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Analysis: 'Breaking Bad' won social media on Emmys night

And the winner is Breaking Bad… again.

According to our analysis, Breaking Bad didn’t just snag the Emmy Awards’ highest honor Sunday night — the show was also the most popular Emmy-related topic across social media, even after discounting chatter about that night’s brand-new episode (which ran concurrently with 75 minutes of the Emmys). The race wasn’t even close: BB had three times as many mentions as the list’s second-place finisher, Outstanding Comedy winner Modern Family.


The 10 movies, TV shows, and brands that ruled Comic-Con on social media

The buzziest project at the four-day geekfest known as Comic-Con must have been something with elaborate costumes, breathtaking special effects, and an epic battle between good and evil… right?

Interestingly, not so much.

EW has partnered with General Sentiment to develop aggregate scores that record not just what’s trending on social media, but also what users are actually saying about those topics. And according to our analysis, the most talked-about thing on social media at the Con wasn’t superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy-related — it was CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom entering its ninth and final season this fall.

Those who feel that TV has taken over the Comic-Con crown from movies in recent years have reason to feel validated in this data as well: four of the top five topics trending this year were TV shows (X-Men being the lone movie in that short list).

Check the list below to see which other TV shows, movies, and brands made the top 10 list.


Defy the theater shooter: Go out to see a film, and DON'T be afraid -- ANALYSIS

Words fail at times like these. It feels like only screaming will do.

A gunman breaks into a crowded theater, opens a canister of gas, and starts shooting.

What can you say to that? How can you hope to process such a cruel and pointless act with any type of logic? Investigators will now try to discern a motive, but what could possibly be gained from opening fire on an unarmed crowd of strangers in the dark?

I don’t accept the “Obviously, he’s crazy” explanation. This was calculated. This was done to cause pain.

So if you want to defy the theater-shooter and the terror he has created — go out this weekend to see a film and enjoy being with your fellow moviegoers.

Don’t be afraid. READ FULL STORY

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