserables‘ Hugh Jackman is for Lincoln‘s Daniel Day-Lewis, but look on the bright side: We have an interesting acceptance speech to look forward to if the Best Director award goes to one of the Oscar-snubbed — Argo‘s Ben Affleck, Zero Dark Thirty‘s Kathryn Bigelow, or Django Unchained‘s Quentin Tarantino. Who will win in the Globes’ 14 movie categories? Let’s take it to a vote below. Remember, this is who you think will win, not necessarily who you think should win.  READ FULL STORY

Giggly Anne Hathaway on singing in a coffin during 'Les Mis' -- VIDEO

Even if you haven’t seen Les Misérables yet (What is wrong with you?) you’ve probably heard that Anne Hathaway is Oscar-worthy in her role as the doomed Fantine. Jon Stewart told her as much last night, when the “redonkulous” actress stopped by the Daily Show to promote the flick.

A giggly Hathaway shared some behind-the-scenes moments about filming her big number, “I Dreamed A Dream,” including the time when director Tom Hooper had her singing the song in a coffin. When Stewart teased her about the lack of gag reel moments from a film full of A-listers, Hathaway shared that during the filming of the finale, she tripped while climbing under the camera and laughed her way through the lyric, “Take my hand, I’ll lead you to salvation,” while Amanda Seyfried and a playing-dead Hugh Jackman struggled not to react.

Check out the interview – which also has Stewart stumbling over pronouncing ‘Misérables’ – below: READ FULL STORY

'Les Miserables': The EW Exit Poll!

The reviews and box office ($18.2 million on Christmas day!) only tell you so much about a movie. For those who have seen Les Misérables, answer the questions below.


Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway compete in epic Christmas 'sad off' -- VIDEO

Which of this year’s nineteenth century-set Christmas Day releases is more depressing: brutal slavery drama Django Unchained, or brutal failed revolution musical Les Misérables? There’s a sound argument to be made in favor of each — and stars Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway are more than happy to present their dreary cases in this new Funny or Die video. A sample point-counterpoint:

Jackson: “You try being a black man in the south in the 1800s. I bet you couldn’t handle being a black man in the south right now!”
Hathaway: “When there’s a French whore in the White House, then we can talk.”
“You say that like there’s never been a French whore in the White House.”

And so on. Who claims victory in this bleak battle? You’ll have to watch to find out — though that random Rudolph who pops up near the beginning might be the video’s real winner.


'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Martin Short was pretty good, I must say

The Saturday Night Live Christmas show is always a spectacular, almost in the Radio City Music Hall sense of the word. Martin Short and Paul McCartney shepherded a team of celebs who helped make the last episode of 2012 joyful and triumphant. Alec Baldwin and Sam Jackson chimed in, and there were cameos from Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon. It’s SNL‘s version of those SportsCenter commercials, where all your favorite funny people just happen to hang at Studio 8H.

As someone who was weaned on SNL during Short’s brief tenure back in 1984 (and later fell back in love with his comedy during his Jiminy Glick phase), I greatly enjoyed his monologue and sketches — and wish he had done even more. Larry David isn’t impossible to imitate, but his version of the HBO curmudgeon set in Charlie Brown’s world was an all-timer in my book. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway addresses 'Les Mis' premiere wardrobe malfunction -- VIDEO

Matt Lauer doesn’t mess around. When he greeted Anne Hathaway on the Today show this morning, the host got right down to business: “Good to see you,” he said. “Seen a lot of you lately.”

Lauer, of course, was referring to Hathaway’s major wardrobe malfunction at Monday’s Les Mis premiere. While exiting her car in a tight Tom Ford gown, the Oscar nominee accidentally flashed a crowd of photographers — who quickly noticed that Hathaway wasn’t wearing underwear.

The actress was clearly reluctant to discuss the mishap with Lauer. But after some prodding, she launched into an articulate response that skillfully turned the question on its head: “Well, it was obviously an unfortunate incident,” she began. “It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which takes us back to Les Mis, because that’s what my character is.”

Boom! Did Hathaway miss her calling? She’d make a great PR flack, or maybe a high-powered lawyer.


'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Ding-dong, Jamie Foxx is back -- VOTE

Jamie Foxx came out with both barrels blazing on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The Django Unchained star, who starred on In Living Color in the 1990s, was either a breath of fresh air or a throwback to an expired comic edginess, depending on your own sensibilities. His riff on Tyler Perry’s next Alex Cross installment was one of the most memorable sketches of the season, while his short-fused “Bitch, What’s the Answer?” gameshow host felt a little out of place so early in the show.

The online peanut gallery seemed polarized, which is normally the sign of a solid show. Jeremy Renner’s show three weeks ago was also heavily scrutinized, but he rocked our Saturday Night Live best-host poll, winning a solid 46 percent of the vote. Certainly, the most recent host always starts strong, so it will be interesting to see if Renner’s support holds up. READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway would love to do a Catwoman spin-off

Anne Hathaway was by far the most consistently entertaining part of The Dark Knight Rises, with her slinky don’t-call-her-Catwoman bringing a much-needed dose of levity to the dour epic. (You’ll recall that she symbolized the poor or something, and that she was hunting for a magic Google-wiping computer virus. Just go with it.) Hathaway is currently making the rounds for Les Miserables, so what better time to ask her about the abstract possibility of a Catwoman spinoff? Access Hollywood asked Hathaway if she’d like to revisit the character, and after noting outright that “No one’s talked to me about it,” Hathaway offered a rather heartfelt plea for a return visit to Gotham: READ FULL STORY

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