'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 2!

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GREAT CATCH“Jacoby tosses his yellow hat! The guy in the audience catches it! SCORE!!!” –Anthony

whatever it is, its frame is magnificent“Len looks like he’s wearing a stuffed animal in his jacket pocket. Maybe a teeny tiny leopard or ocelot.” –DonnaW

WANTED. for littering“Lindsay actually hitting and knocking the camera when she threw the hat. She’s got talent and good aim!” –gemtastic15, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa

lisa wants in on that“Victor’s Alfalfa hair in the middle of the front of his hat? I thought his hat was backward when they first got to the celebrequarium.” –emily t, endorsed by kellen

seriously.“Wynonna’s lip liner is always a little off. It’s really noticible in the intro package. Seriously. It’s a really dark color just ABOVE her lip, and it looks like she gave herself a really dark and smooth and small moustache.” –Cindy

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