A newbie and a superfan discuss 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2.' Will the romance work on a Twi-virgin?


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DENISE: Okay Adam, let’s start off easy! Did you like the film at all?

ADAM: I did? I think? I mean, the acting was totally fine — not nearly as atrocious as the Twi-haters had led me to believe. I bought that Bella was truly enthralled by her new vampire powers, and that projecting her “shield” abilities would make her face look like she had a bad headache. (Not sarcasm! Actually enjoyed that!) There were some surprising moments of humor, and much more of a genuine plot than I expected. And that final battle scene was pretty remarkable — after a particularly gruesome decapitation, I actually screamed “Oh my god!” in the theater, much to the delight of the group of moms and tween daughters sitting next to me.

I do have questions, so many questions, about the details of this film — like, for example, everyone’s hair — but my first is this: As a Twilight fan, did this feel like a real conclusion to you? Because other than that final credit roll of every actor/CW star who’s ever appeared in this franchise, this movie did not feel like the final chapter of a grand “saga” to me.

DENISE: To me it did feel like a conclusion. The Edward and Bella story is done. She’s a super special vampire now, and they have their super special daughter and will live their super special lives forever. Of course, I’d love to see the rest of their happily ever after, but I don’t really need to. There’s no more conflict. The wolves are on their side again. Jacob is not a threat to the Edward-Bella relationship. (And I don’t think he ever really was, honestly.) Charlie gets to stick around as long as he doesn’t ask too many questions and the Volutri have been mind-melded into submission.

Why didn’t it feel like the end to you? Or a better question might be — what part of the story do you think is unfinished?

ADAM: I think it’s because the Bella/Edward storyline seemed to have concluded in Breaking Dawn — Part 1. They got married, they had a kid, she became a vampire, etc., and I was privy to none of it. Whereas Part 2 was all about how Resmenee (or is it Resnemee?) was a threat to the Volturi, who I’m guessing are kinda like the MPAA of the vampire world — a wildly powerful self-appointed governing body with hyper-strict and shifty rules that everyone else could choose to ignore but are compelled not to. Or something? In any event, after the fake-out battle between the Volturi and what appeared to be the vampire version of the X-men was over, I agreed with the gay Russian emo rock vampires: The Volturi were far from cowed. Evil Michael Sheen even looked back at Bella and called her a “prize.” In the world of “saga” franchise movies, when an evil threat like that is allowed to continue on, things aren’t over yet.

But I take your point that in the world of “epic” romances, when relationships are resolved and babies are born, things do tend to be over.

DENISE:  First, it’s actually Renesmee. Renee (Bella’s mom) plus Esme (Edward’s “mom”).

As for the Volturi — they are the “rulers,” but there is really only one rule — humans can’t know vampires exist. And they punish those who break that rule. In Breaking Dawn, however, it’s clear that they are corrupt. Aro, or Evil Michael Sheen to you, wants Edward and especially Alice to join his guard because of their abilities. They were just looking for an excuse to attack the Cullens, which is why they were so excited when Irina (Maggie Grace) came to inform on them. Yes, technically, they were simply defending the tenants of the vampire world — but it was really just an excuse to indenture Edward and Alice.

But back to your point about the ending —I see where you are coming from, but in the book, it’s actually a little more concrete. The gay Russian emo rock vampires — a.k.a. The Romanians — were actually not as pissed as they were in the movie and  Aro makes no such gesture toward Bella and Alice. As for the looming threat of the Volturi, Stephenie Meyer wraps it up neatly by basically saying that Alice will see when they will come again and they’ll be prepared. (There’s more too it, as well — one of the Irish vampires has the ability to will certain outcomes, but they left that out of the movie, probably because it’s a tiny bit confusing.)

Before you start asking me questions, though, I really need your thoughts on the Jacob and Renesmee situation.

NEXT PAGE: The Jacob and Renesmee situation. Plus: Amazon Tyra Banks vampires, the mystery of Twilight‘s hair styles, and the wonders of Billy Burke!

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