'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 6!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“OMG when Bruno was yelling “It’s a Hit!” There was a moment where he looked EXACTLY like Russell from True Blood when he did the news! PLEASE someone else notice this!” –Mals

“Who was the lady at the bottom of the stairs reaching out to David and Kim like she was begging for a hug? She threw David off too- he looked back at her questioningly.” –Amanda, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, Chaz

“HG: Courtney Cardashian giving MAJOR stank face while Ricki and Derek were dancing.” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Amanda, duranmom, johoallen, Jem Ho, Xorp, socialandrea, B

“Lamar going for a standing O for Ricki Lake, then looking around like he did something wrong” –Brenda S, endorsed by Jem Ho, endorsed by Carmella, kc, Kelly W., dutycall10_4
“Having Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom in the row of Kardashians makes them look like little Bratz dolls” –socialandrea
“With the addition of Kardashian husbands Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries, poor Bruce Jenner gets pushed out of the front row.” –Kevin M. Kawa

“The cutaway to the Phantom of the Opera lurking in a balcony during the comments following Ricki and Derek’s dance (Jeff the Masked Man from the Bachelorette, is that you?)” –LKell, endorsed by socialandrea, B, Kwo, Cinders, Neko, Daphne, Chaz, Robin Sparkles, Tara, Anthony Covino, jb13760, Karikata, RBlues, bouionice

“When Lacey revealed the music to Chaz, her nail polish matched the CD. That’s impressive.” –Jem Ho

“2 ‘peeping toms’ (haha!) poking their heads out from behind the curtain before Chaz & Lacey started.” –Spot the Gem, endorsed by RBlues

“Lacey’s death stare at Brooke-bot after she said she ‘can relate’ to getting a 19. Bah!” –kellen

“MY VERY FIRST HIDDEN GEM NOMINATION: Kalia (of Big Brother 13) sitting 2 rows directly behind Kenny Ortega!” –Lacey, endorsed by socialandrea, Liz
“There’s a pumpkin sitting behind Kenny Ortega” –Kelly W.
“Elton John was present in Planet Mirrorballus! That’s where he has been hiding!!!” –Anthony Covino

“The Driton Dovolani Award for Excellence in Broadway Dance on Planet Mirrorballus, more commonly known as the Tony on a Tony Award.” –LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Chaz, Kristie D, I’d Rather Be Dancing, iggy, Anthony, Kevin

“I watched Derek’s face closely. I got the vibe that he was thinking, Maks’ show….are you effing kidding me?!!” –Kim, endorsed by LuluNYC, mfortuin, Hiddle, irishdancer23, NayNay-TIMB, Jody, Fred, Alix

“I do believe I spotted Tom’s doppelgänger in the audience after J.R.’s dance, peering out from behind Tom himself before the commercial break.” –kfran

“Val’s butt is a gem in and of itself, but it’s just that much more noticeable when it includes a major wedgie (when Kristin was standing on the chair)” –Jem Ho

“Nancy Grace is starting to take after Tristan — did anyone see her tongue pop out in excitement when Carson came in?” –irishdancer23, endorsed by Patrycja

“During the group rehearsal, while Carson says ‘the women are hostesses’, Ricki (at least I think it was her) was practicing that role by just hanging out with her hand on Kym’s a$$.” –Jem Ho

“Pink boa feather in Carson’s pocket.” –irishdancer23

“When the camera cut to Tom standing on the balcony, the woman in green behind him had her shoes off! For just a second we saw bare feet through the railing and then the camera moved up further to hide it.” –jessart, endorsed by Daphne, Jem Ho


“Perhaps the toy chest in David and Kym’s rehearsal studio (and all the other ones, too) is where Gaby’s stepfather’s body from Desperate Housewives ended up?” –orville, endorsed by socialandrea, Call Me Daphne

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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  • Mals

    Oh my gosh!!! I got the MVG!! Seriously, this just made my night , which could either be reallly sad…or really fabulous! :)

    • jessica

      it’s not sad at all!

      • Annie Barrett

        I’m happy about it!

  • amanda

    ewww why is that lady barefoot? If you can’t deal with high heels, don’t wear them.

    • Jeeze

      If you can’t deal with someone being barefoot, well that’s just sad.

      • Jessica

        you’re in a recording show come on at least put them back on when you see that the hosts are going to present right in front of you.

      • Squishmar

        True dat.

    • tia

      That looks just like Mary Murphy from SYTYCD!

  • dennis

    change the name to dance with the judges,since the think that they are the stars.!!! we tune in to be entertained by the stars… the rest of the show is killing time and space between the real stars..

