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Eric Andre shares sneak peek at new episode, takes our Pop Culture Personality Test

Eric Andre stopped by to talk about the darkest moments in his pop culture past with EW. The host of Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show covered everything from his first albumpurchased at the hip indie chain of record stores known as Burger Kingto his favorite toys as a kid. Andre also told EW what his mother wouldn’t let him to enjoy as a kid. READ FULL STORY

'Rick and Morty' mobile game lets you pop balloons all day like Jerry


Rick and Morty patriarch Jerry’s really into his balloon-popping iPad gameand now we know why.


'Too Many Cooks' creator tries to explain his awesomely bizarre Adult Swim short

You’re going to see a weird viral video today. It’s going to make you scrunch up your eyebrows, lean in close to your screen, then lean far, far away—and when it’s all over, you’ll wonder if you’ve transcended this mortal plane altogether.

It’s called Too Many Cooks and it aired on Adult Swim at 4 a.m. for a week straight at the end of October—wedged somewhere between infomercials and insomnia. Squidbillies writer Chris “Casper” Kelly is the man behind the late-night spoof, which begins as a harmless parody of cheesy ’80s sitcom intros before it becomes something much, much more disturbing. (He calls his style “absurdist and dark;” that’s the understatement of the year.)

EW talked to Kelly about his mindf–k of a short, which is taking the Internet by storm even as we speak. READ FULL STORY

The latest 'Greatest Event in Television History': Adam Scott and Paul Rudd in 'Bosom Buddies' -- VIDEO

Could it be that this time, after three false starts, Adam Scott has finally presented the honest-to-God Greatest Event in Television History? You’ll  have to watch the special to see for yourself, but know this: It features Scott and Paul Rudd wearing history’s least convincing drag getups. And dancing around in towels and shaving cream. And running through the park to a classic Billy Joel tune — which, for a change, is actually sung by the real Billy Joel.

That’s right: Scott’s fourth Greatest Event special revolves around a frame-by-frame recreation of the opening credits sequence from the classic ’80s sitcom Bosom Buddies, which starred Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks as a pair of 20-something dudes who disguise themselves as ladies in order to score a “dirt-cheap” apartment in an all-women’s building.

This time around, Scott takes the Scolari role, while Rudd makes an excellent Hanks stand-in. And as always, the clip is stacked with a host of familiar faces — including Community‘s Gillian Jacobs, Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant, and Joel himself, who’s only a little miffed when Rudd and Scott ask him to try imitating the Joel soundalike who sang “My Life” for the show’s original opener. Then there’s the guy the shoot hires as a Rudd replacement at one point — let’s just say you’ll recognize him as well.

Fast forward to the 9:20 mark if you just want to see the recreation — but if you’ve got the time, you should absolutely watch the “making-of” material that precedes it. It’s a lot shorter and tighter than the preambles to past Greatest Events, even if this one doesn’t happen to feature Amy Poehler or Jon Hamm.


Adam Scott and pals present the third 'Greatest Event in Television History' -- VIDEO

“I don’t know what to say. I’m starting to feel like a real butthole here,” Jeff Probst admits at the beginning of the third special Adult Swim has labeled The Greatest Event in Television History.

See, for over a year now, Adam Scott has been attempting to stage a star-studded ’80s TV series credits recreation that truly lives up to that lofty label. Already he’s tried and failed twice, despite help from famous pals Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler.

So you can understand why, at the beginning of this quirky series’ third installment, Probst decides to manage our expectations — electing to change the name simply to An Event in Television History. That’s better!

The event itself: A recreation of the opening credits for Ted Knight’s 1980-1987 family sitcom Too Close for Comfort, which became known as The Ted Knight Show during its sixth season. This time, Scott recruits performers including Catherine O’Hara, John Glaser (a.k.a. Parks and Rec‘s Councilman Jamm), Kathryn Hahn (who appeared in the first Event as well), Brooklyn 9-9‘s Chelsea Peretti, and The League’s Jason Mantzoukas, who plays the special’s intense director. Spoiler alert: All goes according to plan, barring one unfortunate incident of cast mortality.


Jon Hamm and Adam Scott film 'The Greatest Event in Television History' -- VIDEO

The most handsome duo in TV history, Jon Hamm and Adam Scott, debuted their top-secret Adult Swim collaboration, The Greatest Event in Television History, last night. And boy was it great. Not Mad Men or Parks and Recreation great, but amusing and extremely handsome.

In the extremely meta special, hosted by a deadpan Jeff Probst, the two actors star in a shot-by-shot recreation of the opening title sequence from the 1980s detective series Simon & Simon. They even rented a helicopter crew to replicate the shot of Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker driving to San Diego. The “greatest event in television history” — a.k.a. the one-minute credit sequence — is preceded by a faux behind-the-scenes video detailing the budgetary, psychological, and professional woes that troubled the cast and crew during filming. (No joke.)

My favorite line from the special was courtesy of “director” Paul Rudd (Scott and Lance Bangs actually directed the special) discussing why he cast Scott as AJ. “I actually have only seen one episode of Parks and Rec,” he said. “I thought when we were casting, that I was getting the little Indian guy from the show.”

Keep an eye out for appearances by Megan Mullally, Paul Scheer, and Kathryn Hahn and don’t feel too bad for the bullied Scott. He got the chance to hang out with Jon Hamm!

Watch the special below: READ FULL STORY

'The Venture Bros.' Halloween special -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


How’s this for a milestone: This February, The Venture Bros. will celebrate its 10-year anniversary. One of the defining shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line-up, the show is coincidentally returning for its fifth season in early 2013. Before that, though, fans of the show can enjoy a special episode airing just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year. A Very Venture Halloween will air on Sunday, Oct. 28 at 11:30. Co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer will be at New York Comic-Con tomorrow talking about the future of the series, but EW has obtained an exclusive clip from the Halloween special. Grab some ketchup and bourbon, and pull up a chair! READ FULL STORY

Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer root out disease and terror at Comic-Con -- VIDEO

One of them is bound by a mission to eradicate sickness with the healing power of laughter, the other is on a mission to go on a lot of missions to eradicate terrorists.

They are Dr. Blake Downs (Rob Corddry) and Special Agent Trent Hauser (Paul Scheer), and their respective Adult Swim comedies, Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV::, return with new episodes on Thursday night. At midnight on the season 4 premiere of Childrens Hospital, our doctors wage what is surely an unforgettable battle against a terrifying airborne amnesia. Fifteen short minutes later, on the season 2 premiere of NTSF, Trent goes undercover as a student at Nick Cannon High School to try to figure out who’s been abducting the popular children of San Diego’s elite. America’s Got Terror, indeed (sunglasses). READ FULL STORY

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