Alexis Stewart's intensely uncomfortable 'Today Show' interview: Watch and squirm!

If looks could kill, anyone that tuned into The Today Show this morning probably would have been dead by breakfast. Martha Stewart‘s daughter Alexis, alongside her former collaborator and friend Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt, visited the program to promote their book Whateverland and, apparently, make everyone terribly, terribly uncomfortable. When asked if the book — in which Stewart writes, among other things, that she felt as though she had “a glue gun pointed at my head” growing up with a famous mom — is an attack on her mother, the author simply stated, “It’s not a book about my mother. It’s a book about growing up and learning to live with what happened or didn’t happen.” (For the record, on her own show, Martha referred to the book as “hilarious” and “enlightening.”)

But it wasn’t the icy responses to the questions about Martha that would have made even David Brent uncomfortable and Nina Garcia cower in fear: It was the interaction between Stewart and Koppelman-Hutt, who have “broken up” since writing the book and working on their radio show together. Some of Stewart’s gems: “If you want to punish somebody, never talking to them again is a really good method,” “Some people are very clingy and some people like to be by themselves,” and “I’m very close to my mother, but not a single other person in my family.” (In case you were wondering, Koppelman-Hutt is very close to her entire family.) If you can handle it, watch the entire awkward clip below.

Uncomfortable TV or great marketing ploy?

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  • I Saw It!!!

    I had to rewind it on the Tivo because I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. For a “funny” book, these two women did not make me laugh once, so why would I want to buy their book? As for your “brilliant marketing ploy?” question, my answer is “no.” This makes me run the other way.

    • deluded

      The Stewart daughter is deulsional if she thinks anyone is going to read the book for any other reason than she is the daughter of Martha Stewart

      • Betty

        She is obviously trying to ride the coat tails of her mothers success.. Which she will never be – because she is nothing but mean!

      • PJ

        Ask any of Martha Stewart’s staff members or read any article not written by or for Martha Stewart and you will realize the daughter learned from her mother. Her mother already bought her a gym in NYC that failed, radio show that failed, and now a book that will fail.

      • Stewart

        I used to mooch of my friends lunches at school.

      • lu23

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      • min zee

        Here is another “wealthy” person who thinks she is better than other people. She needs to get a reality check. More money doesnt make you better and it doesn’t help you live longer, or live forever…just like her mom, she poops and pees too.. at the end of the day, we all end up “6ft under”… millionaire has ever changed that. So she should be grateful and she should learn to look it too. Life is too short honey!

  • TPK

    Not uncomfortable at all. Also not worth 8 minutes of my day.

    • Phil

      Uh oh if you didn’t sense the awkwardness you must be as delusional and self involved as Martha Stewart’s daughter

      • untapttalent

        yeah, i’m with TPK and Chris, i didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward watching the clip as much as i did, bored. it was just a boring interview. definitely doesn’t make me want to read the book.

    • Chris

      Nope, TPK is right. Not uncomfortable, and a waste of my time.

    • Realist

      Strict Mom. Boring Daughters.

      Can I get an Amen here?

      • Tristan

        “Amen here”

      • Mij

        All this proves is Martha raised an even bigger nut-case than herself. Does Alexis have a daughter? I can wait the 30 years or so. They can all be on Jerry Springer’s great-grandsons’ show along with the Gosselins. Theme: you think your mom’s a b*tch?

      • Jay

        it was somewhat uncomforatbale. What was clear is that Alexia is an Ice Queen, just like momma. Read Jerry Oppenheimer’s book about MS – she was terrible, borderline neglectful to her daughter. Her daughter hated her and lashed and acted out as a teenager and young adult. Any money the kid has made has been off bashing MS. eventually there will be a real Mommy Dearest book from Alexis.

        What was funnier was the promo set up for the 9:00 hour. They kept the camera on her and she thought it was off. Soooooo clear what a phony harpie she is. Just like her mommy!

      • anon

        Mij, yes alexis has a one year old daughter and a newborn son.

  • Liz

    THAT was uncomfortable.

