'The Playboy Club' canceled: Our video condolences


If the ratings weren’t a sign that The Playboy Club wasn’t long for this world, perhaps NBC choosing not to air a promo for next week’s episode after last night’s episode was. In any event, below, we pay tribute to this fall’s first fallen show. 

P.S. We might have been more interested in this show if it wasn’t focused on the Bunnies, but instead centered on Sean (Sean Maher), the closeted gay politico married to closeted lesbian Bunny Alice who just became the campaign manager for State’s Attorney hopeful/former fixer for the Mob Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian). In the third and final episode to air, Sean set Nick up with the closeted lesbian daughter of a tycoon who could get her daddy to back his campaign. The daughter (Cassidy Freeman) wants her father’s approval, and Nick wants voters to see him with a Jackie Kennedy-type instead of his real girlfriend Carol-Lynne (Laura Benanti), the first Playboy Bunny who recently retired her tail to become the Bunny Mother. Sean’s story is less predictable than Bunny baggage.

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  • LK

    The LGBT storyline was the best part of the show, pretty much the only reason I watched.

    • unicornwasp

      i completely agree. i’m sad it’s been cancelled, and i wish nbc would air all of the 13 produced episodes. why replace it with re-runs of another show struggling in the ratings?

      • saline

        I love gay storylines. I would have loved to see Sean Maher in a bunny outift.

      • alicue

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      • lucyfier

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    • Louis E.

      That it had any “LGBT storylines” was a key reason I never watched.

      • sliknik


      • Satan

        Who knew you could find bigots on the Internet?

      • Bones

        yep…LGBT, that and the fact that Playboy spawned so many diseases, rapes, perverts, … and that awful show on E!

      • Derp

        Ah yes, let’s play the “Gays Don’t Exist in My World, So Let’s Not Talk About Them Ever” Game. My favourite!

    • Mike

      Idiots on the internet??? Horrors…

    • Sergiu

      LSBT and playboys and bunnies all that stuff about sex, and guess what there’s simply no sex at all in this.
      All that feminist or gay agenda is getting boring.

    • me

      Two closet lesbians? I don’t mind one storyline, but when they put so many it gets strident and preachy. It’s not as prevalent in the population as they try to make it on television.

    • Nathan

      I am outraged that NBC is cancelling another show I was so heavily invested in. I will be organizing a rally at NBC headquarters tomorrow to protest the cancellation of this fine show. Anyone who is interested please meet me in front of 30 Rock at 12 PM sharp. We need to stand up for what we believe in or we will be victims forever.

      • darr247

        Noon is too late… you should get there at 7am with signs and play to the cameras on the Today show, for maximum exposure.

    • Jethro

      It wasn’t campatible to The Singing Show. It’s low ratings were due to not many viewers watching 2 hours of a competition show. Big Loser, DWTS, X-Factor, no one can sit down for 2 hours and then sit another hour and watch a show. The networks are all competing against each other and we are suffering!

  • renny3

    I actually liked the show–because I was born well after, the whole era is really interesting to me. I know they are trying to save money, but I wish networks would give shows a chance to build an audience. Didn’t Seinfeld get horrible rating the first year too? I’m not saying this show was an amazing drama, but I wish it would have given it more of a chance. “Chace” was another show I personally thought was outstanding that they never gave much of a chance….pulling it, then putting it back on later in the season on a different night.

    • Seth

      I couldn’t agree more. I like the whole 60s idea. Yeah Mad Men is based in the 60s but this show had a different aspect. Sometimes you need variety! What do they plan on replacing it with??

      • Joy

        Sadly it will be replaced by a cheaper to produce Brian Williams talk show. I agree it should have been moved to Fridays. Hopefully, a cable channel will pick it up. I was really starting to like it.

      • thin

        There’s always Pan Am if you want the 60s vibe but not Mad Men.

    • Ana

      No, Seinfeld didn’t get “horrible” ratings in part because it aired during NBC’s Thursday night lineup. It was also championed by critics, which can extend the amount of time a show’s on the air. I don’t think The Playboy Club ever really had a chance since there was such an effort to get it canceled before it even aired.

  • Maggie

    I think that’s a really good point, those were some of the best scenes I saw. I could have done w/o the murder coverup, the girl running from her crazy husband etc. I actually kinda liked Eddie Cibrian, and I think it would have been interesting to see the show framed around him, Laura Benanti (Carol-Lynne), Sean Maher, and the lesbian bunny who married him, that sounds like it would have had potential…

  • mikel a swanson

    Only after 3 episodes?! How sad =( My son and I liked it alot and was looking forward to more…..

