The end of the 'glass closet'? Why Zachary Quinto coming out matters to Hollywood


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Reading Zachary Quinto’s interview with New York magazine in which he says the words “as a gay man,” twice, I was reminded about the cover story Out magazine published back in 2007 called “The Glass Closet.” It was about A-list celebrities who were openly gay in their personal lives but had yet to make any public declaration about their sexuality, and the cover featured models holding up signs on sticks with Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper’s faces. When EW asked Foster a couple months later if she had any response to the story, she demurred. “Was that the one with the Popsicle sticks?” she said. “No, I have no response.”

Just a few months after that interview, however, Foster acknowledged her then-longtime girlfriend in a non-televised acceptance speech, thanking “my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.” And that’s all Foster had to do. There was no Time cover story or official statement to the press, no Today show sit-down with Matt Lauer, no follow-up photo spread in People with her partner and family. Foster remains to this day an intensely private person; in that speech, she simply did what any heterosexual person would have done — thank the person who had been sharing her life for over a decade. (Her Out cover-mate Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, told EW this past August, “I’m not really interested in who reporters are seeing [romantically] … I’m not interested in their personal lives. But I understand people are, and, you know, we’ll see.”)

The whole reason this even matters — since the need for public role models has been assuaged of late thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Ian McKellen, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Chris Colfer, Chaz Bono, Rufus Wainwright, Melissa Etheridge, Jake Shears, Wanda Sykes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sean Hayes, Jane Lynch, Dan Savage, Rosie O’Donnell, Tim Gunn, Alan Cumming, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Amber Heard, T.R. Knight, Cheyenne Jackson, Sean Maher, etc., etc., etc. — is the cynically axiomatic argument that an openly gay A-list movie star is a contradiction in terms. It’s an argument that has kept agents, publicists, managers, and studio execs telling their gay clients and stars to keep their private lives private, in case one day they become an A-list movie star; the closet may have glass walls, but that door should remain shut. And so, among A-list movie stars still working today, Foster remains the only one who’s come out mid-career — but, ironically, it’s difficult to tell at the moment how being “officially out” has affected her career. Since that acceptance speech, she’s only appeared in a supporting role in the family film Nim’s Island, and directed and starred with Mel Gibson in The Beaver, a film that was never going to be a referendum on Foster’s box office drawing power. Carnage, her next big role, will hit theaters in December, and could be a better barometer of whether audiences for adaptations of Tony-winning plays about upper-middle-class domestic contretemps care that Foster is playing the wife of John C. Reilly. My guess is they won’t.

And so we pivot back to Quinto. His performance as Spock is widely regarded as the best thing about J.J. Abrams’ fabulous 2009 Star Trek reboot, in part because he brought a slow-burn romantic fire to the iconic half-Vulcan’s relationship with Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. Abrams is expected to start shooting the sequel to Star Trek next year, after which Quinto’s face will be plastered on any number of billboards, bus stops, magazine covers and fast food kids’ meal cups, perhaps some of them sporting Quinto in some kind of tender embrace with Ms. Saldana. And I could be wildly off-base about this, but my guess is that, come Sunday morning of Star Trek 2‘s opening weekend, Quinto’s sexuality off-screen will affect the film’s box office an infinitesimal amount in comparison to whether the movie simply kicks ass.

Quinto, as it happens, was until yesterday also a citizen of that proverbial glass closet; it was barely even an open secret in Hollywood that he was gay. Like Foster, Quinto came out casually, in an interview that had nothing to do with Zachary Quinto Coming Out. Unlike Foster, however, Quinto chose to explain what drove him to finally open that door, writing on his official blog that it was the suicide of gay 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who took his own life mere months after shooting an It Gets Better video. Quinto notes that he also made an It Gets Better video, in which he declined to say that the reason he knows it does get better is because it got better for him. “But in light of Jamey’s death,” Quinto writes, “it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.”

