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Clip du jour: Jabba the Hutt's 'Silent Night'

The idea of Jabba the Hutt singing “Alone Bed-time” (to the tune of “Silent Night”) is enough to make me chuckle, but the bizarre lyrics to this holiday greeting (“nap time, satisfactory sleep”) really seal the deal. First-rate song indeed! READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' takes another jab at Fox News

The Simpsons took another jab at the Fox News last night, completing a trifecta of teasing that started a few weeks ago. On Nov. 21, a slogan on a Fox News helicopter on the show read “Not racist, but #1 with racists,” and a week later, the slogan read “Unsuitable for viewers under 75.” This week’s dig was “Merry Christmas from Fox News… But no other holidays.” Oh, snap!

Except, you know, not really, because when The Simpsons wants to go after Fox News, it does. Like it did on the episode from season 14 where Krusty ran for Congress, and a Fox News host said “Welcome to Fox News, your voice for evil.” That has a little more bite! How about “You Kent Always Say What You Want,” which was basically an entire episode about the conflicting politics of the conservative news source and its often provocative network brethren? That was a bit more aggressive, too. In fact, The Simpsons has a long legacy of going after its parent company, and it’s hardly the only show to do so: How often does David Letterman make fun of CBS? (Often.) Or Jon Stewart make jokes about Comedy Central? Again, a lot. And it’s great, because that is their job, as comedians and commentators.

If you’re going to bite the hand that feeds you, at least make it worth it and really chomp down. Right, PopWatchers?

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Comedy Central logo threatens all mankind

Check it out, check it out: Comedy Central has a new logo. Goodbye globe-with-three-skyscrapers-dwarfed-by-huge-hilarious-words. Hello, simple hieroglyph that you’re sure you’ve seen before somewhere on your keyboard. Alas, it’s not there. It only seems like it should be, a distant cousin to @ and ©. But there’s much much more here, hiding behind their Christopher Nolan-inspired elegance. Clearly, Comedy Central intended to combine the logos of Carolco and Chanel, in an effort to trigger our subliminal craving for sweet-smelling killing machines from the future. Take a look at the new Comedy Central, if you dare!!!! READ FULL STORY

Which cartoon character do have you as your Facebook profile picture?

LuciferImage Credit: DisneyLast night, 28 of my closest Facebook friends (I barely know most of them) changed their profile pictures to cartoon characters, according to my news feed. After a quick Google search, I’ve concluded that the madness can be attributed to one of the following: 1) To show your support for the fight against child abuse because someone out there on the internets said it would make a difference. (As one of my friends posted: “Change your profile picture to a cartoon character for da month to make a stand against child abuse! Keep it gooooin’!!!!”) (Um, I mean former friends.) 2) To get all the photos of ugly people off of Facebook. Or 3) To honor your childhood.

Regardless of the reason for the meme — all are good causes, especially No. 2 — I was game.  READ FULL STORY

'Yogi Bear' worm scene: Does it make anyone else cringe like it's 'Man vs. Wild'?

Okay, okay, Bear Grylls munching on giant rhino beetle larvae technically grosses me out more, but after seeing the latest Yogi Bear trailer in a crowded theater, I can confirm that I’m not the only one who gives an audible “Ewww” when that worm pops out of Yogi’s nose. Watch both below at your own risk. (And enjoy your lunch/dinner!) READ FULL STORY

'Community' misfits get in the holiday spirit with a 'Rudolph'-esque stop-motion episode

Claymation-CommunityImage Credit: NBC Photo

This season of Community has been, among other things, a confident ode to pop culture, taking on everything from the zombie genre and RoboCop to a Secret Garden/Mean Girls overlap. And now, the students of Greendale are taking on another gem: the stop-motion holiday special. We first heard about it this fall, and now, there’s a glorious photo to further whet the collective appetite. READ FULL STORY

'Cars 2' trailer: Will Doc Hudson make a cameo?

So last month’s Cars 2 teaser wasn’t a prank after all: Lightning McQueen and his rusty pal, Mater, actually steer into the world of espionage in the sequel to Pixar’s 2006 smash. The new trailer for Cars 2 has some clues, with McQueen trading the good ol’ boy NASCAR circuit for international Grand Prix racing. Somehow, this leads to intrigue when Mater and McQueen are confused for master spies, North by Northwest style. Yes, that’s Michael Caine as British operative, Finn MacMissile. READ FULL STORY

Mr. Peanut is suddenly sexy

Robert Downey Jr., the man who’s done so much wrong he can now do none, is playing yet another iconic character — the world’s most famous legume. Yes, RDJ is Kraft’s Mr. Peanut. In his first showing as the voice of the 94-year-old mascot, he hosts a Christmas party for everyone in the nut-world — except a Nutcracker with a history of belligerence (see video below). The high-profile casting is part of Kraft’s plan to modernize Mr. Peanut — who’s been silent since his debut in 1916 — and follows the launch this past January of Mr. Peanut’s naturalistic Facebook page, regularly updated with candid photos and his thoughts on topics like skinny jeans. Mr. P is also out of  his 1980s yellow shell and into an old-school pitted brown, which, coupled with a natty coat and RDJ voice, reads straight from the pages of the Wes Anderson Stylebook of Anthropomorphizing.

It’s all so damn charming, I find myself craving more of this new Mr. Peanut — his morning routine, his views on the war, maybe a feature-length biopic I could watch through my own monocle while throwing back a satisfying handful of Planters peanuts. Is this what successful advertising feels like? READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': Is Cad Bane the coolest character? C-3PO?

clone-wars-evil-planImage Credit: TM 2010 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ third season keeps taking us to some pretty unexpected places. I, for one, never imagined that an episode would hinge upon Anakin and Padmé’s party-planning skills. But that’s what “Evil Plans” offered up. Don’t worry, it was a lot cooler than that description would  make out. Actually, “Evil Plans” worked for me because of three key factors—it saw the return of Cad Bane, it beautifully realized the “used future” concept of the original film, and it centered around C-3PO and R2-D2, the Laurel & Hardy of that Galaxy Far, Far Away. That C-3PO finally had his moment to shine—and believe me, he does shine with that gold plating—on The Clone Wars was particularly satisfying to me. READ FULL STORY

Funniest Animated Characters Ever: Vote now!

animated-charactersImage Credit: Disney; Pixar/DisneyYesterday, EW’s Emily Exton asked you to name your personal choice for the funniest animated movie character ever. Readers responded with a collective roar, name-checking a whole host of classic characters. The PopWatch Electoral Commission has tabulated the comments and come up with a list of finalists. Now, we’re throwing it back to you! PopWatchers, which of these cartoon characters makes you laugh so hard that you faint, and then makes you laugh so hard in your dream that you faint again and fall into an even deeper level of the dream, Inception-style? Cast your vote now in the no-holds-barred showdown: Who is the funniest animated character ever?

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