'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is....

Update: Annie’s recap is live. Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After a results show featuring Kelly Clarkson, The Band Perry, and the triumphant return of Our Pro Mark Ballas, the couple heading home from Dancing With the Stars with no hope of eventually secreting sparkles in their hard-earned sweat (ewwww)…. is…. coming up, after the break!

Carson Kressley and his partner Anna Trebunskaya were eliminated Tuesday night.


Did the right pair go home?

The 1980s version of Len Goodman (a cross between Gene Simmons and Orville Redenbacher) would like to remind you to go visit the Hidden Gems of Week 5!

Come back later for my full results-show recap –> Here it is!

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  • Neko

    BOOOOO! With Carson gone, so is 75% of the fun of watching the show for me this season

    • Hiro Kitty

      who cares

      • Jenna

        Awwwwwww!! Replace Brooke Burke w/ Carson Kressley now.

      • ghrtt3

        No, couldn’t stand his over the top silliness every week.

      • Squishmar

        Jenna… that is a GREAT idea!

      • Lyndsey

        That woukd be awesome!!!!

      • Lyndsey



      Watch America’s Funniest Videos

      • Linda

        ANYBODY over Brooke!! Carson would be awesome !!

    • Jethro


    • vicky

      Yeah, I don’t know if it’s even worth watching anymore.

      • vicky

        (Not worth watching without Carson)

  • Barack Palin

    This is sad. His routines were far and away the most entrertaining. I guess in week six, we’re down to three men, three women, and Chaz Bono.

    • Daryl

      Four men and three women…..ass.

      • Andy

        Sorry, if you’re born a woman, you’re a woman.I always refer to Chaz as a her.

      • karen townsend

        No, I believe that Barack Palin was right, 3 men, 3 women and Bono

      • Brandon

        lighten up, Daryl

      • Goldfinger

        Calm down Daryl, is this all you’ve got going on in your life???

      • popzbug

        Yes, Three Wmmen and 3 Men ASS

      • lostidol

        Maybe if you were more tolerant of other people and less judging of their sexuality simply because you’re uncomfortable with it, we wouldn’t have to constantly correct you ignorant hicks. You don’t get to make a lifestyle determination for someone else. It’s attitudes like yours that is causing gay kids to be constantly bullied.

      • Quo


      • srinkles

        Lostidol so just hicks in your opinion have a lack of tolerance are judgemental and are all ignorant? What planet are you on? Those traits run rampart in this country regardless of any particular group. All kinds of kids are bullied.it’s a horrible fact of life.

      • montana

        I’m with you daryl and iosidal. i know what you really mean. why don’t people just let someone be who they wanna be? whatever is in your heart is all that matters. other than that, it’s none of your doggone business. if you don’t like it don’t pay attention. how would you all like to be judged so? there is no need to be hurtful. we are all different… so what…

      • keith

        I am not a hick, and I am not judgemental. Every comment you have made is judgemental. I don’t judge people on their sexuality, but I will not give more glory to arrogant scientists than to God or to Mother Nature. I accept the fact that Chaz Bono is a lesbian. Why can’t she?

      • @Andy

        Great comment! Now go back to having sex with a sibling.

      • @Keith

        No, you’re not judgmental hick, you just comment like one and can’t spell. I’m not judgmental either, but I think you’re a moron. Now go back to having sex with a sibling.

      • @ @Andy

        For the win…ZAP!

      • justafan

        3 men and 4 women… genetic makeup does not lie…xx is always female…sorry


      3-Shes, 3-Hes and 1-It.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        I’m sure Jesus is delighted with your very loving comment.

    • g

      Chaz is neither he or her its a thing!

  • DonnaW

    Bummer! I will miss Carson; he definitely livened things up in the ballroom this season.
    And did anyone else think that Derek looked like Dieter from the SNL skit “Sprockets” during his dance tonight?

  • Joe

    Feel bad for Ana Tre-BUN-skaya. No mirror ball for you!

  • Tami

    Carson was truly entertaining and was truly not a good dancer. I’m sad to see him and Anna leave

  • DEB

    I think Carson should take over for Brooke. He would be a GREAT host!!!!

    • jules


    • Arie

      Love it!

    • Lisa

      He was only contestatnt to put a smile on my face. Was hoping that he’d get to broadway week.
      Great idea Deb!! Let’s start a campaign for Carson to take over for Brooke.

      • RJM

        I’ve never watched an episode, but i would definitely give it a shot if Carson was the host.

    • boomboom

      Let’s ALL vote – Carson to replace Brooke!!!!!
      He is hysterical!!!!!

      • Jennifer Ryan

        I would love to see ANYONE replace Brooke. She is one boring broad. Tom is great – has such a nice way about him and I love the judges. She is a dolt that asks the stupidest questions and is not funny one bit!!!!!!

      • Colleen Moscatelli

        Yes please replace Brooke.

    • D

      great idea!

    • AJBarrett

      Brilliant! Carson would be terrific host — and I think Tom would work well with him. Imagine if BOTH hosts had a sense of humor and could think on their feet! Get with it ABC!

      • Jackie

        So true–Brook needs to go! ABC listen to the viewers whatever you are paying her is too much!

