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Darren Criss makes Ellen DeGeneres an honorary Warbler

Darren Criss and his finely coiffed friends from Dalton Academy made the talk show rounds this week to promote the release of the Warblers very own album, Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers. The group stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to perform “Teenage Dream,” the song that first had us snapping along to their sweet voices. Afterwards Criss managed to charm the pants jacket off host Ellen DeGeneres, as the two talked about his recent road trip to Coachella with costars Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr., his brother (Chuck Criss of Freelance Whales), and his accidental snub of Gwyneth Paltrow. A true gentleman, he capped things off by presenting his fellow blazer enthusiast with the ultimate sign of achievement: her very own Warbler jacket. Check out the performance, as well as Criss’ (shirtless) anti-Blaine look from the music festival, below:  READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' and 'Community' both take walks down memory lane: Who did it better?


30 Rock celebrated 100 episodes with gas-induced hallucinations, flashbacks, and bouts of nostalgia last night. Considering there are five seasons of material to take from and millions upon millions of quoteables, I loved hearing the classic Donaghy logic (“It’s after six. What are we, farmers?”), revisiting vintage Crazy Tracy (“I am a Jedi!”), and even got excited at the sight of dumb Dennis Duffy. But its earlier Thursday night sibling may have delivered a smarter approach to the hackneyed TV trope.

Community defied convention yet again, by creating a clip show out of entirely new scenes posed as memories each character had from earlier episodes this season. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of New York City' Simon van Kempen has also found his voice


Until Bravo greenlights Real Househusbands of Topeka, the better halves from our favorite regional guilty pleasures will continue to remain (mostly) in the background, used sparingly for comic relief  or (in attempts) to stop hair-pulling before it happens.

On The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps astutely observed that the once sheepish Alex McCord has now “found her voice” this season, and it appears so has her husband Simon van Kempen. The Aussie has had his own battles with Jill Zarin, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan over the years, but now has decided to follow the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” Housewives mantra by embarking on a music career. Yes, Simon is bringing the voice inside his heart to the masses with his single “I Am Real,” a “tongue-in-cheek” take on his life in the Bravolebrity bubble that manages to use his wife’s now infamous one-liner: “You know I do my best/I dress up to impress/But she’s causing me stress/Thug in a cocktail dress.” Expose your eardrums to greatness by listening below.  READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' celebrates 100 episodes: Which are your favorites?


In her new book Bossypants, Tina Fey gets candid about the decision to leave the comfort of Saturday Night Live and embark on her own with 30 Rock. She explains that while the show amassed critical success, the goal was always to become a hit with viewers (“We were trying to make Home Improvement and we did it wrong”), and 30 Rock‘s ratings left the cast and crew afraid to make long-term plans during the early years.

Yet, somehow (by the hammer of Thor, perhaps?), Fey and her gang have made it through almost five seasons, and celebrate 100 episodes with tonight’s hour-long special. With TGS on the verge of cancellation, Lemon will be pulling out all the stops to ensure she won’t have to stoop so low as to get a job at a magazine, or become the world’s worst hooker. In honor of this milestone for our beloved little show, here’s a look at some favorite episodes from the last five seasons:

“The Source Awards” (Season 1)
Jack’s burgeoning sparkling wine company becomes the sponsor for The Source Awards, causing Tracy and old foe Ridikolus (LL Cool J) to confront their beef with one another. READ FULL STORY

John Krasinski in talks to join Lena Dunham-penned indie 'Nobody Walks'


While he’s melted our hearts for nearly seven seasons on The Office, Big Tuna has failed to make a huge splash on the big screen. Strange, huh, especially given the immense likability of Jim Halpert. (“Niagara” will forever live in infamy. How many men booked surprise trips on the Maid of the Mist after seeing their girlfriends tear up while watching the episode?) With Steve Carell’s impending departure, it seems there’s no better time for John Krasinski to seal his fate as a legitimate leading man. But why isn’t he one already?  READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' (season?) finale: And the pregnancy test belongs to...