We’ll know for certain in the next few years whether a modern audience is keen on cracking their wallets for movies featuring Foster, Quinto, and the inevitable steady drip of future un-closeted movie stars. But I can scarcely think of a more self-evident argument for living one’s life honestly than the one Quinto lays out for himself and, by implication, for his peers. As he’s made clear, all it takes is four simple words: “As a gay person…”

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  • enough

    it doesn’t matter…just give me some good actors, It won’t change Quinto’s career at all since he is not a leading man

    • mike

      Plenty of A-list Hollywood men have been gay … If you’re old enough remember Rock Hudson?

      • F

        And Errol Flynn!

      • moore

        And Ryan Reynolds!

      • harry

        Ryan Reynolds?

      • SweFred

        Errol Flynn?? He’s one of the most (in)famous ladies men in Hollywood history.

      • D

        Yes, there have always been gay men in Hollywood – the only difference is up until the last decade, virtually all of them have been closeted.

      • Squishmar

        Rock Hudson was not known to be gay by the public during the height of his career.

      • Joey Potter

        Don’t forget Tom Cruise has had a great carreer as a gay man.

      • gman

        Errol Flynn slept with (a whole lot of) men and women

      • KarlHall

        I wish… Ryan Reynolds…

      • Jenn

        How many have been openly gay is the question. Very, very few. There are tons of stories, but no proof about alot of the thirties manyly men being gay, but again, no proof. I hate when folks say “everybody knows”. Well, everybody doesn’t.

      • jonge

        Yes, he has a partner who is an talent agent. There was an article in Out Magazine (i believe) that he discussed his relationship and family.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • JW

        I highly doubt Flynn was gay, but he did have multiple statutory rape allegations.

      • Alan

        I wonder if Kevin Spacey is reading this article?

      • Emerald

        Don’t forget Harrison Ford has an earring. That’s pretty gay.

      • denny

        Rock Hudson never came out while he was young and hot making movies though. It wasn’t until he was an older man.

      • Jane

        Rock Hudson never came out as gay. He died of AIDS and it was later revealed what his sexual orientation was. It was not his choice.

      • Jmo

        Rock Hudson was closeted until his death. But, it was a different time. And thank god times they are a changin’.

    • woot tay

      Who cares he’s ugly

    • james

      what troubles me is that Quinto should be as big if not bigger than Chris Pine — but he never got the bump from star trek that chris pine did. I hope this does limit his roles. He’s a great actor.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I completely disagree with this. Chris Pine seems to be the one stuck doing action roles, but Zachary Quinto is working on Broadway, and his film and TV roles seem to have more variety.

      • Ap

        Interesting…I’ve heard of Zachary Quinto but I have no idea who Chris Pine is.

      • Adam

        He’s the voiceover actor for Auto Trader commercials.

  • derek

    He’s genre A list, not sure if the same rules apply, sci-fi fans have always been more tolerant than the general public. Oh, and as great as Quinto was as Spock, the best thing about JJ Abrahm’s Star Trek was Karl Urban’s portrayal of Dr. McCoy.

    • lisa g.

      This young man is not A list by any stretch of the imagination! I will patiently await the day George comes out.

      • KD

        I have heard from people in “the biz,” as they say, that the best kept secret in Hollywood is that George is gay. Would break my fantasy-land heart, but wouldn’t affect my ability to enjoy his amazing acting and charismatic sex appeal.

      • Shellibelli

        well Kevin Spacey is an A lister and very gay from what I can tell and read about him. IT doesnt seem to have hurt his carer at all, his choices of the roles he played might have.

      • lisa g.

        Years ago one of the tabloids took Pix of Spacey on some remote beach w/ some twink. I saw the Pix w/ my own eyes. Yet he doesn’t really get harassed about it. Maybe he is sue happy or ppl don’t care as much because he isn’t a sex symbol? Dunno.

      • Anonymous

        George who? The one George that I can think of related to Star Trek (Takai) is already out.

      • Ana

        Lisa means George Clooney. Some people have decided that George must be gay because, as we all know, ALL straight men want to get married.

      • dee

        I didn’t think so but lately… Stacey Kiebler looks like a beard to me

    • Stephanie

      100% agree – Karl Urban was completely brilliant. I really enjoyed all the actors but he was definitely my fave!

