'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 6

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“It looked as though Peta’s upper torso was floating in her Lazy Boy because her sweats and Uggs matched the fabric. #comfyflage” –kellen, endorsed by CarmellaDonnaWorville1970CABVWiltasaurus

“Coming back from commercial, the long shot of Tom made it look like the rotating spotlights were shooting from his head.” –DonnaW

“Not to mention what it looks like the spotlights are shooting from Gilles!” –Fringe Fairy, who is very sorry but come on

“Len and the polka dot ladies behind him. Their dresses and his tie and hankie were dotty-licious.” –3 left feet, endorsed by Sugar
“Are those gems on Len’s breast pocket? Please say they are, Fringe Fairy!” –Wiltasaurus

ADDENDUM: “This could use a Photoshopped burger.” –fauxbot

“Carrie Ann had to literally tie herself into her chair after falling out of it last week. AND she used a rope! How very country of her!” –Anthony

“Brookebot’s intriguing dress oddly complemented Peta’s. The trio vaguely reminded me of Velma Kelly, Roxie Hart, and Billy Flynn from Chicago. Or maybe Brookebot and Peta were two of the Merry Murderesses from ‘Cell Block Tango.’ Jeez, and this is supposed to be Country Week.” –Wiltasaurus
“Tostitos scoops are jealous of how deep Gilles scoop neck is” –Carmella, endorsed by SunBlitz42
” He got his shirt at heavageRus. Thank the gods they have them on every street on the planet Mirrorballus.” –BV

NEXT PAGE: A random diamond flies from Val’s collar, the only perk of him wearing a shirt

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