Is Jessica Simpson pregnant or not? For once, it's none of our business.


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Seeing the photo to the left, it’s easy to understand why people believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Loose-fitting jacket, pronounced bump — for once, bloggers and tabloids are dying to congratulate the multi-hyphenate on her changing body. And yet, Simpson is saying… nothing.

I’d like to congratulate Simpson on just that. Though it seems the entire Internet is wondering, Why hasn’t Simpson confirmed her obvious pregnancy?, the star isn’t budging. And why should she? Plain and simple, her private life is none of anyone’s business. But her silence is even more impressive when you consider Simpson’s background: This is a woman who made a living off of her private life. Her marriage was turned into a reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, and her divorce and subsequent relationships turned into front-page news. Simpson even publicized her supposed struggle with weight via another reality show, The Price of Beauty. Yet, on the possibility that she’s about to bring up her first baby, Simpson is staying mum.

Perhaps that’s because we only keep up with the Kardashians these days. Or maybe Simpson is woe to trust a media that has spent the better part of the past decade deriding her for her looks and personal life. But 2011 is turning into an interesting year: The famously private Beyoncé announces her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards, while the famously open Simpson refuses to submit to tabloid desires.

Of course, cynics could see this as a tactic. Why waste one magazine cover on a pregnancy announcement, when you can inspire several magazine covers wondering whether or not you’re pregnant? (All the headlines certainly haven’t hurt Simpson’s waning celebrity.) Still, I’d like to remain hopeful for humanity and just choose to believe that the elder Simpson has simply grown up. Hopefully she’s learned that not everything needs to be a public affair.

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  • Julie

    I thought she was holding out for a large paycheck from whatever magazine pays for the privilege of breaking the story?

    Or perhaps she doesn’t want anyone to remind her about how she used to make a big deal about “saving herself” for marriage?

    Either way, I’m sure her silence won’t last too long.

    • Nah—

      she’s just on the Adele diet.

      • Mo

        If only the diet could make her sing as beautifully.

    • ironic?

      good point… the woman who prided herself on waiting till marriage to have sex, is now having a baby out of wedlock… ironic?!

      • The Irony Police

        That’s not ironic.

      • Avi

        This was my first thought when i heard she was (probably) pregnant. then I realized she’s also divorced which is also frowned upon in the uber christian set. So it doesn’t really matter.

      • MJ

        I don’t think the uber christian set has used her as a role model for their daughters for quite a while.

      • Laprecious

        you shouldnt be judgemental towards anyone i mean its alot of people having babies out of widlock so shut up and mind your busniess

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      Seriously how can you work for a major entertainment publication and not know that it was widely reported that her Dadager was shopping around $500K cover deal?

      Kate, you’re giving the Simpsons far too much credit. If there’s money to be made, they’ll make it. They don’t care about their private lives.

  • hru

    love this girl. She is always full of surprises.

  • tnchick

    You know she isn’t confirming it now because she’s waiting on some tabloid to pay her right?

    • etm

      Supposedly she got 500k from OK magazine for the story.

    • Ally

      exactly. I highly doubt it’s just her “growing up”

  • Phil

    uhhh she already confirmed she is pregnant. great article

    • Lisa

      Phil: When did she confirm it?

  • Esox

    Maybe she’s just fat.

    • trav

      Or her religious family doesn’t want to admit that now BOTH of their daughters were pregnant before they were married.

  • etm

    I love how Beyonce just showed up to the MTV awards pregnant, and I like how Jessica is just letting herself get photographed pregnant w/o announcing it. Though I also thought she was holding out for a big payday. It’s funny how now that the OK magazine cover has hit the web, Jessica is now showing her bump, whereas before she was hiding it in loose clothing.

  • SS

    And yet.. she’ll probably announce it tomorrow and sell her pictures in People.
    There’s no way she’s changed. I wish she would go back to the belting pop singer she used to be.

  • Cee Lo Black

    It is strange that she made all that fuss earlier this year about getting in shape and losing weight before her wedding then she got pregnant.

  • lisa g.

    I like “supposed struggle” because that’s exactly what it was. She received some criticism n was save enough to turn it into an ugly duckling crusade all while looking better than 95% of women!

    • lisa g.


  • frank

    she is waiting for her father to annouce that she is making a new reality show, or maybe the fact that she is an unwed mother , too bad she is not 16 or MTV would be knocking on her door. She cant wait to gain all that baby weight, she better hurry up and get married before her , whatever he is, decides to dump her.

    • Jared

      I read it quickly and thought you were saying she was waiting for her father to announce he was the father. He is a little creepy.

  • Really?

    “For once it’s none of our business” Seriously? I don’t even like Jessica Simpson but when I saw that headline, I had to see what your reasoning was. It’s never anyone’s business until the person actually decides to announce it. As a woman, I couldn’t imagine having people taking my picture everyday and anytime I looked slightly bloated having the tabs suggesting I was pregnant. As much I enjoy a little celebrity gossip, I wish we could dial it back to waiting for them to actually announce rather having half a dozen false reports a year. I mean poor Jennifer Garner should have a dozen kids by now for all the times they’ve reported she was pregnant and she wasn’t.

    • Mo

      Of course, you can’t imagine it. You seem like a mentally sound person. But Simpson is not. She flames the fires. She has a staff of PR flunkies calling the “press” every time she leaves the house. She is loving this. The attention! All for little ol’ me?
      (And I agree that Garner is a different breed–she should be left alone until she wants to annouce what’s going on in her life.)

    • kittah

      last i checked you’re not famous!

      • J

        I don’t care how famous you are, seeing your pic on the cover of a tab saying you’re pregnant just because you wore an ill fitting outfit or gained a little weight would be enough to drive anyone crazy. For the fame hos I suppose any attention is good attention, but for those who don’t court the attention it has to be horrifying.

  • Nina

    Do not put your hope for humanity on one of the Simpson clan. She makes money off everything she does. Her marriage, engagement, boyriends, daddy, thoughts, “music”, “acting”, clothing, makeup, shoes, hair are all income producers. Why should this be any different?

  • JPX

    She better hope that she’s pregnant, she’s huge. It must be depressing to know that you peaked in your early 20s.

    • JPX

      If she is pregnant she should be embarrassed given that the father is an unemployed hagner-on. Loserville all the way with these two.

  • Laurie

    Good for her. I wish more celebrities didnt feel the need to announce everything in their life via press release or Twitter or Facebook. I dont care who has given up dairy or what color nail polish they are designing now.

  • Rebecca Richard

    who cares, that is her business, if she is I wish her well.

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