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Pop Culture Pet Peeve: All 'American' movies (and TV shows)


Hustle. Beauty. Pie. Idol. Gangster. Dreamz. Gigolo. Virgin. Violet. Outlaws. Idiot. Girl. Boy.

They’re a collection of words (or, in the case of “dreamz,” almost-words) that seem to have little in common, until you put the word “American” in front of them. Then each becomes a title, and not just any title — an evocative, slightly ironic title which promises a story that could only happen in these United States, one offering commentary on our shared national experience and way of life. It’s audacious, patriotic, grandiose — sort of like America itself, or at least the idea of “America.”

Either that… or the work’s creators couldn’t think of a good title, so they picked out a random noun and slapped “American” in front of it.

Seth MacFarlane hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live' premiere: Talk about it here!

In the midst of all the excitement about Jason Sudeikis not leaving the show and Jay Pharaoh taking over Obama-playing duties, we almost forgot one crucial component of tonight’s Saturday Night Live premiere: Seth MacFarlane is hosting. And that fact inspires some mixed feelings.

MacFarlane and EW have had their differences in the past. TV critic Ken Tucker was famously harsh on Family Guy when it premiered; the show retaliated with a bit in which Peter Griffin, having discovered he was out of toilet paper, wiped his butt with a copy of our magazine instead. But we’ve also openly admired MacFarlane’s work, or at least his work ethic: In 2008, EW named Fox’s animation king the smartest person in TV. Whether you love his creations or hate them — and, generally speaking, there are few people who fall into neither category — you have to admit that the guy is a pretty fascinating figure.  READ FULL STORY

Sunday night TV smackdown: Fox vs. ABC

Image Credit: FOX;Colleen Hayes

On Sunday, Sept. 30, tune in for a feud as old as time itself: Fox vs. ABC.  That’s right, Popwatchers, it’s the start of another fall TV season, and with it comes the heartrending decision that cuts to our core: which shows to watch live?

As if having to choose between The X-Factor and The Voice wasn’t terrible enough, on Sundays from 8-10pm you’ll have to pick either Fox’s animated comedy block or ABC’s dramatic pairing of Once Upon a Time and Revenge.  The Fox lineup boasts some entrenched heavyweights – The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad – and an acclaimed young buck, Bob’s Burgers.  ABC, in the other corner, features two welterweight dramas whose first seasons were among the network’s most popular in years.

Don’t forget your aprons, PopWatchers, because this battle royale is about to get messy.

Fox or ABC?  Comedy or Drama?  Animation or Live-Action?  Cast your vote and make your voice heard.


Seth MacFarlane's 'SNL' promos promise goofy voices and lots of bleeping

Here’s what we learned from the following video, a collection of promos for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming stint hosting SNL:

— It will never not be weird to see a grown man speak like a homicidal British baby.

— Or, for that matter, like a sophisticated dog, since MacFarlane sounds exactly like Family Guy‘s Brian in real life.

— Save your criticism about Family Guy‘s crassness and its reliance on cutaway humor; MacFarlane’s heard it all before.

— Additionally, he has not slept since 2005.

— Kenan Thompson also made a movie this summer. Probably.


Sunday Night TV: Which show do YOU watch live? -- POLL

Sometimes, in life, we have tough decisions to make: Chocolate or vanilla? Peeta or Gale? Linsanity or Tebowing? Or, for TV junkies like us, live TV or DVR?

With the return of midseason TV, our DVRs have been brimming to capacity (yes, I see you, 98% full ticker), and it’s easy to struggle with deciding between competing timeslots. What to choose on Monday nights when How I Met Your Mother faces off against The Bachelor and Alcatraz? Why must I decide between Survivor, American Idol, and One Tree Hill on Wednesdays? I love them the same! READ FULL STORY

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