'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 4

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“Zendaya’s crazy colored fingernails. Aw, to be young.” –Tear, endorsed by Colleen, Sm, Jaime, MLM
“Ah, Val finally has a chance to air out his chest!” –Electronic Neko, endorsed by Amy in KC, duranmom, Fridgedancer
“It must be a challenge to create moments of beef-cake costuming when you have such a young partner.  This must be killing him.” –orville1970

“Cuddliest gem: Val tapping Zendaya on the nose in the middle of their dance and her answering innocent smile like a ray of sparkly sunshine as she broke character.” –Gemma K
“Boop!” –kellen, endorsed by Fridgedancer, Wiltasaurus, Electronic Neko, debbsjo, Jem H, Anthony

“Val giving a low-five to one of the under-the-stairs dwellers. Can’t see the dancing, but still touched greatness!” –Kevin M. Kawa


“Jacoby is always making funny faces, but I liked his look when Zendaya was saying since she was only 16, she hoped her best years were still ahead of her.” –Queue55

“Ingo’s son is waving to us gem hunters!” –Colleen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus, Peaceblove
“Though they all seems to have adorable kids, Ingo’s son gets the ‘Coco Arquette’ award for the night.” –Jem H

“Jacoby’s face when Ingo and Kym got their scores! OMG mixed with WOW an 8 big whoop lol mixed with hot mess only he can deliver!!” –RifaG

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