      • clazzy

        Brooke needs to stick to selling her sneakers! Get rid of this boring, not funny stick in the mud! Love CARSON… he is sweet, loving and a hoot! I used to love watchng DWTS but when I miss it , I dont even remember til the next day.. dont even DVR anymore. We need more humor (within reason of course) Carson couldnt dance and went home rightfully so, but MAKE HIM A HOST! That s fight up his alley, ABC… get with the program… PLZZZZZZ!

    • Tay

      EXCELLENT idea!

    • Greta

      100% yes. Brooke is irritating and annoying. Carson would be AWESOME!
      Brooke needs to go home and be “Mrs Burke-Charvet” – and it’s hysterical that she pronounces it “CharVAY”. It’s a French name and that is *not* how it’s pronounced in French. Silly woman.

    • shellsbells

      i agree

  • Joanne

    Boo!! I will miss Carson!! let’s hope they bring him back permanently!! For anyone who didn’t vote for him, thanks for making the rest of the season BORING…

  • Alice

    I called it that it would be Carson or Chaz. But I was hoping it would be Chazzz zzz zzz Does Cher still have that many fans voting? If not Chaz next week, then I won’t be sorry if it’s Hope. She looked like she was ready to pummel someone while waiting for the elimination. Ever heard of being a good sport? (Carson sure was. Hope to see more of him on DWTS.)

    • Syllabuses

      LOL @ Chazzz zzz zzz !!!!

  • Dan

    The right dancer got the boot. Carson adds some good comedy to the show, but last night’s performance was awful. While the other dancers are really trying to improve their dance technique, Carson apparently gave up on that a couple weeks ago in favor of upping the ridiculousness.

    • Jennifer Ryan

      The show is called “Dancing w/the Stars” right? Carson needed to go and Chaz defintely needs to be next. I’m sick of looking at that sloppy fat freak. She/he is pathetic. I’m really not a cruel person but I get chicken skin when he/she is on. They carried the ridiculous too far this season. Disabled vet, gays, transgenders. How mean how PC can you get. Are they trying to make up for putting on a conservative’s daughter last year — Bristol? Their ruining the show!!

      • smr9092

        “Sloppy fat freak?” No, you’re not cruel at all. By the way….”Their ruining the show?” Try “They’re” and go back to school while you’re at it.

      • buffalobob

        Jennifer Ryan:
        “I’m really not a cruel person…” Time to reassess your persona.

      • Cruel to Be Kind

        Oh and take remedial spelling while you’re at it–it’s “definitely” not “defintely.” Not that your views would sound any more intelligent with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. So just shutup.

      • Pink

        Okay how does “Fat sloppy freak” work for ya??? ToMAYto, toMAHto???

      • Eileen

        So don’t watch.

      • Megan

        LOL Jennifer Ryan….I think you mean they’re, not their!!!Duh…

      • Benoreno

        Oh Jennifer, JR’s scarred face is far more beautiful than your scarred heart.

      • Shari

        Cruel? Maybe not. Idiot? Definitely!!

      • kpeg

        Jennifer, please do all of us a favor and grow the hell up. Don’t even try to say that you’re not cruel because obviously, you are. If you don’t like someone or something about them, then shut up and move on. What’s it to you anyways? If you don’t like the people in the show, then don’t watch it. Obviously, no one wants to see your heartless and cruel comments so just shut up. You have bigger things to worry about like fix yourself and your attitude because you’ve got a long way to go.

      • Alyssa

        Fat is not a word to use. People are speaking out against bullying NOW for LGBT kids, but let me tell you a short story….I was called fat by nasty girls from middle school all through highschool, you know what I have now? Depression, Anxiety and BPD- very bad mixture of emotions. The world is full of all kinds of people. Accept and tolerate. Black and White thinking is terrible. ” Fat, skinny- right, wrong- Good, Bad- with me, against me- etc” sick.

      • Javadude54

        I AM a cruel person and even I wouldn’t say such mean spirited things about someone who’s only crime was being born different from me.

      • Amanda

        I really don’t understand people like you so ignorant. Chaz Bono was a girl now she is a guy I’m sorry but just because it isn’t the “norm” doesn’t make HIM a freak. He is a person and you could never full understand what is like to be some one transgendered or think like them because you feel comfortable with the biology and gender you have been given so you have no right to judge and be cruel when you have no idea what it feels to be trapped in a body you feel doesn’t belong to you. So If I were any of you guys calling Chaz a girl or freak I suggest you start doing your reading and get educated because it’s people like you that prevent our country from moving forward. It’s because of people like you that the poor man needs tons of security and btw you can’t even tell that most transgendered people are transgendered it’s a fact. If they don’t make the full change most at least embrace secondary characteristics and trust me you have probably met several trans gen’ people and you don’t even know it. So instead of being hateful and extremely cruel you should really take a good look in the mirror and evaluate yourself.

    • mark

      uuuuum. they are all PEOPLE; vets, gays, transgenders, straights. D-List, maybe, but people, nonetheless. Grow up and start accepting people instead of disliking people who aren’t just like you.

