'Desperate Housewives': Is the final season living up to your expectations?


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Maybe it’s too soon to say this, but this season of Desperate Housewives isn’t exactly living up to my expectations. I know there have only been four episodes so far and my expectations are probably unrealistically high, but that being said, this is the final season of a series built on seven (!) years of history. That’s a lot of story to resolve and the reason I expected each episode  to be seriously buzzworthy. But that hasn’t exactly been the case so far.

Take for instance Sunday night’s episode, in which each of the Wisteria lane ladies (minus Renee who kind of dropped in here and there), took on a personal challenge — a theme that tied together an otherwise disconnected narrative.

Susan, who kissed and made up with Mike (yes, it was that easy) post-murder-cover-up confession, faced off against a renowned artist who mocked her drawings when she tried to enroll in his class. Bree, who couldn’t hold back the “I told you so’s,” spent her time trying to convince her newly divorced daughter to stop sulking and get her act together. Advice, which would inevitably backfire when her daughter decided to start a business selling a piece of “excercise equipment,” that Renee (who else?) quickly pointed out was a very adult swing. Meanwhile, Lynette picked up on the fact that her husband was dating someone else (thanks again to Renee, who is clearly the wisest of them all!), and started stalking him to get confirmation. I have to admit, after Renee implied that Lynette’s drab clothes weren’t going to help her get her husband back, I thought we were headed toward a makeover episode, which in my opinion, would have been a lot more fun. Here’s hoping it happens next week (I’m a total sucker for that stuff)!

Finally, a huge chunk of this episode was devoted to Gaby’s run-in (literally) with an overbearing PTA president/parking regulator at her daughter’s school (umm didn’t Modern Family’s Claire JUST go through this? Total missed cross-over opportunity). In the end Gaby was handed all PTA presidential duties with the ominous warning that whoever is in charge tends to become bitter, single and anti-social. I, for one, can’t wait to see Gaby become the queen bee of the PTA (hear that, writers?!).

While each of the storylines had entertaining moments, the reason I walked away from the episode feeling underwhelmed (and the reason I’m questioning this season as a whole) is because they were was such a lack of connectivity. I mean, considering this is the LAST season, I’d actually like to see the ladies of Wisteria Lane spend some time together. Instead, with the exception of Renee, who pretty much got the sidekick role in this one, and a blink-and-you-missed-it scene between Gaby and Bree, the women mostly interacted with outside characters. I understand that those interactions were necessary to help build each woman’s arc going forward, but did we really need an ENTIRE episode of them? Also, though I’m glad the episodes haven’t gotten too dark post-murder drama, it’d be nice to see some more movement where that’s concerned (and I don’t mean through Susan’s angry paintings…yeesh, stick to cute animals, lady). The most intriguing moment of the episode for me was the last scene, when creepy Detective Chuck Vance gets the file that could prove disastrous for the women (but possibly good for us viewers?)…and that’s saying something.

Ok, now that I’ve said my peace. What do you guys think? Am I being WAY too negative here? Or do you feel the same? Is this season living up to your expectations? Or is there room to improve? Sound off in the comments!

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  • dennis

    This show rarely has a plot. You only need to watch the first and last ten minutes to know what’s going on here. It’s just an hour long sitcom. The main characters have been so unlikeable the last few years. It should have been cancelled 2 or 3 years ago.

    • lisa g.

      Now I remember why I stopped watching this horrible show! May just watch the finale n be done with it! And the first episode was so promising.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • REALLY

        Yes LOL, we do love your Mother.

    • Mika

      Unfortunately, I have to agree. I used to love DH back in the day. It was must see Sunday TV. It started last season when I stopped watching about 3/4 of the way through the season. Started again at the start of this season, but now in its eighth season however, the show doesn’t seem fresh and I find I am not missing much by not watching the show anymore. I’ll be there for the last episode but for now, the recaps are enough DH for me each week.

  • Dee

    Sadly, I have to agree on that one. The show has been nothing but a sitcom these past few episodes. It is really bothering me as a fan. I was expecting something better.

    • Ann

      Ummm…have you forgotten? Desperate Housewives is supposed to be a comedy….well, at least it’s submitted as one.

      • lisa g.

        Right but that was always odd to me. I prefer it be more drama than comedy. That’s why their stories are so poor…they don’t really go for long. Silliness!

  • Chiara

    I actually disagree, but thats because i dont have high standards for this show to begin with. I dont like the direction that the show has taken, namely that soapy-fun theme. I loved it when the show was dark-dramedy like the season with Dixie Carter and the first season, but that came through again in this season with the murder cover up which i love but its starting to get ridicilous again like with every season.

  • Pat

    Gave up on this program years ago, it became stale way back.

  • Cara

    Every plot in this episode seemed recycled. Yes, the PTA plot was already on Moder Family, and on Suburgatory THIS WEEK! And the artist who abuses the student to get something “real” out of them? Done to death. If I were Susan, I would have told him to shove it, not sat down in the class all flattered.
    But my main problem with this season is–wasn’t Gaby’s stepfather about to attack her? Wasn’t he ominously creeping toward her while she cowered in the living room? Wasn’t he a terrible child-molester who faked his own death and then returned years later to stalk and terrorize her? So why do they all feel so guilty????? I can understand disturbed or nervous. BUT NOT GUILTY!

