'DWTS': Your Hidden Gems of the Semifinals!

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10“I think the bottom half of Brooke’s dress is shower curtains and Hefty bags.” –DonnaW, endorsed by Prplerose5, Wiltasaurus
“What the heck is that fringe-y thing at Derek’s side? I thought he had a second pair suspender straps for a second.” –Electronic Neko, endorsed by Fridgedancer, SpeechTeacher89, SunBlitz42, krb
“I don’t know exactly why, but the particular combo he had on reminded me of cartoons where a hobo is wearing a barrel with suspenders. The color of the pants, maybe? The belt going across? Why a belt AND suspenders, anyway?” –SpeechTeacher89, endorsed by Fridgedancer, Wiltasaurus, KymG
“Yeah that was BAD.  The whole combo of shirtless & suspenders (please never again Derek!), and the cowboy hat, and the weird side stuff, and the teenage boy mustache, it was just fifty shades of wrong.” –Jem H

“And speaking of flamenco, I feel Annie should include a picture of Val’s near naked wet flamenco with Kelly last season just because. :)” –Jem H, endorsed by Fridgedancer

11“The rainbow is kinda like Stonehenge from This is Spinal Tap. It should be taller!” –DonnaW, endorsed by orville1970, SpeechTeacher89, Colleen, DonnaW, Mambada
“Kym is wearing cute gem-encrusted girl-spenders, at least it looks like it on the back of her outfit — continuing, tastefully, the theme of shirtless (backless?) suspenders this season.” –gemtastic15
“Not so hidden gem: Ingo’s butt in those pants! Shades of Maks.” –Savage131

12“Could Ingo’s champagne bottle be any bigger? Then, he holds it in a certain, uh, position, which makes it resemble something else. Is he trying to compensate?” –Anthony

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