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'Girls' star Allison Williams spills all of Pete Holmes' most embarrassing secrets -- VIDEO

Have you been watching The Pete Holmes Show, a new Conan O’Brien-produced program on TBS? It’s part talk show, part sketch show, and all charming — thanks mostly to Pete Holmes himself, a veteran standup who’s probably best known outside of comedy circles for voicing the E-Trade baby in a series of popular commercials. (So yeah, Lindsay Lohan isn’t his biggest fan.)

But Holmes is more than a simple comedian. As the host revealed during his show’s second episode Tuesday night, he’s also a “gal kinda fella” — a.k.a. a dude who’s perfectly comfortable sitting on a couch in his PJs and eating fro-yo while Allison Williams of Girls fame spills all of his deepest, darkest secrets, including when he lost his virginity and why he and his ex-wife got divorced. (Spoiler alert: She was cheating on him with some dude named Rocko.) Also, they spend some time speaking in exaggerated Bahston accents, just ’cause.


'Girls' of summer: Marnie daintily fights for her life in a shocking Argentine tango twist! -- NOT REAL

I can’t get over how much So You Think You Can Dance contestant Hayley Erbert resembled a super sequin-y Allison Williams last night. Anyone else? Bueller? Brian? Oh well. READ FULL STORY

'Girls': How are we supposed to feel about Adam?

Adam in the Girls pilot to a just-fired Hannah: “You should never be anyone’s f—ing slave, except mine.”
Adam in the Girls season 2 finale when a distraught Hannah whimpers ‘You’re here’: “I was always here.”

In a show called Girls, last night’s episode seemed to have a lot to do with boys. Marnie  is now back with Charlie and there’s this uncomfortable feeling that she believes this solves everything — including the fact that she saw her career prospects go to shambles this season. Shoshanna breaks up with the guy she lost her virginity to — at least this feels like growth. And Adam and Hannah… well, I’m not sure. What was with that rom-com ending? Were we supposed to be left satisfied or weary? And how are we supposed to feel about Adam? Is he violent, misunderstood, kind, cruel, or some mixture of all of these. Let’s dive in. READ FULL STORY

Allison Williams envisions how her dad, Brian Williams, would report her death

We got a dark look into the recesses of Girls star Allison Williams’ mind last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she admitted that she often imagines how her father, Brian Williams, would read her obituary on the news.

“I mean obviously he probably would skip work for like a day,” Allison joked. In her imagination, her dad gives a very formal announcement ending with a somber look down and the phrase “she will be missed,” followed by a quick segue (he’s a professional) to a story about heart medication. Watch the clip below:


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