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Blake Shelton takes over 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend: Talk about it here!

Don’t you just love the smell of corporate synergy in the morning?

Perhaps that’s an unfair statement. Country star Blake Shelton’s status as The Voice‘s top dog—he’s one of only two celebrity coaches to appear on every season of the series, and his contestants have won the competition’s big prize a whopping four out of seven times—certainly isn’t the only reason he’s been tapped to serve as Saturday Night Live‘s host and musical guest tonight.

Anyone who’s tuned in for even a single Voice episode knows that Shelton’s more than a country singer. His easygoing, down-home charm and likable banter with his fellow coaches—especially Adam Levine, who was tapped to pull double duty on SNL himself two years ago—both made Shelton the hit show’s breakout star and indicate that he’d be more than comfortable in a variety show setting. See also: Shelton’s 2012 holiday special, Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas, the highlight of which is a claymation sketch that finds the host and his pal Larry the Cable Guy accidentally murdering Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Ask Dalton: Can recaps replace TV viewing?

Is honesty the best policy when it comes to watching TV with your spouse? And can a recap take the place of an actual show? Dalton Ross, EW editor-at-large and resident pop-culture referee, weighs in.

I promised a friend I’d catch up on Celebrity Apprentice, but there are so many episodes. Can I just read recaps and fake it? —Sonja (@SonjaC519)
Well, Sonja, before I can properly rule on the matter of whether you should actually sit down and watch an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, I need to ask you the following question: Generally speaking, what are your thoughts when it comes to Donald Trump carrying on an extended conversation about Olympic champion Shawn Johnson’s menstrual cycle? Is that something in which you might be interested? READ FULL STORY

Duke University symposium to explore Shonda Rhimes' impact on TV

It’s official: ShondaLand has been deemed worthy of intricate academic study.

Duke University has announced a symposium on Jan. 29 and 30 which will explore Shonda Rhimes’ impact on mainstream television. Rhimes, of course, is the mind behind ABC’s TGIT line-up, from creating Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal to producing the new hit show How to Get Away With Murder.


PopWatch Confessional: Your most embarrassing celebrity encounter

The perks of writing about entertainment are numerous: early movie screenings, awards show invitations, getting the chance to interview and rub elbows with artists whose work you truly admire. Of course, there are also a few pitfalls to this profession—particularly when it comes to to that last perk. Cue this week’s PopWatch Confessional question: What’s the most embarrassing encounter you’ve ever had with a celebrity? (We’re counting both encounters that happened in a professional context and chance meetings.)

Tina Jordan, senior editor: I dropped my overstuffed bag in Michael Caine‘s living room at the St. Regis: Pens, lipstick, various snacks, a few magazines, keys, bobby pins, notebooks, band-aids, business cards and the all like rained down on the antique Oriental carpet. I mean, there was a lot of crap. I was about eight months pregnant, so poor Michael Caine—who was very nice—had to get down on his hands and knees for about ten minutes to pick up all my stuff. I was so flustered I almost couldn’t get my tape recorder to work. READ FULL STORY

Watch the guys of 'Workaholics' drink beer and impersonate each other

After making five seasons of Workaholics together, the stars of the Comedy Central show are pretty well acquainted with each other—meaning they’re pretty good at impersonating each other, as the trio proved over beers with EW.

According to the impressions, Adam DeVine turns into Zoolander when he looks in the mirror, Blake Anderson thinks a lot, and Anders Holm is really into early Kanye. Workaholics, they’re just like us. READ FULL STORY

'Backstrom' star Rainn Wilson takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Rainn Wilson is returning to TV with a nasty ­attitude—and he’s hoping you’ll come along for the ride. The 49-year-old Office alum stars on the Fox drama Backstrom (which premieres tonight at 9 p.m.) as a gifted but maladjusted special-crimes-unit detective who fires his insults with the safety off. Keeping that in mind, let’s do a quick psych eval of the amiable actor. READ FULL STORY

Lea Michele threw up while singing 'Let It Go' on 'Glee'

When Lea Michele sang “Let It Go” on Gleeshe took the song’s command literally—and threw up on set.

“The day didn’t start off so well,” she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday. “I was singing, there was snow falling. I looked up, trying to make it magical and beautiful, and ended up choking on the snow and vomiting.”

The camera crew got the whole thing all on film—in slo-mo, no less. But Michele eventually got well enough to perform sans barf—and to pretend to be Elsa for the crew’s kids. READ FULL STORY

Alan Menken tells the stories behind songs from 'Little Mermaid,' 'Aladdin,' and more Disney classics

If you’ve ever loved a Disney song, chances are 65-year-old Alan Menken wrote it. With Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys to his name, he’s now set his sights on TV with ABC’s medieval musical comedy Galavant (which concludes Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC). EW asked the legend to recount the stories behind some of his most iconic songs. (Note: Little Shop of Horrors is the only project on this list unrelated to Disney.) READ FULL STORY

Anne Hathaway and Jon Stewart get the giggles on 'The Daily Show'

We all get the giggles sometimes—even Anne Hathaway, who couldn’t stop laughing on The Daily Show Wednesday night after going over the very, very depressing summary of her upcoming film, Song One.

“They haven’t spoken for six months,” she said on the show, describing the relationship between her and her brother in the film, “and then he gets hit by a car and is in a coma.” She and Jon Stewart then looked at each other and burst out laughing in a fit that went on for about a minute. Watch Stewart try to turn their attention back to the serious movie. (Spoiler alert: He fails.) READ FULL STORY

27 WWE Royal Rumbles, ranked

WrestleMania is the centerpiece of the WWE calendar—but given the choice, I’d take the Royal Rumble every single time. The pro wrestling organization’s January event has always been my favorite, specifically because of the titular match that serves as its headliner.

For the unfamiliar: The Royal Rumble involves 30 competitors (except that one year where it had 40), with each one entering the ring at regular intervals. (Sometimes they’re two minutes, sometimes a minute, sometimes 90 seconds. Most of the time, they take however long it takes for a mini-narrative to play out.) Elimination from the match can only occur when a man (and the occasional woman) is thrown over the ring’s top rope to the floor; both feet must make contact. (That last stipulation leads to all sorts of nonsense like this.) The last man standing is the winner, a victory that typically entitles him or her to a championship match at WrestleMania.

You can tell a lot about the state of the WWE during the Royal Rumble. It forces the company to incorporate a large chunk of the current roster—and tends to lay out the primary storylines that will run through the coming months, as well as the Fed’s biggest shows. READ FULL STORY

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