    • Steve

      Right; as great as Quinto was in “Star Trek”, there’s no way his performance has been “widely regarded as the best thing” about the movie. I follow Trek news bigtime, and I’ve never seen that said anywhere.

      • Santana

        I agree with this! He was great in the movie but I didn’t see anything about him being “widely regarded as the best thing” about the movie. However, I don’t think his being gay is going to effect his roles much. He’s a good actor, he’s shown that he’s believable with woman on screen, his private life isn’t all that public, so I don’t really see this effecting him much in the long run.

      • wg

        I thought Chris Hemsworth was the best thing about the Star Trek movie. Followed by Zach, Anton, Karl, and Chris Pine. Zach’s romantic scenes were plenty sexy and even then everyone knew then he was gay. Worst thing about the movie by far: lens flare!!!

      • Ames

        agreed- not one person decided to see this movie because Zachary Quinto was in it…except maybe his mother. Outside of that, the widely regarded best thing about the recent Star Trek movie was that there was a recent Star Trek movie! That was the main draw for 99.999999% of the people that saw it.

      • Sheena

        Yeah, that’s in no way based on reality- I’m big in to Trek, and his performance, from every review I’ve read, was the only one commented on as being mediocre or poor. Granted, he had chemistry with Zoe- not saying he didn’t- but Simon Pegg and Karl Urban had the performances I heard praised most widely.

    • Amy

      I agree that Karl Urban was pretty underappreciated in
      Star Trek. The entire cast was great; I didn’t think any particular person stood out above the rest, though from what I remember, Quinto got the most buzz in reviews right when it was released. If credit can only go to one person, it should be J.J. Abrams.

    • Ruby

      Agreed. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg were by far the best things in an already great movie.

  • Mike

    I think another reason (other than hurting your career) celebs don’t come out is because they don’t want to be another poster child for homosexuality.

    I feel like after a celeb comes out they get cannoned as another gay celeb, regardless of their talent.

    • mike

      I can agree with you on that, but I think that’s more the media that does that to celebs, not the actual act of coming out.

    • Adah

      I would agree with you as well. If you come out in Hollywood, suddenly you are the poster child for gay rights regardless of what you do. Plus I don’t really think it’s any ones business. There are plenty of straight celebs that keep their private lives private and they just get treated like they are coy. A gay celeb though is hiding some big dirty secret. This is 2011, who really cares?

    • orville

      I think that some of them never made an “official announcement” because, like the article said, they were living openly in their private lives. Or as Nathan Lane said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “I didn’t think that anyone was really wondering “if” or not. I mean, come on.”

      • Caracticus

        Nathan Lane’s quote from Letterman on the subject: “Look, I’m 40, I’m single, and I work in musical theater – you do the math! “

  • Maggie

    well written article, but what is missing is the other part of what helped Quinto make the decision to come out, spending almost a year playing Louis Hobson in Angels in America in NYC. He mentions what a powerful journey that was, playing one of the main characters in a piece that is so heartbreakingly true. While I wasn’t able to see it live, my friends who did see it said Quinto was pretty amazing in it.

  • T.E @lisa g.

    George Clooney’s not gay…just a d-bag womanizer who only cares about himself. Is that better for his career?

    • Ellen

      “Cares only for himself”? Are you completely clueless?? Have you any idea the humanitarian work that man does in the poorest parts of Africa?

      • F

        You just proved the point. Doing humanitarian work is among the most smug, self-centered things a celeb can do, because they’re essentially appointing themselves saints.

      • D

        I don’t understand your logic. It’s better NOT to do humanitarian work then?

      • Squishmar

        Yeah, F… talk about being in a no-win situation. So, Mother Teresa was smug and self-centered? Or is it just celebs that do humanitarian work?

      • JerseyJeff

        Clooney is my hero!

      • N

        well its good to do humanitarian work, it does also make you seem like a smug douche when you just point it out all the time. case in point: Bono.

