KHAAAAAAAAN! 'Star Trek' retro poster push wants to put 'Space Seed' on your wall


Image Credit: Juan Ortiz

Star Trek Into Darkness introduced a new generation of moviegoers to Khan Noonien Singh (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), one of sci-fi’s greatest villains. (Assuming they hadn’t met him before in his last incarnation. They probably did. It isn’t like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan is some obscure Solaris-esque cult classic.) Now, as the J.J. Abrams-helmed flick tries to boldly go where the franchise has never gone before (a second consecutive $200 million domestic gross; the first $400 million worldwide gross ever), a different part of multimedia Star Trek entertainment machine is commemorating/merchandising Captain Kirk’s initial tussle with the genetically augmented super-human. Yep: The Star Trek retro poster campaign is finally giving fans “Space Seed,” the 22nd episode of the mothership’s first season, with Ricardo Montalban as Khan. The artist — as always — is Juan Ortiz. Here it is again in high res.


Image Credit: Juan Ortiz

Want the T-shirt?


You can purchase it here starting Friday.

Also from Ortiz’s fan-tastic drawing board this month: His take on “All Our Yesterdays” (season three, episode 23).


Image Credit: Juan Ortiz

As always, you can purchase the prints at Quantum Mechanix. You can also get more info about the poster campaign at

Twitter: @EWDocJensen

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