'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 4

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“The woman behind Bruno really wants to see Len do a backflip on the results show. Thumbs up!” –kellen

“The little girl who got wildly excited as Mark was heading up the stairs. I think she tried to reach him, but I don’t think he saw her.” –Garance

“I am positive that Tom’s little shuffle routine┬ábefore Andy’s dance was for the benefit of us gem hunters!” –kfran

“The arrangement of orange vases/sculptures behind Andy resembled some sort of demented pipe organ.” –kfran, endorsed by MLM

“Awww, Peta tearing up at Andy and Sharna’s dance. Too sweet!” –pancake, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa, SJB1120
“Genuine sparkly tears. (I just assume the ‘sparkly’ part.) Loved it.” –Jem H

“When the camera flashed to Andy Dick’s daughter, the woman next to her had a necklace that looked the squares in the game Q*Bert.” –Anthony

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