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Solo and childless: Why I almost didn't watch 'Despicable Me 2'

Before this weekend, it had been more than two years since I’d watched an animated film on its opening weekend. Why? Because I hate going to watch family films alone.

I put my feelings of self-consciousness aside yesterday so I could go see Despicable Me 2, partly because I’d enjoyed the first one (screened on Netflix, fyi) and partly because I wanted to face my fears of going to a movie for kids without a kid. “It’s all in your head,” I told myself. But that wasn’t entirely true.  READ FULL STORY

Gets Better Every Time: 'It's so fluffy I'm gonna diiiiie!' -- VIDEO


With Despicable Me 2 now in theaters, those highlighter-yellow, pill-shaped leetle minions — who have their own spinoff in the works — are poised to suck up all the attention. Good for them. They earned it (and were named by EW as some the 15 Biggest Animated Scene-Stealers of all time). But, credit where credit’s due, we shouldn’t let this day pass without remembering the unsung hero of the franchise: Agnes. With her unicorn obsession and spiky sprig of hair, the scrappy orphan expresses the innocent ebullience of childhood better than anyone. To wit, there’s one moment from the first film that shows how sometimes glee simply cannot be contained. Check your frown at the door, click through, and soak up the giddy goodness:

The Horrifying Tab I Couldn't Close All Week: Disney Princesses' heads exploding

beauty and the beast head exploding

When I was younger, I’d imagine Snow White leaning juuuust a bit too far into the well, or human Ariel ironically drowning under her oppressive wall of bangs, or the mice turning on Cinderella and devouring her in her sleep (thanks a lot, cheese curd remnants). But nothing like this. The Disney Princesses’ Heads Exploding video was easily the most horrifying Internet oddity I’ve seen all week. READ FULL STORY

Lucille Bluth vs. the Disney Princesses

So I went a little nuts with Vine!

Boozy-witchy Bluth matriarch Lucille has generously taken time out of her day-drinking to snap some sense into the damsels of Disney. They could all stand to lose some weight, by the way. You want your belt to buckle, not your chair. (Click the microphones on and off to hear the audio.) READ FULL STORY

Peter Parker with a bong? Joe Casey springs 'The Bounce' -- FIRST LOOK

When readers first met young Peter Parker, back in 1962 on the opening page of Amazing Fantasy No. 15, he’s wearing spectacles, carrying schoolbooks and listening too hard to the latest insult.

It’s a little different when readers are greeted by young Jasper Jenkins — the title character of Joe Casey’s The Bounce — in our exclusive preview of the first issue. Instead of eyeglasses, he’s got glassy eyes and the object in his hand looks suspiciously like a three-foot bong. He’s also ignoring the latest lecture. “With great power comes great responsibility” still applies — but in the case of this 21st century slacker soul, it may also be accompanied by metahuman munchies.

NOTE: The preview pages below contain R-rated language and drug use. READ FULL STORY

The Greatest TV Couple of All Time? EW Staff Pick: Marge and Homer

As Kurt and Blaine battle it out with the Doctor and Rose in EW’s Greatest TV Couple of All Time championship, we’re unveiling our favorite couples, who didn’t advanced as far as we would have liked. Here’s the case for Marge and Homer Simpson.

Homer and Marge losing the title of TV’s Greatest Couple? It seemed unpossible — until Lost‘s Desmond and Penny smote them in Round 2 of our competition. “The Constant,” it seems, is the only thing capable of conquering a rock-solid relationship that’s thrived despite — among other things — unplanned pregnancies, money troubles, alcoholism, neglect, one short-lived divorce, accidental bigamy, Homer’s stint as an oversharing adult education teacher, and temptations from the likes of sexy bowling instructor Jacques, sexy country singer Lurleen Lumpkin, and sexy sexpot Michelle Pfeiffer. And that’s just in seasons 1-10!


'Angry Birds Toons' set for global small-screen domination -- VIDEO

Have you ever stopped in the middle of playing Angry Birds and thought, “I wish these angry birds would do something vaguely narrative and three-dimensional”?

If so, you’ll be happy to hear that developer Rovio is finally ready with Angry Birds Toons, to be available on the app and Xfinity on-demand on March 17, as well as international broadcast markets including Australia, Korea, France, Israel, and Germany on March 16. This is a bigger deal than it may seem: There are 52 episodes planned — a prelude to an Angry Birds movie —  and Activision, Paramount, and Sony are partners in the launch.

On first brush, your reaction may be curiosity — or confusion: What will the cartoon be about? Will I still be able to play it? Is this another example of all that new transmedia content I’m always not-reading about?

At Cannes last year, Rovio’s head of animation, Nick Dorra, said the show would be about “telling more engaging stories,” according to Deadline. Judging by the just-released preview clip, the birds in question will, in fact, be angry. They will also fall off of cliffs and be named Terrence. Watch a preview below:


'Marvin the Martian' & 'Hong Kong Phooey': First look at two possibly dead movies

A moment of silence, please, for Alex Zamm’s Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey movies. The Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 director was attached to helm CGI-live action hybrid adaptations of both properties; Mike Myers was rumored to star in the former, while Eddie Murphy was attached to star in the latter.

Now, though, it’s looking increasingly like neither one will ever be completed. Marvin was originally supposed to hit theaters in December of 2011. Hong Kong, meanwhile, hasn’t seemed to make much progress since Murphy’s deal was announced 16 months ago.

And now that Zamm has posted test footage from both movies online, their never-to-be-finished status seems sealed. In Hong Kong Phooey‘s case, that might be a good thing — the clip Zamm uploaded features tired toilet humor that even Murphy (or a talented Murphy impersonator, as the case may be in this video) couldn’t sell. Marvin the Martian, though, seems a little more promising; its clip is a self-contained short that opens up plenty of possibilities for a full-length feature. Take a look at both and judge for yourself:


'Rudolph,' 'Charlie Brown,' and 'The Grinch: Will the great American trilogy of Christmas specials work on a newcomer? (PART 2)

Christmas Time is here, which can mean only one thing: A hearty rendition of “Christmas Time is Here,” from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Or perhaps a group singalong to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Yesterday, holiday special superfan Darren Franich prepared Yuletide TV newbie Hillary Busis for the holy trilogy of Xmas TV. Now Hillary’s seen all three… and she has some opinions. Read on!

Darren Franich: Well, Hillary, after that triple-shot of pure Christmas spirit, I’m in the mood to buy a misfit toy, decorate a misfit tree, and put reindeer antlers on an emotionally-abused misfit dog. Let’s take these specials one at a time: What did you think of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Hillary Busis: Ho ho ho, Darren! I’ve got to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by all three of these shorts — especially Charlie Brown. That said, Rudolph was my least favorite, mostly because it had the most filler. The Grinch is 26 minutes long. Charlie Brown is 25 minutes. Rudolph is 47. I wish capital numbers existed, just so I could emphasize that even more. READ FULL STORY

'X-Men' animated intro recreated with stop-motion -- VIDEO

YouTuber Kyle Roberts has recreated the intro from the ’90s animated X-Men series with stop-motion — à la Robot Chicken — and proven that chicks totally dig it. Provided they’re mutants, that is.

But seriously, the video’s way cool. Roberts’ other stop-motion experiments include the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles intro and an interactive fight between Iron Man and Batman. Even cooler is that they’re all sponsored by the Toy & Action Figure Museum in Oklahama.

Check out the X-Men video after the jump.


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