'Dexter': What did you think of the season's first big shocker?


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There have been a few twists so far this season on Dexter, but all pale in comparison to the final scene of last night's episode. [Don't read on if you haven't had a chance to check out the latest episode!]

When we first met Brother Sam, I — like many of you, I imagine — thought we’d seen his kind on the show before. A man with a good reputation, who was secretly very, very bad and was going to bond with Dexter. Well, the “bad” part never came and, as it turns out, I guess I was the awful person because I had thought the worst of him. And he, in fact, was somewhat of a good influence on Dexter. He opened his eyes to the idea and concept of faith and proved to be a real friend (how sweet was it for him to go to the hospital when Harrison was sick?). All of Brother Sam’s good qualities and obvious bond with Dexter made it even sadder to see him get riddled with bullets last night.

His exact fate is unknown, but easy to guess that he’s not long for this world based on how many bullets he took, right? (By my count it was three, but they looked serious.) Guess we’ll have to see.

I will say that the attack caught me off guard. After he and Dexter fought off those other assailants a few episodes back, I never expected that more would come around. And I’m sad they did — I was enjoying seeing new sides of Dexter as a result of Brother Sam’s involvement in his life. That said, this attack will no doubt leave Dexter reeling — and possibly crazy with rage. I love enraged Dex! And I think crazy Dexter is just what this season needs.

What about you readers? What did you think of the Brother Sam’s shocking shooting? Think he’ll pull though? Do you want him to? And what’s your take on the season so far?

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  • PapaRazi

    For once, the black guy didn’t die first.

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      • Strawberry Jam

        Keep your idiot spam to yourself, OK?

      • Dummy

        Who’s the idiot? You’re replying to a spam bot.

      • Pickles mcTavish

        And I’m responding to an idiot responding to a spam bot.

  • Brandy

    LOVING Mos Def as Brother Sam, so I hope he pulls through somehow. He’s been the highlight of the season for me.

    Also, why the hell isn’t Dexter getting a weekly recap anyway? That’s just ridiculous, EW!

    • Winnie

      I agree, Brandy. I’m surprised there are no [more] Dexter recaps!

    • Ken

      Come on, don’t you know that EW is too busy recapping Real Housewives and all the Kardashian shows to devote any time to a quality show such as Dexter?

      • daisy

        sadly true :(

    • Piper

      Yes! Dexter needs a weekly recap.

    • mojackcity

      Yes, we need Dexter recaps! You recap Football and not Dexter? Seriously?

      • real fan

        Agreed! Please, no Kardash.

      • randi

        No kidding…Kardashian bombardment!

    • jennab

      Agreed; I believe EW is paid to re-cap some shows (e.g., producers pay for ad content as well as editorial) and I think, if that’s the case, that it should be disclosed. EW?

    • Liz Lemon

      Agree with everything you said. Please, pull through Brother Sam! Either way, I’m pretty sure Dexter is going to slaughter whoever shot him.

    • Flip

      Glad to see Sam go—I hate the character! This season is too “churchy” for me.

      • Giacomo V.

        Agreed. The ‘concept of faith’ is a delusion for morons.

    • Darren Stevens

      Dexter needs recaps!! I have also wondered where they were and why EW stopped. This is still a good show and it doesn’t get enough marketing.

  • MCS

    Mos Def was the best part of the new season, and a worthy guest star (good riddance Stiles, you she-demon).

    • Matt

      Stiles wasn’t that bad, it could be worse.. It could have been Claire Danes.

      They need to bring back Brea Grant, waiting for her to disrobe has been the only interesting part of this season besides the Brother Sam scenes. Olmos and Hanks are excellent additions to the show as actors, but their roles are so far very uninteresting and time-filling at best.

      • lilian

        Hahaha! I hate Stiles – although I liked last season – but nowhere near as much as I hate Danes! Catastrophe averted! This said, I was bummed to see Brother Sam go, I was really liking his rapport with Dexter

    • c’mon

      What?? Lumen was a great character…much better than Brother Sam! I’m glad something interesting finally happened with him. So far this season is nowhere near as good as the last two.

      • altgrrl

        Me too…loved the lumen dexter thing and the season. i just really wanted to learn more about jordan chase, i thought he was awesome!

        but whoever said sam is too churchy – WTF? what does that even mean? he said on more than one occasion that the label of your religion is not what is important, just that dexter should be open to possibilities. that does not sound too churchy to me.

  • Katy

    So far this season is thoroughly boring. I couldn’t be less invested in any of the characters or storylines, and I find myself checking my watch while watching to see when each tedious episode will be over. The crime scenes have been laughably preposterous, I’m not even remotely scared of the “villains” this season, and having Deb skip rank from detective to Lt. is never allowed, ever, in any kind of law enforcement setting. This show keeps creaking along, but I doubt I’ll be watching much longer at this rate.

    • Matt

      Yeah I know the feeling.. I don’t clock watch on this show, Michael C. Hall is still too good, but I do that with “Person of Interest” and it’s almost just a matter of time before that clock watching turns into skipping the show. Not caring about the fates, and wasting time on the dumb backstories no one cares about.. Not to mention how sloppy the evidential plot holes are with Dexter’s involvments. What happened to not leaving traces back to you? As if they cant find out who stole the High School reunion slut’s phone and lured the jock to his death with a phone call? I get it, no body, no crime, but Dexter’s writers used to be careful.

