'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: A Deep Dive


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We already knew that Alice Eve was joining the cast as a mysterious blonde character who was maybe-probably-definitely-actually Carol Marcus, the molecular biologist and Kirk Baby Mama who was played by Bibi Besch in The Wrath of Khan. Of course, since the last Trek movie rebooted the timeline, it was unclear how similar this Carol Marcus would be to the other Carol Marcus.


So here’s what we know: In the rebooted timeline, this is how molecular biologists dress. There are two fun facts about this shot — stop snickering kids I’m serious!!! — as I was saying, there are two fun facts about this shot. First: as uncovered by TrekMovie.com, there’s a url which is cleverly hidden in plain sight where you definitely aren’t looking. In fact, throughout the trailer, there are lots of hidden URLs, which all lead to different international versions of the posters, like this groovy one:

Fun Fact #2: It took half a century, but this May, both the Iron Man and Star Trek franchises will finally take the bold step of prominently featuring shots of women in black bras:


In conclusion, let me sum up the blogosphere this summer: Hollywood, popcorn movies, teen-boy demographic, female characters, sigh.

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