  • lilymax

    I saw it and yes, it was intensely uncomfortable. I wonder how that woman has any friends in the first place to be able to break up with them. Which incidentally she said is one of her favorite things to do.

    • Betty

      Right! How could someone favor breaking up with a friend. She needs to have that tattooed to her forehead: Caution – if you make an effort to be my friend, I will break up with you! I will leave you on the playground with NO ONE to play with!


    I loved right before the commercial where they said she would be back to answer questions later on they show her smiling and holding up the book, and then she must have thought the camera was off, that smile went away, the book came down and she has this look of total contempt on her face like just all you common people buy the book and leave me alone, go back to your grilled cheese and yard sales. What a TOTAL FAIL, she should have stayed in bed, she came across like the biggest jerk, with the perception she is slamming her Mother, and dumped her former big girl friend because she was not hip enough to hang with her. Way to sell a book ladies!!!!

    • Betty

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE this description. You pegged Alexis to the T!

    • Casy

      I saw that too. I expect to see this book in the $1 bin very soon. Even then I wouldn’t waste my time or money on it.

      • Jay

        it was awesome. And showed how she is every bit as rotten and miserable as her mother.

    • Amy

      I’m on the west coast and I just rewound to see what you were talking about with holding up the book and looking awkward…they cut it from the west coast feed! So, the idea is that Alexis decided not to be friends with Jennifer anymore. Funny that happened exactly when Jennifer lost weight huh?

      • Mic

        Yeah, we saw Ben Stiller awkwardly smiling.

      • EdinaMonsoon

        That was cut from the west coast feed! loved when BS said his father spilled Hannukah wax on him as a child…

      • Nina

        Or how his parents made him forage for bagels and lox.

      • D

        I thought the same thing, I twas alright for Alexis to be friends with the FATTY but once jennifer looked good actually BETTER than Alexis she was thrown to the curb. The apple (ALEXIS) didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Tyla

      I do despise how she pretends to be hipper than thou to the world, but comes off so desperate and broken. Who is she without the mother she “mocks”? And she’s not even great at that. Why she thinks we’d buy anything from her is beyond me.

    • julia

      Boy, did you hit the nail on the head. Alexis seems arrogant, mean and boring and hateful to her mother, not to mention, riding on her mother’s coat tails. Sounds like a couple of boring people with a boring book.

  • Betty

    Alexis was extremely cold and uncomfortable. She is not a very happy person – you can tell from her body image. Now on the other hand her former friend Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt, seems like she was a little offended by the comments and questions but she is more comfortable in her own skin. Of the two, I like Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt, She seems down to earth and super nice. Sounds like she has a firm standing on the issue of her friendship. She should not feel like she has to be to be a friend, because she seems like she would be a great friend and I would be able to trust that our friendship would be of a lifetime.

    • Leanne

      I felt badly for Koppelman-Hutt. It’s hard trying to smile through all that ice and snark. It’s hard to pretend to be okay as the uncool, left-behind friend. Even if the poor woman is thrilled to have Alexis out of her life, the way Alexis seems determined to show that she calls the shots must be hard to pretend to be okay with.

    • Kvinna

      I don’t feel bad for her – she has a stable, close family where Alexis is just a robot.

    • Joy wood

      Jennifer is just as fake if you look up video of her she think she is everything because she lived like a princess all she do is brag about her dads money and down other people that does have everything she has and she’s racist very racist

  • O’Brien

    I felt so bad for Savannah Guthrie through the whole thing. I mean, it was a train wreck, and all she could do was watch. Alexis seemed cold as ice. The whole thing was awkward turtle.

    • MJ

      Haha, thank you for the awkward turtle comment! Because sometimes it’s the only way to express how awkward it is.

    • Shemale

      I’m sure Savannah was thinking “Curry owes me one”!

      • Lisa

        Bravo, O’Brien and Shemale, I think Savannah lost a bet!

  • Sara

    Yes, it was the most awkward, strangest interview I have ever seen. Alexis really came off as a terrible, mean spirited human being. What a weirdo!

    • Big Walt

      She was annoyed with the questions about her book and acted like she didn’t want to talk about it or almost wanted to act like it wasn’t really in the book.