      • mark

        and by D-List, I mean not the most famous in Hollywood.

      • Flynn

        Ohhhhhhhhhhh, is that what that means??? {Sarcasm}

      • Right

        Ohhhhhhhhhhh, {Sarcasm}. I get it now.

      • deja

        The Vet you think is ridiculous had enough courage to go into battle and fight for your right to say the nasty things you are saying. In my book, he is a Hero and a mighty fine dancer!

      • Alyssa

        They are supposed to be D-List. You imagine the ego’s and voting for A, B or C- list celebrities.??

  • Jiji Moran

    Just what does it take to get one of the worst dancers in the show’s history kicked out?

    Talent-wise Chaz should’ve been kicked out the first week.

    Carson brought joy to each routine, and through his madness he kept the dance technique under control.

  • Natalie

    Carson needed to go. He had two bad weeks in a row. Chaz needs to go next because he has not had ONE good performance yet.

    • Marlie

      Chaz should have been eliminated the first week, and everyweek after that. Can you honestly say that Chaz is a better dancer than China Phillips? Chaz isn’t a better dancer than my dog. Watching him makes me think he hasn’t a drop of rhythem, and quite frankely he climbed a bunch of stairs preteneding to be Rocky, is that a just reward for keeping him? I too love Cher, but beleive me the talent stopped there. Lets be honest, just because he’s had a few conflicts in life, does that make it warrented to keep him.. It’s a dance competition, and not a decent dance has he really done. Carson was by far a better dancer than he will ever be. Sorry Chaz, but you are being kept on the show for all the wrong reasons, all the wrong reasons..

      • Linux

        Chyna looked old and creepy. She gave me the willies.

      • Alyssa

        I thought she was beautiful for the IDK 40 something she probably is. Boy, hope you dont ever run into father time- he isnt going to be nice. People change with age, ever heard that? Plastic surgery and botox are not natural….people do it but if we all aged on our own, we would all end up old and creepy- look up ageist too.

      • Dean

        It has nothing to do with talent.

      • Belinda

        I totally agree. Chaz should have been the first one eliminated. He lacks the musical talent of his parents. It’s wrong to elimiate dancers who were so much better!!!! On another issue, could ABC pleeeez get a new co=host for Tom? Brooke is the wrong person for the job!

    • carolae

      So true…..but he is still on. Doesn’t it make you wonder who controls the votes and outcome?

  • Chaz

    Aw, shucks.

  • scyren

    Nice! I was hoping it was either him, Chaz, or Hope. Who the heck is keeping Hope alive?

    • AJBarrett

      Maks has a very strong, very active fan base. Their votes are prolonging the inevitable. Eventually Maks and Hope will be done in by their sad lack of chemistry. And no doubt Maks will be more relieved than any of the viewers!

    • caryn c

      She even looked pi$$ed that she made it through.

    • A:

      Jesse Jackson

      • Bobby’s Robot


  • JP

    Chaz needs to go next. He’s just as bad as Cloris Leachman.

    • Shar

      That’s such an insult to Cloris Leachman!!!

  • Kelson

    Carson was fun to listen to, but he was a bit painful to watch dance. He would be a GREAT addition to “DanceCenter”. As far as everyone else goes. Riki Lake is good, but not great. I don’t think she deserves her scores. Hope has tremendous potential. She just needs to come out of her shell. David is fun to watch, but not a great dancer. JR is actually the only really great dancer out there. I was rooting for Chaz before the season began, but he has no dancing skill whatsoever – and his personality pales in comparison to practically everyone else. Nancy kind of reminds me of Kelly Osbourne. She is getting better, but she is just not very endearing. Next week is the group dance – and I think this will put Chaz and Nancy at a distinct disadvantage. I think Hope and David will actually do well in the group dance – as they appear to be in far better shape than anyone else.

    • K

      OMG I would LOVE to see Carson as a field reporter for DanceCenter.

    • Marlie

      I agree fully on everything you have said. I think Chaz should have eliminated the first round. He is being kept on the show for all the wrong reasons. His talent may lay somewhere, but it certainly isn’t dancing.

      • OneJazIn

        Marlie, you are correct, Chaz, Rob Kardashian etc,,, are all on that show for the WRONG reasons,,, primarily RATINGS! ABC likes panning the Camera and seeing the biggest hit in Pop Culture Kim Kardashian,,, and they like panning over again and seeing Dr. Phil; and then panning over and seeing Cher! It is all to charge their advertisers prime prices because they get close to 19 million people every Monday.

      • Squishmar

        Imagine a network trying to get ratings! Oh, the shame. ;)

      • Lucie

        @Squishmar : LOL … my taught exactly ;)

    • OneJazIn

      Kelson, you are correct! JR is the only real Dancer out there and he had better win! Chaz is a DISASTER! How could someone have absolutely not rhythm, Chaz is painful to watch. She is is NOT a man. Perfect example that you cannot be a man if you are not a man. She doesn’t know how to be a man.


      Chaz’s mum seems to “know” one of the judges very well.

    • B

      Carson and Kenny Mane doing dance center together would be the best!

      • Kuuipo

        OMG, that would be hilarious! What a great pairing.

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