      • Ana

        Part of the definition of being a humanitarian is bringing awareness to social problems. If he didn’t point it out, he wouldn’t be a humanitarian. He’d just be charitable.

      • Chloe

        He’d be more of a man if he did his charity work to benefit the poor right HERE in the United States!! Screw Africa! Let’s take care of our own first!!!

  • My son is also named Bort

    You can never please everybody. Those people who comment “He doesn’t need to reveal his personal life” or “why is this news exactly?” would be the 1st ones to call him out if he just happened to stroll down the red carpet hand in hand with another guy without announcing anything.
    Sadly it’s still much a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • @My son is also named Bort

      Very well said & yes i agree, sadly true.
      Those ‘Sneaky Gays’ as Sue Slyvester would say.

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Interesting choice. Sue has no defined sexuality on Glee, but Jane Lynch isn’t shy!

      • Psac

        Sue wanted to date that other newscaster guy on Glee. The character is hetero, but it wouldn’t surprise me if eventually it’s a respression thing.

  • KD

    What a non-story. Good for Zachary, but honestly–if there’s anyone on earth who didn’t know 20 years ago that Jodie Foster was gay, without her acknowledging a woman in a speech, then they were kidding themselves. And I can’t see that her career has suffered. Jodie never needed to come out because she was OUT. She’s always walked her own path and people take her or leave her and I don’t think her suddenly “coming out” (if you can call it that–and again, I think it’s been a long-time assumption of most living, breathing people) will make a difference. Neither will it affect Quinto, who is hot as hell and a fine actor–which is the bottom line. Frankly, even as the most flamboyant gay character ever, Sean Hayes was so hot on “Will and Grace” that I am STILL dying to see him in a really kick-a$$ straight role, because I know he has it in him, and it would be really awesome to see him do that–without it being on the Broadway stage. Musical theater is hardly conducive to showcasing anyone’s straightness. I don’t care how butch you are. Even actual straight men come off as questionable while prancing around in a big musical number.

    • Richard

      Sean Hayes played Jerry Lewis in the 2002 TV biopic “Martin and Lewis.”

    • Ana

      It could be argued that by not announcing she was out was what kept Jodie’s career going. People could ignore her sexuality if it wasn’t out in the open. She basically gave a lot of conservatives what they’ve been asking for from gays: She kept it to herself.

      And for the record, there were people who were shocked to discover that Liberace was gay. I’d bet that a lot of people don’t know that Jodie Foster is.

    • Sam

      Re: Jodie
      1) It’s always easier for women, ’cause some men will think it’s hot.
      2) She is a good actress, but was never a sex symbol type.

    • Kay

      “I don’t care how butch you are. Even actual straight men come off as questionable while prancing around in a big musical number.”

      How true! Look at Hugh Jackman… :-)

  • topoopon

    Is Matt Bohmer from “White Collar” out?

    • Maggie

      i believe so ya, i think i heard him talking about it when he cohosted the today show back in march. i can’t remember exactly what he said, but it’s definitely not a secret that he’s out.

      • Psac

        He just mentioned his kids, never mentioned a partner. In interviews, he’s mostly avoided the subject, even saying things that a lot of other people (crew, etc.), are relying on him being a leading man. But really, would they lost any viewers if he came out? Probably not. But he was also trying to get the Superman role for the new movie coming out next year. Could it have hurt him then? Maybe. It’s unfortunate.

      • Psac

        Wow, lots of typos in my post!

    • Dawn

      Are you kidding? USA wouldn’t wanna risk that cash cow!

      • Maggie

        Even if he hasn’t “officially” said anything, it’s definitely not a secret. I’m not positive, but i feel like he mentioned something about his partner when he was hosting the show. If he’s out, good for him, if he’s not, he’s not hiding it and he’s raising 3 adorable kids with his partner, also good for him :)

      • johnc

        He is out, right before White Collar premiered.

        And I believe all the hot steamy scenes he has with his female costars.

        It did not affect me enjoying the show at all.

    • kate middleton

      I have read that he is in a (gay) long term relationship with a Hollywood agent (or manager). They have 3 kids, I believe.