  • Marcia Mac

    Ouch! What a bee-yatch Alexis is! Why come on the show if you are just going to show contempt for everyone around you? The poor gal next to her still seemed to be trying to be her friend.

    • EdinaMonsoon

      Totally agree! ouch is right….

    • Joy wood

      Why would you want to be friends with someone that reminds you everyday you can’t have a child and brag about all there babies a person that make you feel worthless

  • KWise

    Alexis looks like a piece of work. She can’t put all those quote in the book and then get mad when people ask about them. She wrote that Martha peeed with the door open, but then acts like, “that’s no big deal at all, how dare you ask about it” when the interviewer questions her. But it obviously was a big enough deal for her to write about it in her book. If peeing with the door open is no big deal, why did she even mention it in the book? She’s so defensive it’s off-putting.

    • Flyer

      I also thought it was beyond crass for Alexis to write all kinds of disparaging remarks about Martha – like when she said Martha made her wrap her own presents, but she didn’t peek because she knew the gifts wouldn’t be that good anyway – and then tries to pass it all off as “just a joke.” Yeah, right. I’m sure Martha wasn’t the greatest mother, but my respect for her has grown since she seems to always be kind and take the high road with Alexis, even when Alexis comes up with TV/radio shows and now a book that do nothing but trash Martha over and over again.

    • Missy

      Exactly! Why go on a show to hock your book if you don’t want to answer questions about it?

    • Trish

      You’re so right. It was like Savannah was questioning a hostile witness. I heard that all the rest of the interviews were cancelled.

  • EM

    So Crazy!!! That was such a bizarre interview. I saw it this morning and just googled to see if anyone thought it was odd. Who on earth wants that bad energy, not funny book? That woman was so strange and rigid. How did they stop being friends? You know there was some disagreement. Had to be.

    • mbk59

      i did the same thing on google. could not believe the interview and the attitude coming from both women. from the tone of voice to their derision of the follow-up questions in the second segment. this is the first time i have ever commented on something like this, because it just disgusted me to see these two women, classless as they were, sit there and try to pitch a book, that sounded not the least bit funny. and to see the stewart daughter try to come off as if she had things so tough, all the while that her mother is buying her a life! give me a break and get off the tv/radio circuit if you don’t enjoy being questioned. loved ben stillers hanukkah and bagels and lox comments and also loved dr. nancy snyderman saying how she and the other doctor were still in love and will always be good friends.

      • Joy wood

        Both of them were spoiled rotten Jennifer just got everything she wanted and Alexis had to do a little work for hers

  • ACRP

    I also just saw the interview on TV and googled it to see if anyone else thought it was as awkward as I did. Both women came across as extremely unpleasant. Alexis seems to lack a sense of humor, which is ironic, since that is the angle she is trying to push on her book. If you have to tell me point-blank, “It’s funny!” then it probably isn’t.

    • Karen

      Exactly! If she came across as the type of person who likes to laugh at herself or who has a silly relationship with her mother it might be funny. Instead it’s obvious that she’s very serious and is using the book as payback to her mother for a less than perfect childhood. Jennifer came across as the unpopular girl desperately trying to stay in the cool girl’s good graces.

  • Mandy

    Alexis has always come off as a snob. Jennifer is super down to earth and “normal.” Jennifer will continue to do great things while Alexis I am sure will be miserable and alone.

    • Leah

      but she’ll have mommy’s $millions when she passes on so she’ll end up happy. Alone yeh, but happy

      • Kvinna

        I feel so, so bad for Alexis’s baby. Alexis could take some parenting tips from Jennifer!

  • EdinaMonsoon

    Just like EM, I googled to see if others saw what I saw! Holy smokes, that was weird. Talk about contradictory, saying how “funny” her book is, when it obviously is not. I don’t think that woman has a funny bone in her uptight body. And seriously, that poor ex-friend of hers sitting next to her, listening to AS talking about how to punish friends? Wow…cruel and painful.

  • j bursley

    watched the show today and my first impression of Alexis is, not a nice person and, not a happy person. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be her friend. I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for that book.

    • Brenda


      • Lei

        They are both freaky and repulsive….

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