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Sean quickly took the temperature in the room and realized at this point it was best to cut his losses and restructure this date. He did so by cranking up a little power ballad and turned the whole thing into one big couples skate. Well played, my friend. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by good baby-making music and a couples skate. As the date progressed to the evening cocktail party, things got a little intense. I’m not sure how Sean and Lindsay didn’t freak out when they walked out of that door to find Tierra crouched in the dark corner like a scary hobo goblin ready to pounce on them. I’m not really sure there is such a thing as a hobo goblin but again you gotta give me some leeway here. I’m not getting a lot of oxygen and I’m now listening to some Miike Snow, so this could get weird… or weirder. Now, this move by Tierra could’ve gone one of two ways. Sean could’ve been annoyed and sent her packing, or do what he did and talk her off the cliff. Whether this was the right thing for him to do is debatable. Whether or not he got played is not debatable. Bottom line, Sean likes this girl and we all know that when we like someone we see past a lot and we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I imagine there will be much talk surrounding Tierra this week by all of you.

Okay, now musically mellowing things out — Citizen Cope “Sideways” just came on (one of my favorite songs), much better.

As much as Selma’s date turned out not to be a Pretty Woman date, Leslie H.’s was all that and then some. If you didn’t catch it they actually pulled up in front of the Regency Beverly Wilshire hotel, or as Kit says in the movie, “Reg Bev Wil,” where Pretty Woman was shot. Leslie delivered the second best line of this episode when she said she felt like she was really just “a tan Julia Roberts.” It was really cute how uncomfortable and nervous Leslie was with all of this. You could tell she truly appreciated it.

Perfect timing for Bob Marley “Is This Love” to come on my headphones, because that was the big question on Sean’s mind this entire date. He probably summed it up best when he said somebody can look perfect on paper but when it’s not there there’s just no way to fix that. They had incredible conversations and got along so well but that spark has to be there and it just wasn’t. As Mr. Marley just sang to me “I wanna love ya, every day and every night.” That just wasn’t happening here.

This season overall is different than any other I’ve ever been a part of, and that’s because of Sean. He has such an amazing way of making each woman feel like she’s the only one in his life and that is making things increasingly difficult. The other interesting thing about Sean is he has very different relationships with each woman. They all seem to bring out different sides in him. This is going to continue in the weeks to come and if you think emotions are running high now, well, just wait until next week.

If you take anything from this blog this week I hope it’s not the fact that when you combine an eclectic music mix and lack of oxygen I get a little loose. I hope it’s that we have a huge, special two-day Bachelor event next week! Next Monday and Tuesday we will air all new back-to-back episodes. We’ve never done this before but we think these two episodes are so good and so explosive a special two-night extravaganza was in order. So stock up on the boxed wine and let’s do this. In the meantime if you need me or want more songs to live and write by you can always find me on twitter and Instagram @chrisbharrison. Everybody have a great week!

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