    • Snsetblaze

      I have to agree with you re Gabby’s stepfather. It was a justifiable homicide in the defense of another. The stepfather was going to seriously harm Gabby, possibly killing her (neither Gabby nor Carlos couldn’t know his exact intentions).

      And why would Detective Vance get a physical full of paper missing person file on Gabby’s stepfather? Didn’t the stepfather live in another town – 50 or so miles away from Gabby’s hometown (which was more than a few hours away) and no where near where she lives now? Wouldn’t the missing person have been reported in that town … far away? Do all cops all all towns get files on every missing person from other towns.? I could see if his picture was on some sort of database on the internet.

      • Snsetblaze

        Ooh I meant to say neither “Gabby nor Carlos could know his intentions”.

      • Jethro

        Vance gets the file because the car was found in Fairview making it his jurisdiction, therefore making him missing!

      • Al

        The car was stolen and probably chopped. Bree let the thief steal it so it wouldn’t be found.

    • maddy

      Plus if he faked his own death why would anyone miss him at all?

  • Joe

    Enough with the “They should’ve cancelled it years ago” nonsense. If ABC took DH off the air, I can guarantee you that that hour on the schedule would be replaced by some cheap-to-produce reality garbage. You want more of that? Really? If you don’t like DH, don’t watch it.

    • Adah

      Actually there is less and less reality garbage each season. It seems that the networks are learning that people wanted scripted shows. The only reality shows that are on now are ones that have been running for quite some time.

      • Not Really

        X factor? But in general you are correct. And some of teh new sitcoms are very entertaining.

      • lisa g.

        Adah is right. Reality tv is on the decrease on network tv but I get Joes point! Chances r whatever would have replaced DH would have been horrible whether SCRIPTED or reality!

  • KLH

    Let’s take last night’s episode. Nothing Happened!!! When they killed Edie they killed the show. I don’t know why I torture myself every week to watch. If I didn’t have a DVR I would have been long gone. And Joe, take a chill pill.

    • lisa g.

      LOL Know what u mean…it is kinda torture but i feel as soon as I don’t watch, I will miss something crucial to the main story.

  • karenb

    Wasn’t the stepfather declared dead? How would there be a missing persons report on a dead man?

  • John

    I never understand the comments on these things of people who claim to have given up on the show years ago, but clearly either never watched or watched a couple of episodes in the first season (otherwise they wouldn’t still be reading the reviews). That said, I thought last night’s was a bit of a disappointment, but at least Lynette’s and Gaby’s storylines will lead to strong episodes in the future (you know that Lynette going on a date is going to be a learning experience and Queen Bee Gaby will be awesome). Also, one of the things I’m hoping for this season is some last moments with some of the side characters, so it was great to have Joy Lauren back (by far, the forgotten child on Wisteria Lane these last few seasons). Hopefully that trend continues and we’ll get send-offs for Julie, Zach, and Andrew, amongst others. Overall, one of those filler episodes that sort of have to exist in a series so the audience and writers aren’t exhausted (not every series can keep the adrenaline up like Lost).

  • Whatever

    complain, complain, complain

  • kim in kentucky

    I’ve always loved this show, but have to admit this season – meah. I agree, you would think that since its the final season, they would try to pump things up – but instead it seems they’re just coasting along until the end.

  • pie thrower

    The murder cover up is a stupid storyline. It was a self defense home invasion scenario. The motive to cover this up does not exist. The show is grasping at straws and the women have become unlikable whiny pests.

    Lynette gets no sympathy from me when she wanted her marriage to end in the first place. Susan’s painting now. Last week, she was trying to get arrested. What is next week? Botched suicide attempts.

    The show is so over and only hate myself because my curiosity gets the best of me and I have the urge to see how this cr@p will finally come to an end.

    • Samuel Lopes

      Yes, it exists. God, am I gonna have to keep explaining this all throughout the season like I had to do with the explanation to where Mike’s strip club money had gone to last season? Think about it for a minute before complaining, people!!

      • Really?

        Shut up you areshole. No it does not exist. There were many witnesses that this guy was manacing gaby. While youre at it explaining the $ please explain how they now can not only afford their house but that Susan apparently does not work any more but is now a student.

    • Peace and Love

      The reason for the cover-up is that Carlos is a convicted felon with a history of violence. Gaby and Carlos were obviously scared that his history would be used against him.

  • Danny

    The only way I see this slump ending is if there is a great “disaster” episode to cap the first half of the season in December (the tornado in 2007; the fire in 2008; the plan crash in 2009). For the record, 2006’s “Bang” was the first episode in November; and last year’s riot was so disappointing.

  • emma

    This show has been unbearable for years.
    I’m not sure when the characters all became so damn annoying/unlikable, but I can’t bear the sight of them anymore.

    • lisa g.


  • sockigal

    Just not interested anymore. DH has lost it’s Mojo.

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