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'Happy Endings' recap: Valentine's Day to the Max

If there’s one thing going against Happy Endings right now — much like any show that features an ensemble of funny, clever, urban twenty-thirtysomethings — is that it will inevitably be compared to Friends or Seinfeld. But that curse also just happens to be Happy Endings’ blessing, because this particular comedy takes the best elements of those iconic shows, Friends‘ goofiness and sensitivity and Seinfeld‘s sharpness and cynicism and adds its own self-aware sense of humor. Not to mention some refreshingly modern characters.

Yes, this all sounds like a bit of a Valentine to Happy Endings, but it feels especially appropriate and deserved after last night’s episode, “The St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre.” Like any given episode of Friends, there were moments from last night’s Happy Endings that were predictable but hysterical nevertheless. We knew Dave was going to botch his date with “crazy sex girl” Lindsay, we know Penny would wind up breaking up with her flavor of the week Reid, we knew Alex was going to be mistaken for a hooker, and we knew Brad was going to end his streak of perfect dentist visits.

'Happy Endings': Of mouse traps and man-children

Penny’s long-standing declaration that it’s the Year of Penny may actually come true in 2012, but I’m going to go ahead and declare this the Episode of Penny. While Zachary Knighton put in a valiant effort to make it the Episode of Dave, this was Casey Wilson’s best Penny outing yet.

After going through another dating disaster, Penny unwisely took advice from functioning lunatic Jane (the relentlessly funny Eliza Coupe) to nab a fixer-upper fellow and change him into an ideal gentleman like she did with Brad. I don’t know which visual I loved more, physical-comedy champ Damon Wayans Jr. falling onto a series of mouse traps while attempting to make his own prank show “Blackass,” or imagining his college tub being filled with 311 CDs. Full disclosure: Between 311, Sugar Ray, and Korn, I can say with total certainty I would have been friends with Brad and Jane in college.


'Happy Endings': Where Michael McKean, Megan Mullally, Ed Begley Jr., and a racist parrot meet

Hellllluuurrr, Happy Endings fans! As per usual, last night’s hysterical new episode was chock full of we-dare-you-to-keep-up-with-us pop-culture references. (Ali, Entourage, Rear Window, and of course, The Wire, were just some of the inspired gems mentioned.) But, there was a nice little added bonus to all of the whip-fast HE madness: Guest appearances by pop-culture gems Michael McKean, Ed Begley Jr., and Megan Mullally, who was making her second appearance on the show. (Oh yeah, and a racist parrot was there, too.)


Best and Worst of 2011: Fall TV Trends?

In coming up with a shortlist for the best and worst TV trends of the fall season, we’re starting to wonder if ABC’s Happy Endings and Fox’s New Girl are the same show. Anyway, here are some random trends we’ve noticed. Please, add your picks!

Deep V-neck shirts. Dave is a V-neck addict on Happy Endings, the gang mocked CeCe’s DJ ex-boyfriend Gavin for wearing too many on New Girl, and perhaps most demonstrably, Andy Samberg and Ben Stiller had an extreme Deep V-Off in an SNL digital short. READ FULL STORY

TV Leaderboard: 'New Girl' gobble gobbles its way into EW.com reader's hearts

It may have started as one of the fall seasons most divisive new shows, but New Girl firmly grabbed the hearts of EW.com readers this week with its Thanksgiving episode, in which Jess invited prospective mate Paul Gunslinger (Justin Long) over for a turkey dinner partially cooked in a clothing dryer. Elsewhere, How I Met Your Mother‘s ongoing Barney/Robin will-they-or-won’t-they-oh-they-did-but-then-they-ultimately-didn’t plot line kept the show in second place for another week. Check out the full rankings below:  READ FULL STORY

Laurie? Abed? Jules and Ellie? Who's had the best crossover so far? Vote!

Cougar Town may not be on the air right now (let’s just say we’ve been spending ample time with Big Carl to ease the pain), but the cul-de-sac crew is, thankfully, still part of the prime time television line-up. In fact, just last night Cougar Town fans could find Laurie sipping coffee at the very same outdoor stand that Happy Endings‘ Dave, Max, and Brad were visiting! (Is it just us, or would Max and Laurie make spectacular friends? Sorry, Penny! Pennnny Caaaaannnn!) Check it out: READ FULL STORY

EW’s Bite of the Night for Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best one-liners from your favorite shows. It wasn’t the fierce folks on America’s Next Top Model, the kooky Pritchett-Dunphy clan, nor the ghoulish guys and gals on American Horror Story who offered up last night’s best soundbite. Instead, the frantic friends from Happy Endings brought the funny — and an evergreen Kanye West reference to boot! Read on…

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Brett Ratner's video 'apology,' courtesy 'Happy Endings' star Adam Pally

Well, that was fast. No, I’m not talking about Brett Ratner’s resignation from producing the Academy Awards after his use of an anti-gay slur and raunchy Howard Stern Show interview — although that was also pretty fast. Nope, I’m referring to the Funny-or-Die video Happy Endings‘ star Adam Pally just posted lampooning Ratner and his now-infamous statement that “rehearsal is for fags.” In it, Pally plays Ratner attempting to make an apology video: “Who cares? Nobody’s going to care about this. It’s going to blow over.” Mmmhmm. Check out the NSFW clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' gets a full season 2 pickup: I love (to the power of love) this news!

The news that ABC gave full seasons orders to some of their shows, including Happy Endings, made me stop dead in my tracks (after all, women be stoppin’) and do an excited invisible hula hoop dance. More Max! More Jane! More whisker baskets!

Perhaps initially brushed off by viewers as another Friends or another How I Met Your Mother rip-off (which it’s not), Happy Endings, which started this year as a midseason replacement, has gained momentum in its second season thanks to word of mouth from fans, the firing-on-all-cylinders cast and writing, and, yes, a little bit of bad weather. READ FULL STORY

EW's Bite of the Night for Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best one-liners from your favorite shows. For everyone whose hopes were dashed when Fred Savage wasn’t able to make it to the Princess Bride photo shoot for our Reunions issue, now you know why. He was too busy being awesome. Savage made an NPH-style cameo as himself in last night’s episode of Happy Endings (which he also directed) and blew all the other entrants out of the water. Kirk Cameron, you have officially been served.

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