      Poor Masuka finally gets a meaningful angle with the intern bad girl, and they run her out of the show and tie up the loose end (hopefully not for good)

      Come on Dexter..changing your show runner every year has to be the direct cause of this.

      • Zak

        I can almost assure everyone here that Brea Grant aka Masuka’s love interest is coming back. I know that for a FACT. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone!!

    • bass

      ttoally agree. it’s a bit of a snoozefest this season, brother sam culminating in the biggest fot he snooze. doesn;t help that the apocoplypse freakshow duo are equally as boring (weird, sure, but boring as hell).
      i was happy to see chip the showrunner get the boot but this season seems to be on this weird revamp course that i’m not fully getting…at all.

    • Persephone

      Deb was already a Detective…..

  • Shellibelli

    I knew it I knew it I knew it, damn them they killed him off, and I was just saying the other day, that the writers wont keep him around – even though they should. Some new characters in the show wouldnt be so bad, and this would open the door for getting rid of Laguarta, she cant be long for the Dexter world can she?

    • Michael

      I hope she goes

  • Melly

    I hope BroSam doesn’t die. He’d be a great addition to the permanent cast (possible discoverer of Dexter’s dark passenger?) and not just a guest.

  • Valley Girl

    I enjoyed the episode overall. Agree with earlier post in hoping Brother Sam pulls through, but think it unlikely if Dexter appears to be plotting retribution.

    It was nice seeing a True Blood alumni – Lorena (Klaveno)! Usually it’s a Dexter alumni that moves over to TB: actors that play Tara, Sam, Isabel, Portia…

    • Kristen

      TYTYTY when we were watching that last night, I saw her come on screen and immediately said, “Lorena, oh, I hate her.” My husband was like WHAT? for a few minutes then he got it.

  • Psac

    In the past it’s been the “bad guys” who have gotten the attention — John Lithgow, Jimmy Smitts, etc., and Julia Styles was a bit of a non-entity (though I didn’t hate her as some others), but totally agree with everyone else here — Mos Def has been doing wonders in this role. I really hope they put him in the ring for the Best Guest Actor Drama Emmy. His understated delivery is just perfect. Way more compelling/interesting than Colin Hanks or Edward James Olmos.

    • Matt

      I can’t help but think the show would have benefitted far greater from switching the roles of Olmos and Mos Def. I don’t like Olmos as the bad guy, and Mos Def would make a great villain. They’d have had to have juggled the script a bit, but in theory, I prefer that.

  • Nicole

    I was also upset that something happened to Brother Sam. He has been a great influence on Dexter. I also thought he would be the one person he might talk to about the Dark Passenger, but almost in a thereputic way.

    It seems he at least survived until next week, let’s hoep it is longer than that.

  • Frank

    am i the only one who actually PREFERED last season to this one? i, like others who have commented, find myself checking my watch to see how much longer each episode has left this season. i thoroughly enjoyed the Luman characted last season. I think Julia Stiles did a fabulous job, whereas established actors (with the exception of Mos Def) are sleep-inducing thus far.

    • DexFan

      Nope. I loved Season 5 too. Jordan Chase – TAKE IT!! Johnny Lee Miler was superb, as was Julia Stiles. And that last episode where Deb nearly busts Dexter, and the ambuguity of her comments to him. Does she kow who/what he is, on some level? This season is just so lame. A shadow of the once-great Dexter. Maybe it’ll get better.

  • Brian Mullins

    Dexter used to be my favorite show on television, but ever since Rita’s death the show has gone down hill. This season the show is boring, the villains laughable. The show is now nothing more to me than a placeholder for Homeland

    • Matt

      Placeholder for Homeland? Up until this last episode, it’s been barely tolerable. Claire Danes and her manic one-not delivery, the dopey, mouth-breather POW? Only Mandy Patinkin could save this show and he finally did this week. But you’re right about Dex, it is going downhill, and it’s because the revolving door of showrunners.. It’s like changing your coach in the NFL. Takes time to get everything solidified, new schemes, new players.. and most of the time, you don’t get the time to right the ship. They need to start advancing the end game we’re all expecting, or the show is going to lose the non-die hards like us.

  • SLB

    Damn! I liked Brother Sam.

  • MEL

    Why is there no weekly recap for Dexter this season

  • Dave

    I look forward to Dexter every week but this year has been a bust! Other than Mos Def’s role I am disappointed in this season which lacks good characters to root against and seems to be following predictable patterns from past seasons. Homeland is a much better show which is saying a lot given how much I usually love Dexter. I can only hope it gets better the rest of the season.

    • Morgan

      Dave, you are 100% right. Homeland is kicking Dexter’s ass right now! I think that Colin Hanks isn’t a good actor and Edward J. Olmos has a boring character. It really makes me miss John Lithgow!! He was the bomb!
      I’m rooting for the show and for Dex, but come on – let’s get it going!!

    • Liz Lemon

      I think Detective Mike Anderson is pretty bada*s. I’m willing to bet that he and Debra have an affair at some point this season.

  • SJ

    Love this season, couldnt even finish last season. Maybe its because I have a serious love for Admiral Adama though (Professor Gellar), and would watch him in anything.

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