      So, he’s essentially out without ever announcing it. I think it’s kinda silly that celebs are expected to “announce” it. If they’ve never said they’re not gay, why do they then have to say they are?

      • ns

        I agree that’s a really bizarre media convention. Even if you’re someone like Adam Lambert, who never made any secret about being gay, you’re not “openly gay” to the media unless you actually say the words. I’ve never made any “announcement” of my sexual orientation but everyone who knows me is aware of it anyway; why can’t it be the same for stars?

      • Brandon

        Why does anyone have to come out as gay? It’s a little naive to assume that celebs shouldn’t have to come out. It’s an unfortunate double standard that, in general, people assume, basically, “straight until proven guilty,” but that really is how the worlds works right now. I think that everyone in these comments is ignoring Quinto’s cited reason for coming out: the continuing rash of gay teen suicides. Why should they not have publicly visible role models to prove to them that “it gets better”? Saying that it doesn’t matter, because Quinto isn’t quite A-list yet, or that one shouldn’t have to “come out” is really turning a blind eye to the reality that celebs have the power to really change lives. Stop criticizing this and applaud Quinto for having the courage to come out right as his career is starting to take off!

      • bob

        i don’t think it’s that people expect them to come out with a big “people” cover story a la lance bass, et al. but i think it’s important for openly gay men and women to treat their lives and careers in the same way that heterosexual men and women treat their own. so, if a reporter asks a question about their personal life, don’t try and hide the fact that you and your boyfriend enjoy going to the movies, staying in, etc. it’s little things like that. it’s a sign of true progression that people feel comfortable with their sexuality (and that their audience feels comfortable as well) when they can assert it into their every day conversation without pause. i think what quinto did was tasteful. conversely, what that guy from “the playboy club” did last month on ew, i think, was in poor taste. aren’t we beyond the “i’m gay” headlines? it was just tacky and fame grabbing, imo.

      • Amy

        Yeah I think it’s pretty lame. But I guess progress is slow. Eventually, we’ll get to the point where coming out doesn’t make headlines at all; it’s just a fact.

    • john

      Yes, he has a partner who is an talent agent. There was an article in Out Magazine (i believe) that he discussed his relationship and family.

    • KarlHall

      To be frank with you, as a gay man myself, I am GLAD Matt Boemer and Zach Quinto are out. They are delicious!! Woohoo haha.

    • Tricia

      ah I just posted this, I guess I missed your post, but yeah I was saying how sexy he is, while watching it never enters my mind at all, all I see is a sexy cool guy.

  • Shellibelli

    and i would bet money that HUgh Jackman is gay, sorry I love him too. I hear he is so very nice in real life just an awesome guy. Very talented, can sing, dance, act.
    But he has a long time wife who they were friends for a long time first, before marrying, she is like 10 years older then he, they had to adopt their kids.

    My gaydar just screams when I see him on anything.

    • Jack

      This is probably one of the most stereotypical, bordering on offensive, post I’ve seen regarding this topic. So because he can dance and sing and he and his wife of almost 20 years and they have adopted…well then he must be gay??!!What a sad life you lead to believe that because a person has a variety of talent that must mean they are gay.

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Thanks Jack. Very well said.

      • Lisa London

        Well said indeed.

    • Psac

      Howard Stern directly asked him about the rumors years ago, and he said growing up in Austrailia, singing and dancing didn’t have the stigma it does in the US. IT makes you wonder what talented singers and dancers we’re losing because straight men won’t go into that stuff because of the stigmas.

      • bootsycolumbia

        It figures that Howard Stern would ask him.

  • The Hawk

    Now we dont have to meet in back alleys and them slutty awful hotel rooms…..time for a classy lay now.

  • Tricia

    When I see a hot guy in a movie or tv show I personally take no consideration if the actor is gay or not, if they’re playing a sexy character, and embody that character (you know, acting) I don’t think “oh he really doesn’t like women” I think damn he’s fine. I don’t see how someone’s personal life has anything to do with it, it’s like if a married actor plays a womanizer I don’t think “oh he’s married so I can’t see him that way”. I love HIMYM and would swoon at Barney Stension’s lines anyday. They are actors, it’s their job. I just don’t get this whole thing, why from a sense of a veiwer should it matter?

