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'New Girl' recap: Coach Returns

The name “Coach” worked on many levels in Tuesday’s episode. Relationship Coach, specializing in how not to treat your girlfriend. Basketball Coach, with an emphasis on how to grind Winston’s gears. Strip Club Coach, expertise: how to spend your Bunny Money (okay, that was more Winston’s forte). Suffice it to say, Coach is not just a beloved ’90s sitcom anymore. And that’s just the tip of the Damon Wayans Jr.-shaped iceberg, Newbies. While you debate in the comments whether Coach’s return measured up to expectations, I shall get to the recapping. READ FULL STORY

Zooey Deschanel gets quirky (well, quirkier) for 'Saturday Night Live' promo -- VIDEO

If you thought last night’s episode of New Girl was surreal, what with its near-threesome set to the tune of Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way,” just wait until you see what Zooey Deschanel is doing in the new promo video for this weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live. Okay, so it’s not nearly as strange as her sexy horrifying encounter with Remy and Nick, but the quirky star, who is hosting the show for her first time, still comes down with a case of jazz hands, shares informative Black History Month facts, sings, and punches SNL star Kenan Thompson in the face. All in the span of under two minutes. Nope, I was wrong, it’s actually pretty weird. Watch it here:

'New Girl' interactive music video puts Zooey Deschanel in a variety of adorable situations

Hey girl, there’s a brand new interactive music video for the catchy New Girl theme  song “Hey Girl” and it’s, as expected, awfully quirky and cute. The gang’s all here (with the exception of Julia, who is probably off somewhere hating desserts) for the user-controlled video, in which visitors get to choose what adventures Jess and Co. will go on in their apartment. READ FULL STORY

Ryan Kwanten's upcoming appearance on 'New Girl' -- PHOTOS

Who’s that boy? (Who’s that boy?) It’s Ryan Kwanten! Of course, that’s no surprise to fans of New Girl that the True Blood star is stopping by the show, as it was announced last month that the Aussie actor would be making a guest appearance. Kwanten will play a handsome fellow (naturally) named Oliver that Zooey Deschanel‘s Jess wants to have a one-night stand with, despite the fact that they have nothing in common.  (Power through it, Jess!)

Earlier this week, photos were released from Kwanten’s episode and while we still have to wait until Feb. 14 to watch the Valentine’s Day-themed ep, here’s what we gathered from these sneak peek photos:

Jess has once again used her adorkable powers (read: giant-scared baby eyes) to bag a hottie. But, a deep v?! What would Cece think?


Who was 2011's worst-dressed TV character?

Let’s face it: Not everyone on TV can be Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe), whose immaculate gown collection on Revenge makes her look like she’s stepped out of a magical silk sea that changes jewel tones at her every whim and envelops her in liquid wealth for every occasion — “breakfast,” for example. Nope, sometimes people on TV just look like crap. I’ve started a list of 2011’s Worst-Dressed TV People below. But it will likely seem as incomplete as Kurt’s ridiculous one-sleeved cowl-neck sweater on Glee, so please add your own suggestions in the comments! READ FULL STORY

This year's pop-culture time capsule: What will be your 2011 keepsakes?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, PopWatchers, is to help me put together a 2011 pop-culture time capsule. It’s been a year of change that swept from the lowest brow (Two and a Half Men) to the highest (the Arab Spring). We saw many great people pass on and many more step into the spotlight. With all this in mind, what cultural relics would you pick to communicate this strange and marvelous year to the future? Check out my picks, then add your own ideas to the mix. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: What were the year's most awesome TV props?

park-recs-pyramidMaybe it’s because it’s the holiday season and we’re thinking what a great gift Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness (see the full-size image) would make, but as 2011 comes to a close, we find ourselves reminiscing about the best props seen on TV. We’ll start the list. Please, add your picks. Remember: The objects don’t have to have been introduced in 2011, but they must have been used in episodes that aired this year.  READ FULL STORY

Best and Worst of 2011: Fall TV Trends?

In coming up with a shortlist for the best and worst TV trends of the fall season, we’re starting to wonder if ABC’s Happy Endings and Fox’s New Girl are the same show. Anyway, here are some random trends we’ve noticed. Please, add your picks!

Deep V-neck shirts. Dave is a V-neck addict on Happy Endings, the gang mocked CeCe’s DJ ex-boyfriend Gavin for wearing too many on New Girl, and perhaps most demonstrably, Andy Samberg and Ben Stiller had an extreme Deep V-Off in an SNL digital short. READ FULL STORY

EW's Bite of the Night for Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011

Want more? Read Karen Valby’s take on last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, then see what else was in the roommates’ stockings with our New Girl recap!

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Single white Schmidt seeks same in hilarious 'New Girl' video

Known for his hilarious (if sometimes douchebag-y) sound bites on New Girl, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is one of the standout characters of the fall 2011 TV season. A video just posted online shows us Schmidt working his magic as far back at 2008. In the online dating profile, Schmidt explains he’s looking for “an honest connection with… a real girl.” What follows may just be the best 40 seconds of your life, wrapped in a reality TV time capsule. So which show did Schmidt choose as his date-spiration? Hint: You better put on your coat, or else you’ll “feel the rain on your skin.” Check out the video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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