'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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“Tony and Emmitt’s dueling Heisman trophy poses. Which neither pulled off correctly.” –Kevin M. Kawa

“Is that a MIRROR BALL WALL in Emmitt’s interview with his friend?!?!” –Colleen, endorsed by duranmom
“He’s clearly auditioning for DWTS: The Future with that boxy mirrorball-patterned sport coat!” –Fringe Fairy

“When Cheryl tossed her love letter in front of the military audience members, one of them got all confused and thought he should pick it up. I thought it was a very gallant and noble deed. Mirrorballus salutes you, kind sir!” –Wiltasaurus
“Thanks to our armed forces for protecting us on land, at sea, in the air and picking up thrown away love letters from our pros on Planet Mirrrorballus.” –MLM

“Looked like Emmitt was squeezing his own butt at the end” –Carmella, endorsed by Prplrose5, DarkLordofDance, JAYBES

“The reflection of the lights off of JR’s head in the audience while he was cheering for Melissa and Tony made it look as if he had a really bad blond dye-job.” –orville1970

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