Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD': The all-stars are back and energy levels are high!

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A tribute to Emmy Award winning choreographer Mia Michaels

For the first time on “SYTYCD” an entire night was devoted to one choreographer, Mia Michaels .

I personally loved watching all the numbers again. It might have been a bit unfair to compare this season’s talent with some of the most magical moments of our show’s history.

I’m not sure it was a good idea for me to go back and watch all the original routines and the dancers that made those dances special before the show.

I think overall the dancers did an amazing job but could not quite find the magic, maybe if they had an All-Star from the original piece they would have had a chance to make magic again.

I did think it was a cool idea. I just didn’t know how difficult it was going to be to live up to the past’s greatest moments.

I think couples that stood out tonight were Elaina and Cyrus starring in the Door; Tiffany and George starring in Hometown Glory; Witney and Chechon in the Bench Dance; and Lindsey and Cole starring in An Addiction.

Now on to the eliminations – falling into the bottom for the girls was Lindsey, Amelia, and Janelle. We went back and forth between Amelia and Lindsey with Lindsey edging out Amelia with her amazing dancing in the Addiction piece.

Word back from the choreographers was that Janelle was always complaining. Contestants need to know that they are being judged at all times. When we get down to great dancers falling into the bottom, we have to go on everything and even having a choreographer to like working with someone, is included this season.

For the guys I don’t think we wanted to lose anybody because this was a tough one. It came down to George and Dareian with George just edging out Darien. I’m glad losing four contestants at one time is over. That is just way too hard on all of us.

All in all I think it was a great night of celebrating Mia Michaels and dance.

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(Dress by Karen Millen; jewelry by Zorab)

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