    • mimi

      This show is really intense and interesting compared to rRevenge which has too many flashbacks, and moves at a slow pace. You can’t compare it to sitcoms like Seinfeld because because that like other modern sitcoms are canned laughter. The Playboy Club is a nice reminder these young ladies have rules to follow, have to fight adversaries, and try to uphold a mistaken immage.

    • mark

      i feel bad for the people working in that show

  • april

    I actually liked this show. It’s better than Pan Am. Playboy Club had a storyline that didn’t require constant flashbacks. And each character had a story and a secret and the audience was aware of that by the second episode. I still don’t know the purpose of Christina Ricci in Pan Am other than to be the big name in the cast and draw ratings. NBC is way too quick to cancel shows.

    • Amanda

      I agree. I think Pan Am got more ad time than the Playboy Club did, so it got viewed more. I DVR’d it, and was glad I watched the Playboy Club instead. I think that if parent’s don’t want their children watching shows, maybe they should just, well, not watch them with their children. Lame decision NBC. Lame.

  • Bonnie

    I can’t believe they decide this after two episodes. Are they serious?? How can anything possibly grow an audience? I thought it was really getting good. Maybe people would be more willing to give a show a chance if they didn’t think it’s probably going to be cancelled if it’s good. And it’s really better economically to make a whole new show that will probably get cancelled rather than show the episodes that were all completed? TV network execs are IDIOTS.

    • theduck

      What you don’t understand is that The Playboy Club had weak ratings from the first week, and they went down every week. There was no upside for NBC to keep it on, other than to appease its dwindling fan base. But you’re tight – TV network execs are idiots, since it was obvious that The Playboy Club was a loser from the first commercial to air, and yet a TV exec decided to put it on the air.

      • theduck

        Sorry – meant “but you’re right”.

    • JB

      I agree Bonnie, I enjoyed the watching the the little twists and turns and I really wanted to see more

    • Lynne

      THIS is why I HESITATE to begin watching a new show. The major networks do NOT leave them on long enough to build an audience. It’s all about network GREED. Greed is in control…not viewers.

  • sandy

    Too bad Playboy was one of the best shows this year. Was it hitting too close to home ?

  • CarolH

    C’mon NBC air the remaining episodes on Friday or Saturday night..just sometime for those of us that were invested in this show.

    • Diane

      Or at least release it on dvd

  • I. Royal

    these networks these days. i never watched this show, but it is quite telling. new shows sometime need time to get a following, like a season or more. network fail at its finest.

    • darr247

      Not only that, but they put it against Castle, Hawaii 5-0, and Monday Night Football, then bitch because it doesn’t win its time slot. As bugs would say, what maroons.

      How about putting it on Saturday nights instead of double showings of Harry’s Law?

      I *really* don’t know what credentials the schedulers have provided to get their jobs, but certainly the position can’t be based on past performance.

    • ty

      I don’t know. I watched the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode, and I thought it was so bad that I couldn’t watch the rest of the episode. If a show is bombing as bad as this show, I don’t have a problem with them cancelling it quickly. I would agree with your arguement if the network pulled a show with a little below average ratings without giving it a chance to grow.

  • Tex Lovera

    I’m amazed it took three weeks to cancel it. They should have pulled the plug after 5 minutes. This show blew ragged chunks of crud.

  • D Rant

    Wow. That’s pretty gay.

    • saline

      That’s why I liked it.

  • bhm1304

    At least Cassidy Freeman’s first episode made it to air and her story was settling up to be interesting. Too bad they canceled it now, wonder if Erica Durance is going to see her episode make it to air on “Charlie’s Angels”?

  • VHernan

    OMG Really? I was just starting to get into this show! I love it!

  • Big Yawn

    So what about all the political and social advocacy? At the end of the day, the show actually has to be either engaging or entertaining. It was light years from being either.

  • Baldheaded Man

    sure all these shows are lousy these days but how can these flaky executives justify cancelling any show after just a marginal amount of episodes? They continue to make knee-jerk decisions without fully thinking things through. and they are wasting money to boot.

    • Summer

      I agree. They’ve already put money into creating the episodes – they should let the series run and see if it picks up, instead of letting that money go to waste.

      • Lisa

        if the show is a bomb then they are not saving any oney by airing them.It makes more sense to replacei t with Seinfeld and Friends reeruns….from 10 years ago.

      • darr247

        But they’re not even doing that, Lisa… they’re giving us another rendition of yesterday’s reality shows – a news magazine. Like after all these tries, they have a new 60 Minutes up their sleeves.

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