'The Office': The gang has lotto dreams. Talk about the third episode here!


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What would you do if you won the lottery? The Office gang grappled with that unlikely scenario in last night’s episode when — surprise! — they found out that the warehouse crew had won the lottery and all promptly quit Dunder Mifflin.

Does this mean the end of Madge? Matt? Other nameless warehouse guys whom I’ve grown fond of over the years? It certainly doesn’t mean the end of Darryl, who quit playing on the group entries once he was promoted. To add insult to massive injury, they won using the old standby numbers the warehouse gang had always used — Darryl’s birthday. Bru-tal.

Back in cubeland, everyone fantasized about what they would do if they won a ton of money. Pam and Jim had competing fantasies between Pam’s artsy city life and Jim rustic dreams of the country. Not so shockingly, no one planned to stick around the paper factory except for Kelly, whose dream scenario was to essentially live her life the same way, but just take a dollar salary — but she wouldn’t show up before noon or do anything she doesn’t want to do. Oh please. Like Kelly Kapoor wouldn’t buy a one-way ticket to Hollywood or try and take Subtle Sexuality on the road and never look back.

Without a warehouse staff, Andy appointed Erin, Kevin, Jim and Dwight (easily the strongest member of the office, thank you very much!) to be the temporary warehouse workers. Hilarity and hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, Darryl finally cracked and told Andy to either fire him or promote him to Andy’s position. Andy explained he couldn’t do that and the two had an honest dialogue which ended in Darryl’s poignant yet biggest laugh line of the night: “My future is not going to be controlled by seven little white lotto balls. It’s going to be determined by two big black balls. I control my destiny. I do.”

Top 5 Quotes:

“Don’t try and get in on it now, Michael Vick.”

“Who gets a soy allergy at 35?”

“Well, guess what? I will NOT do a good job.”

“Grunting is scientifically proven to add more power. Ask any female tennis player…or her husband. “

“Does anybody get easily distracted by bubble wrap? “

PopWatchers: You still liking The Office? More importantly, what would you do if you won the lotto? Make The Flenderson Files happen? Get a U.S. of A passport? Something better?

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  • LOL

    The Darryl and Andy face-off was the best part of the episode.

    • Mr. Holloway


      I really like that the show has kept up the friendship that was established between those two characters last year. I also appreciated that Andy was the one picking Daryl up, since Daryl was the one taking care of a bummed Andy last season.

      • JC

        anyone else think maybe erin and kevin may make an interesting couple? imagine… kevin with a girlfriend in the office!

  • brixie

    Jim’s quiet delivery of “porque es muy rapido” made me laugh so hard for some reason.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, the whole Senior Loadenstein was the perfect dorky Jim stuff I love.

      • Shannon

        ME TOO! I thought that was hilarious and I thought this episode was pretty darn funny.

    • Carly

      Same here! It reminded me a lot of early seasons Jim and stuff like Office Olympics.

    • Tony

      Funniest part what that instead of showing how Senor Loadenstein works, they just cut to Phyllis saying that she lost her client because of it. Sometimes what you don’t see is funnier.

  • David

    I laughed so damn hard when Kevin fell. It was such a throw away gag since he was almost covered by Dwight and Jim. That was a riot!

    • TR

      Yes! I actually laughed. A rare thing.

  • Tom Bergeron

    I’ll miss Padge.

  • Amy

    This episode was great! I actually laughed out loud multiple times. Very solid. Loved the warehouse stuff – esp. Erin telling Kevin to drop the grease idea and then when Kevin slips on the grease in the background. Loved the face-off between Darryl (my other brother Darryl) and Andy. I feel like The Office has finally found its way again and is hilarious. I think it is because it features the office as a whole. Keep it up!

    • no way!

      Wow! I guess I stand alone when I say it STUNK! i mean it was bad, reallllly bad. not funny at all. and at times, stupid.

      • Marcie

        No, you don’t stand alone. I was bored silly. If Michael had seen the guys going what they did in the warehouse….ah, Michael. I miss Michael.

      • Jedi T

        You people are obviously unpleasible. This episode rocked! We all miss Michael but it doesn’t change the fact the show is still great! Go watch Witney!

      • Justin

        Definitely agree with Jedi T. This episode freaking rocked! You simply don’t understand good comedy when you see it.

  • kim in kentucky

    Glad they actually dealt with Darryl not getting the promotion. An actual serious moment and well done. Plus, Dwight running the fork lift into the door and then just casually getting off it and acting like nothing happened. Plus – what, these people never heard of a temp agency ??? LOL

    • Jenn

      Exactly! That’s what I was thinking!