  • Laura

    Bruno owes Chaz a public apology. Judges should recognize the hard work and improvement of each dancer. Max was absolutely correct.

    • L

      No,Max was very DISRESPECTFUL to LEN.The problem with
      MAX is, he is too much in love with his BIG STUPID self.Where does he get off in saying that DWTS is his show.

      • maria

        Actually it is Maks’ show. And all the other pros can make the same statement. DWTS is popular because of the Pros and not because of the judges.

      • Ants

        English is not his 1st language give him a break! The pros are the show…..

    • Mellissa

      Actually, Max is absolutely correct. He didn’t present it in the best way, but regardless, he’s absolutely right. Hope, for example, could be training for her upcoming (possible) Olympic Games, and instead, she’s training in the ballroom all day. And the judges question her effort.

  • Brian

    Week six is the third of six weeks that Chaz Bono obtained the lowest total score. Time will tell if he dances his way to the next round and be in the top six of the original twelve dancers.

    • jackie schwarz

      Be critical but not cruel

  • jackie schwarz

    Bruno is a BRUTE!

  • Wendy

    Don’t watch the show but I look forward to the gems every Tuesday when you post them, they crack me up :)

  • jason underwood

    It wasn’t riki that was grabbing kyms butt she is all the way on the right of the pic in a black shirt with her hand around Cherril Burk I think it was Corina.

    • Jem Ho

      I wasn’t sure all along who it was but now seeing it as a still pic clearly it was not Ricki. So I guess it’s Karina puttin the booty grab on Kym instead. Still gemtastic!

  • irishdancer23

    OMG MY FIRST GEMS!!! this just MADE MY LIFE!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! geez i am already jittery from all of this drama from maks and chaz…i guess i really need to lay off the caffeine…

  • Laurina E. Uribe

    I am so disgusted with Bruno’s lack of appropriate apology to Chaz, a man who has legitimate body image issues (as do numerous people) and now with the show in general that I am writing to ABC AND to every single advertiser (especially local advertisers). My hope is that the show will be cancelled or at least banned from our local television area. It is a pathetic example to our young people as to how to provide legitimate critique and judgement in the truest intent of those concepts. Unfortunately, these concepts are not understood by two of the three judges nor by the producers. Sorry, Tom — you are the one bright light in the entire mess. Needless to say, I will be advising all with whom I relate not to watch the show and to contact advertisers.
    PS How would Bruno like to have references made to his gay-ness and obvious discomfort Len has with it?
    NO More.

    • Alix

      All this because Bruno compared him to a penguin? He wasn’t saying Chaz was fat, or gay, he was saying that if you’re gonna put on a tux and do a tango, you’ve got to attack it, not wobble around the stage like a cuddly bird. Which Chaz did — he cannot dance. Good Lord, how would people react if they heard an actual slur on TV?

    • Michelle

      The penguin comment comes from the tux he was wearing, not because of his size. Classic slang is obviously not part of your vernacular. Perhaps you should get off your soapbox before you fall off and look like an ass…oh wait…too late.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • NunauBidness

      Oh yes we do!!

  • Alix

    Did Tom just compliment Chaz on his non-existent charisma? Well, that’s sweet. Finally, this guy is gone! His presence was getting embarrassing. Good luck, Chaz, but most of all, goodbye!

  • john link

    judges are mean to dancers

  • Erica

    Why am I just now noticing that when my mouse hovers over the images I get more hidden gem phrases!? This only makes me like you more Annie!

    • Zach

      You read my mind/one of us copied the other’s post!

    • fringefan

      I don’t know because I’ve never seen it either, so thanks to both you and Annie for making hidden gems so so much better. :)

    • Talismangirl

      Thanks for pointing out – I hadn’t noticed these either – AWEsome – Annie is the best!

    • aaa

      Annie’s been doing it like forever! It’s the gem within a gem. Go look back at older hidden gems and enjoy! :)

      • Squishmar

        Yeah, those are sometimes funnier than the Gems themselves… at least they always add something to them. :D

  • Brenda

    Dancers/actors of DWTS…Maks: he said what he did to boost ratings. Derek and Ricki back in the game and I still don’t know which of the two to cheer for most: Ricki or JR. Chaz Bono did his best and should be proud of himself. Too bad Cher hasn’t been around much.

    • LG

      I agree 100% with you regarding CHAZ BONO.MAX has no
      RESPECT.I was hoping that it would have been HOPE VOTED off instead.

    • carol

      Good bye Chaz. You did not stoop to the level of the judges comments, which speaks volumes of your integrity and character!
      Maks, while I don’t agree with all you said, I
      JR all the way!!

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