'New Girl' recap: Good Cop, Bad Girl

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Notable Dotables

So apparently…
When Nick’s home alone, he puts pantyhose over his head and pretends he’s mugging the President for… hot dogs? No actual quote except maybe, “Give me the hot dogs, you son of a b—-!”

How Winston client-blocked Coach:

Why Schmidt and Abby might just work (or explode):
“Crazy girls are kind of my Hurt Locker. Some men, they can just walk away — not me. I just keep comin’ back.”

Nick: Whatever happened to no-nonsense?
Schmidt: I’ve really changed my tune on nonsense, Nick. For the life of me, I could not understand the grasp that Jess had on you. But if she came from the same gene pool as this one? [Chuckles] Kudos, my friend. Even if it’s a tenth of what I just experienced — even if it’s a DeVito-Schwarzenegger split from Twins–
Nick [angrily]: You calling Jess the DeVito?!

Schmidt got a happy ending, so why shouldn’t you?

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