      • Warehouse Worker

        And they couldn’t find a single pump truck in the warehouse they could have used?

      • The Truth

        The cameraman did when the group was brainstorming a way how to move the pallet of paper after Dwight crashed the fork lift. The camara panned away from the group and focused on a hand truck for a moment.

      • Ally

        I really liked this episode..I loved Jim’s line where he whispered “porque es muy rapido”. The only thing I kept thinking was- didn’t they say they won $950,000 collectively? That would hardly be enough after taxes, split between 6 people to quit their jobs. It would definitely make your life a lot more comfortable- but probably not enough to quit your job.

      • Ally

        Unless it was $950,000 each, and then my bad, great episode :) !

    • Sam

      Obviously they forgot Ryan was once “The Temp”

      • Mr. Holloway

        Speaking of Ryan, I thought he was a SPECTACULAR d0uche (more than usual) in this episode:

        The condescending “SoHo’s mostly lofts, but okay” and telling Pam that she was right where he liked her behind the receptionist desk.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Yep, and the explanation (Daryl coasting after Jo gave him his promotion) really made sense. (Daryl not bringing a resume to his job interview for manager.)

      I’m still not totally buying the worst salesman in the office being promoted to manager (despite Robert’s “underdog” explanation), but I’ve been impressed with what they’ve done with Andy since the premiere and the subtle ways they’re differentiating him from Michael.

  • Sara

    My favorite part was Darryl’s bit about tacos in his basement.

    • Mr. Holloway

      “You can’t air out a basement…and taco air is heavy.”

  • Please NBC TV Gods

    All I care about is that James Spader gets to guest star as the amazing Alan Shore on “Harry’s Law” . And while Shatner is out of work bring on Denny Crane as well ! I miss those two characters so much.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I loved Spader in last year’s season finale and think he’s been ok so far this year…but didn’t miss him at all last night. Not even a little bit.

      I think his absence allowed Andy to be more confident and less Michael-lite, since he becomes more bumbling around Robert when he tries to impress him.

      • Mark

        Up to this point they have watered down Spader’s wonderful character from last season’s finale. Since they are only using Spader sparingly let him do his thing!

        I would be uber psyched if Alan Shore (James Spader) and Denny Crane (Bill Shatner) would be on Harry’s Law for an episode… loved those guys on Boston Legal.

      • Meg

        What if Denny Crane entered the Office universe?

  • Verity

    Such a great episode! Andy has long been one of my favorite characters and I love that they’re giving him these moments of being a great manager while still letting him be awkward and bumble his way through things. That exchange he had with Darryl was the highlight of a solid episode.

  • M

    This episode kept me laughing all the way through! Loved it!

  • Matt

    Haven’t been watching this season, mostly because live has been busy and many shows have fallen off my radar. But it sounds like the office is still holding it’s ground without Scott and I think I will have to try and catch up soon.

  • Allison

    I have always been a fan of the office, but was quite worried when I heard Michael was leaving the cast. He was such a fantastic combination of goofy, juvenile, and sensitive that provided for a very dynamic character for the rest of the cast to revolve around. While I have enjoyed most of the episodes this season, I am nervous that Andy does not have the same level of appeal as Michael. Andy seems like more of a normal boss. He is qualified, he has the right intentions, and wants to succeed. Kind of boring, right?

    • Jedi T

      Not at all! Andy and his dialogue with Darryl was fabulous and it’s seems like Andy is really getting his confidence which is needed in his character. I think it all started with the Nard Dog tattoo. I really like the direction the show seems to be going in. Boring? Not at all! Have you been watching the same show as me? I see renewed energy!

  • Louise

    Trying to save the dog in the locked car with no cracked window but completely missing that the sun roof is open, even though Dwight tries to give it water through the open sun roof! And I love how the guys seemed to have gone to lunch together. And, of course, Senior Lodenstein.

    • NYOBB

      Absolutely my funniest scene as well. AND they left the dog in a car with cracked glass everywhere!

  • Lana

    It took everything in me to sit through this episode. I really want to like the Office without Michael Scott/Steve Carrell, but I fear a couple more episodes like this and I’ll be done.

    • I agree

      I agree! This just wasnt funny

      • Samantha

        I like Andy as a boss but this episode was weak. Probably because I don’t like Daryl.

    • The Truth

      Sounds like you are only a fan of Carrell and only watched the show to see him.

    • PJ

      If you want to like it, like it. If you don’t, quit watching. You’re in charge of your life.

  • Twix

    Hilarious episode! Glad the show is finally finding it’s way back.

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