    • kate middleton

      Agreed. NPH is perfect as Barney.

      • Tricia

        Is that guy from White Collar gay? I’ve heard rumors,but I’m not sure, and he’s one of the sexiest guys ever who does flirting very well.

      • kate middleton

        No, NPH is Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. The White Collar guy is Matt Bomer, who is definitely gay and in a long-term relationship with kids – but I’m not sure if he has ever said the words “I am gay” in an interview. IMO, he shouldn’t have to.

  • NedPepper

    He’s not an A-list talent. If George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling came out, that would have ramifications. Then we would see about this glass closet. It is getting better though. Like most movements, it’s a slow process. And maybe it’s just me, but GAY and ACTING are actually pretty synonomous. The baffling thing is that Hollywood tries to keep it a secret.

    • mike

      Calling Gosling A-list is questionable; if he can continue his multi-film mainstream streak into next year then I’ll agree. Quinto is more A-list than most celebs who are out. Clooney would be hilarious because I’ve read he isn’t actually very gay friendly at all. Brad Pitt wouldn’t surprise me; as much as I love Angelina, it’s quite clear she has the ba**s in that house.

      • NedPepper

        I’m not saying Pitt or Clooney are, but if a star of their magnitude came out, it would be a bigger deal, than say, the character actor who plays Spock.

    • Squishmar

      Ned, what the hell do you mean that, “GAY and ACTING are actually pretty synonomous”? What does that mean?

      • JerseyJeff

        Seems clear to me.

      • NedPepper

        The history of theater and early acting and even early filmmaking was full of homosexuals. Theater embraces it. I’m not knockingi it. It is what it is. Look at some of the biggest stars. Montgomery Clift. James Dean. Marlon Brando. Cary Grant. All of these guys were believed to gay or bip-sexual. Then there’s Rock Hudson. Even though it’s a joke, even Tom Cruise comes into the conversation. Thomas Hardy, the guy who is playing Bane recently opened up about his own experimentation and claiming, “we’re actors. It’s part of it.” I also wonder about Joseph Gordon Levitt and a number of other actors.

        There is something about acting and sexuality that are interweaved in a complicated fashion. It’s always been this way. And as a person who has done a little acting on stage…it’s almost a cliche. Not a bad one, mind you. That’s my point. It shouldn’t even be a big deal.

      • NedPepper

        Er…bi-sexual. Not sure what bip sexual would imply. ; )

      • bootsycolumbia

        Ned, I’m going to spend the day pondering the meaning of bip sexual now. Thanks for the chuckle.:)

  • dee123

    Hmm…. I wonder if 90% of the male cast of Gossip girl can come out now?

    • The Hypnotoad


  • Jill

    Jodie Foster may be a A-list movie star, but she hasn’t been in the limelight for a while. And most people don’t know she is gay. Call me when George or Brad come out, as opposed to “the guy from Heroes who is now Spock!”

  • Greg

    Zack Quinto is not an A list star…. He is a supporting actor who is good at what he does. I am not Gay so I say this with respect… I see why Gay male MOVIE stars stay in the closet because it will hurt their careers. I think for tv stars and broadway stars its not the same but peoples sense of disbelief in movies is greater and if people know that an actor is Gay it may affect if they will accept the premise of the movie. Just my opinion

    • BJG

      I agree, Greg. I wonder if the closeted leading men think about that very handsome English actor, Rupert Everett. He did romantic roles and prestige period movies and then came out. Has he been a leading man since? Not that I’ve seen.

    • tomm

      Rupert E was too ‘uppity and English’ to be a US movie star, and never was.

      Besides, blockbuster movies are fading with online streaming and downloading, so who cares anymore who is a ‘Super #1 A list Box Office Star”? Clooney and Pitt’s latest movies have hardly made a dent.

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