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'30 Rock': The great state of Connecticut

Jack Donaghy has found a plan to fix NBC: Only do shows that work. Which, as Lemon pointed out, was complete nonsense, but I think it’s a stroke of genius. The current business model is to create 10 shows and hope that one of them works. But since NBC produces “more failed pilots then the French air force,” Jacky D was willing to try anything. Including something as nonsensical as only doing shows that work. READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin (Yankees) and John Krasinski (Red Sox) talk baseball

The slow-starting Red Sox took two of three from the Yankees over the weekend, pulling Boston fans back from the ledge and preserving the hilarious new New Era hat commercial that features Yankees supporter Alec Baldwin and Sox fan John Krasinski talking trash. Krasinski interrupts Baldwin’s elegant soiree to gloat about the Yankees off-season failures, but like his character on 30 Rock, Baldwin is unflappable as he dismisses the notion that the Red Sox are even in the Yankees class, saying “This is not a rivalry, just like fire doesn’t have a rivalry with kindling.” Krasinski’s passions get the better of him in the end, but hey, it’s baseball season. (By the way, the Orioles are in first place.)

Watch the ad below, and then vote for Team Baldwin or Team Krasinski at the New Era site. Team Baldwin currently leads, which is a little surprising since he alienated some potential supporters from Philadelphia. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': How Tina Fey's pregnancy won't change Liz Lemon


Revel in the glory of motherhood, nerds. Tina Fey has a bun in the oven. But how will the Bossypants author’s recently announced pregnancy affect our pal Liz Lemon? The folks at 30 Rock have yet to reveal if or how Fey’s news will affect the show, but when you really think about it, it doesn’t really matter: Lemon has vaguely resembled a pregnant woman for the last five years (except for the minor detail of getting her period for 61 straight days). While you might be wondering how Fey can work her bundle of joy into next season’s plot, here’s a quick list of ways her pregnancy won’t change a thing, as it already fits in with Lemon’s trademarked quirks:

• Whether she’s wearing it as a joke or not, the slanket aficionado likes her bi-curious fashion choices and DIY finds (Duane Reade bags as underwear) on the larger side, which gives Fey infinite room to hide a growing belly and prevent any dirty looks from that office gossip Brian Williams.  READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin: 'I hope '30 Rock' goes on forever'

” — while Tina Fey is promoting her book, and while Fey is five months pregnant — Alec Baldwin took to the Huffington Post this morning to clear the air and toe the company line:


I want to take the opportunity to state that although my days on network TV may be numbered, I hope 30 Rock goes on forever. Or at least as long as everyone involved desires.

Next year hopefully won’t be the last. Kenneth can run the network. Jenna will get her own talk show. Tracy will become Mayor of New York. Then resign to go raise exotic reptiles. And Lemon will go do … just about anything she sets her mind to.

Here’s to five more seasons.”

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'30 Rock': It's time for a Plan B

Last night’s episode of 30 Rock hit a little too close to home. I, like Liz, am a writer. And last night’s episode just confirmed that I’ll never be able to jet set around the world in economy plus.

You see, while Tracy was still gone saving lives in Africa (AKA hiding out in New York), the network was putting TGS on a forced hiatus. Because you can’t have TGS with Tracy Jordan without Tracy Jordan. It’s an oxymoron, like liberal government, female scientists, and well-paid journalists. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': 'Queen of Jordan' makes its debut

I didn’t know St. Patrick granted wishes, but apparently he does. After a way-too-long hiatus, 30 Rock finally returned last night. Well, sorta. The show gave up the typical 30 Rock feel in favor of Queen of Jordan graphics, characters, and subtitles. We were treated to an episode of Queen of Jordan, Angie’s reality show on Bravo. In an over-the-top ode to the Real Housewives franchise, each character had to deal with the stress of being filmed 24-7 by the Queen of Jordan cameras. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': The TGS woman-haters club

30-RockImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCHere in its fifth season, TGS seems to have lost its way. You probably don’t even remember this, but TGS (formerly known as The Girlie Show) started as a show for women, starring women. As such, our dear Elizabeth Lemon believes the show should be “elevating the way women are perceived in society.” But it turns out, TGS can’t help but do the opposite. When Jenna ended up on the cool, feminist blog Joan of Snark, Liz discovered the post “TGS Hates Women.” (Note to all humans, JoanOfSnark.com doesn’t really exist. I tried it, and it only redirects you to this NBC page.) With Tracy gone to Africa, Liz thought the show was doing an even better job of featuring women. But all of their women-centric sketches ended with said women getting their periods. It was weird. Then, Lemon got her period and fired everyone. Maybe it’s time to rethink some things. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Hookup on the Orient Express (Malarkey!)

30-ROCKImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCFresh off her breakup from Pilot Carol, our dear Elizabeth Lemon decided to accept her downward spiral into spinsterhood. She rocked a fanny pack and held her hair back with a chip clip. For icing on her spinster cake, she adopted a cat and named her Emily Dickinson. She completed her look with an oversize hoodie and sweatpants. (But I don’t judge on that last one. Liz Lemon might just be my frumpy fashion icon. Truth.) Jenna wanted to help Liz rebound…sexually. So, she took her to a club that only Lemon could enjoy. At first, Liz was hesitant of the “hipster nonsense” but she came around after meeting the suave Anders. (AKA the yummy Eion Bailey.) The new couple hit it off, complete with a full-on spinning camera kiss outside the bar. It was then I cried, “Malarkey!” READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Breaking up and breaking bad

30-Rock-baby-Double-EdgedImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCIn two very different situations, both Jack and Liz had their relationships put to the ultimate test. Could they both survive the double-edged sword of dating versions of themselves? Keep reading to find out!

Jack and Avery headed off to Canada for one last rendezvous before their baby arrived. Unfortunately, Baby D had other plans, and decided to make her debut early. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': What a surprise!

30-Rock-Brian-Williams-QueImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCQué Sorpresa! That’s “what a surprise” for all you people who don’t speak Spanish or don’t know how to use Google like I cleverly did. And what a surprise it was. I’d never thought I’d live to see the day that Elizabeth Lemon was with child. Then again, it was only a fake pregnancy. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. READ FULL STORY

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