After the intense ending of last week’s episode and the still uncertain season three looming, you’d be naive not to expect some heavy emotions from Parenthood‘s season finale. SPOILERS ahead! If you don’t want to know about Parenthood‘s season finale, click away! MVP Awards go to Alex (Michael B. Jordan),  Amber (Mae Whitman), Max (Max Burkholder), and Sarah (Lauren Graham), all of whom managed to make my heart swell even larger than normal, and break out my very best ugly cry.


'Glee': Which songs would you rather have heard during 'A Night of Neglect'?

While I’m happy to have fresh Glee episodes back on my DVR (you know things are dire when your only upcoming scheduled recording is Pregnant in Heels), last night’s “Night of Neglect” theme had me a little confused. Not to discredit the talented Lykke Li, but if New Directions is trying to put bums in the seats — and raise $5,000 — wouldn’t crowd-pleasing hits be the way to go? And is the goddess that is Adele, currently the best-selling artist of the year (rightfully so), still really neglected? Not to mention Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion, two of the most well-known divas in all the land. (Yes, “All By Myself” was originally written by Eric Carmen and later revived by the Canadian crooner, but the best version will always be one performed by a half-drunk Bridget Jones.) I’m not asking they take another stab at obscure oldies like “Run Joey Run,” or sweet, yet age-inappropriate “To Sir With Love,” but something tells me there are more neglected artists than the Queen of Soul. (Like, say, Robyn, Kelly Rowland, or Shakira.)

I was also expecting the episode’s theme to showcase more of the New Directions’ lesser-known members, a.k.a. the academic decathlon team. (never underestimate the importance of cat disease knowledge, kids.) READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': How Tina Fey's pregnancy won't change Liz Lemon


Revel in the glory of motherhood, nerds. Tina Fey has a bun in the oven. But how will the Bossypants author’s recently announced pregnancy affect our pal Liz Lemon? The folks at 30 Rock have yet to reveal if or how Fey’s news will affect the show, but when you really think about it, it doesn’t really matter: Lemon has vaguely resembled a pregnant woman for the last five years (except for the minor detail of getting her period for 61 straight days). While you might be wondering how Fey can work her bundle of joy into next season’s plot, here’s a quick list of ways her pregnancy won’t change a thing, as it already fits in with Lemon’s trademarked quirks:

• Whether she’s wearing it as a joke or not, the slanket aficionado likes her bi-curious fashion choices and DIY finds (Duane Reade bags as underwear) on the larger side, which gives Fey infinite room to hide a growing belly and prevent any dirty looks from that office gossip Brian Williams.  READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' goes to prom: What's the best prom episode?


TV prom season is upon us, and depending on your experience in high school, these fictitious events can either bring back horrible memories you’ve been trying to suppress (by watching so much television, natch) or make you jealous that your alma mater didn’t have enough money for a fancy ice sculpture.

Last night’s Parenthood offered up one of the first takes on ye old high school tradition of the season (not to worry, there’ll be plenty more), and as always, the episode aimed to get the entire family involved, even though only cousins Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Amber (Mae Whitman) were attending. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Miami' live reunion: A good move? And more importantly, where's YOUR mirror?

One way to increase your chances at a second season pick up: Embark on an expletive-laden rampage on live television. For all the blandness of the six-episode season of The Real Housewives of Miami, last night’s liiiiiive reunion special was pretty spicy. Given the history of these reunions, it was bold of Andy Cohen and his team to brave live television with these hungry reality stars in tow, all of whom saved their most scandalous revelations for last night’s hour-long special. Adrianna seemed to being carrying the Miami cast’s hopes for a renewal on her finely sculpted shoulders, slinging accusations of cheating Cristy’s way, as well as dropping a bomb about her supposed relationship with a 19-year-old (where was all this dish six weeks ago?). At least the tape delay engineer had a busy night.

Watch Andy Cohen squirm in the video below:  READ FULL STORY

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